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see page 9 

Fadden IBLADE' 

see page 64 


$4.95 U.S.A. $5.95 CAN. 


'70992"33919'" 8 

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Free pttt tents in ( )!tl Red Jigged Bone 
turve been selected to be produced in 
quantities of 500 pieces each. They are 
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Collector's Serie r 

For over 100 years the Walther Company has been a 

leading innovator in the development and production of high 

quality firearms, Walther pioneered self-loading technology 

with the compact Model PP Series in 1929. followed shortly 

thereafter by the more powerful 9mm cartridge Model P58 in 

1938. More recently, the Walther tradition has been continued 

with the development of the acclaimed police and defense Model 

P99. proclaimed as "The First Pistol For The Next Century'™ \mr 

collectors can commemorate these famous gun models with three new scrimshaw 

knives from Gutmann Cutlery. Inc. 

The Walther Collector's Series pocketknives feature detailed scrimshaw images of the PPK. P3S 
and P99 models. Traditional scrimshaw craftsmanship is replicated on a modern synthetic ivory 
material with three finely detailed profiles of these famous gun models. Along with this 
beautifully detailed handle is (he razor sharp blade, made of skeletonized 440C stainless steel 
that can be opened with one hand. These knives are made in the world famous cutlery city of 
Seki, japan and the scrimshaw is handcrafted in the United States. 

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Walther' and the Walther' logo are Licensed Trademarks of UMAIitX Sport waff en GmbH & Co KG. 297ioossbb 


PH: 1 -800-CUTLERY (1-800-288-5379) . FAX: 1-360-715-2091 • WEBSITE: gutmanncutlery.com 


January 200 i 




A Pirate Looks At 70 

Bob Loveless speaks out ai a chronological crossroads. By Sieve Shackleford 

The Price Was Right Part II 

Study a Michael Price knife that is a tribute to both the maker and the owner. 
By Ed Fowler 

The Joy Of Cutting 

Meet the "cultured survival ist" behind Becker Knife & Tool. By Sieve Shackleford 

Examine whether Black originated the guardlcss, coffin-pommel bowie style. 
Si'././?. Edmondson 

I merson Knives, Inc., scores another cutlery coup. By Joe Kertzman 

Which Sheaths For Which Knives 

Know the proper sheaths for assorted using blades. By MSC Kim Breed 

How to Make a Knife From a File Part II 

The author takes you through the completion of a period piece. By Daniel Winkler 

What To Look For In A Using Folder 

Rvc knives for your cutting pleasure. By Dexter Ewing 

The Last Column 

The author signs off in his final installment of "BLADK Workshop." By Wayne Goddard 

Diamond In The Rough: Jeweler-Knifemaker 

Lenm how the two vocations complement each other. By Mike Haskew 

Russian Wizard of Filigree 

(ia/e upon the embellished wonders ofZaza Revishvili. By Butch Winter 

Big Bwana Blades on Safari 

Can Benchmade and Cold Steel knives survive the African gang-test? By Tom Murphy 


Slip one of these sweel folders into your pocket. By Joe Kertzman 





64 The BLADE Effect 


{'over Story 

72 Randall Answer Man 


BLADE® Wall Calendar 2000 

83 BLADL Shoppe Marketplace 


Cover Knife Giveaway 

103 BLADE List 


Readers Respond 

105 Classified Ads 


The Knife 1 Carry 

10K What's New 


Salute To Al Barton 

111 Ad Index 


Knifemaker Showcase 

1 13 Show Calendar 


Spec Sheet 

121 Where To Get 'Km 


Cioddard's y&A 

122 Handmade Gallery 


Guild Directions 

137 Next In BLADE 


Your Knife Rights 

13K Tech Locks 



Vol. XXVIII. No. 1. January 200 1 

Publishers Of 





Thomas P. Paar 


Steve Shackleford 

Managing Editor 

Joe Kertzman 

Advertising Manager 
Steven A. McCowen 

Advertising Sales 

Missy Beyer 
Dave Bealk'haine 

A dvertising A ssistant 

Rebecca Eberhardy 

Art Director 

Gregory Kruegf.r 

Graph ic Designer 

Joe Perz 

Field Editors 

[ l> |lli\l I H, W s'l M < H IDDAKD. MSI i KlM 

Breed, Alfred Pendray, Pete Hamilton, 
Lowell Bray, Steve Schwarzer 

Correx/Htn den ts 

Bernard Levin e Oregon 

B.R. Hughes — Arkansas 

Jim Batson — Alabama 

Bill Hhrndon — California 

e-mail address 


website address 


Sit bsc-ription Services 

(715)445-3775 EXT. 257 

HUH!-:*. (ISSN I064-JS5J) is published monthly by Krausc Publica- 
ns, lilt, '(HI E -Siaic Si . [oh, Wl MWII Periodical postage paid al 

lol.i VM S.L-i-l ^ ,nnl ;uldilLL,n.il [U.iiline ntlicCs Subset Ipl loll price is I 
ycur for SJMK: i yens fix J43. IS. 1 yeas for SHI OS in the LP S. and 

i^.-- .-.Mini'. Inrcien MihM.Tipiii,ii?,. incLiidinn Cinad.i .mil Ml^ku. 
iwclve issue.s for s.s: Copyriulii zi'm'i i by kuuse Pnblie,u urns, hie 'Ml 

ne.h1s lUUKMl escepl where Mpreas3v s, .nscil P't IStMASIFK ^C[w1 

address changes w /»_«.)£". 7»i £ Sue si., [ok, Wl 54W bitiiorial 
ctininhiitiLins should be mailed io Blade Mup/inc. 7PKI I-- State SI,, lok 

Wl 540mMMK)1 anil muss be accompanied hy return postage We PUS ■-■ 

NO responsibility P'or toss or danragc ofunsolicilcd material. Any maler- 
i.il .icccptcd is subject to such revisions as necessary in ,mr sole discre- 
tion to meet the icuuircmenrs of tins |,ubhcainirL. Upon acceptance, 
payment svill he made Hi nur ctrrrerti rale, winch covers .ill author's 
and'or rarmtribulnr's rights, cnlc ami interest in and to the material mailed, 
including hui ran limned' ni phulns, druyehtosL, crans and designs which 
shall be considered as lest TTtcuelof madinc; or delivering a manuscript 

mil: a material shall cures ic .is espoused by die contributor thin the 

material is original, and in no way an ml'nnjtemcol upon the rights of 
mricrs The views and opinions of authors tw advertisers, esvpicjiscd nr 
implied herein, in nut necessarily those ol' the publisher, editor, or 
Krause Publications and they assume no responsibility for views of 

■ UIIPHHS it I.I-.-'i- :- I .11, r- .l|!l| l|l|.-slllMI-. 1,1 lllC C,llli>l I Pie .ICE 111 

mailing or delivering I teller or question shall MrB TJlBre pcmus>i,i:i la 
publish thai letlcT or any portion unless informed otherwise in that 

Printed in The United States 
krause publications 

700 E. Stale Si., kill, Wl .MWOJJWJl 
r1wnB7IM4S42l4 ■ Fat 7154454(187 

r i G AND KNIVgn 





I KiO-ltMI>Mtr.ll 
t \K HUM- Nil R 
r I. -Ill 

overal):8 3/8" 


overall:7 1/2" 

overall:? 3/8" 




e-mail: gigand@ms39.hinet.net (New e-mail address! 


Tihmitm Crystalline Chef.) K/iife 

Fac-ed with the prospect ol' reiL-koning with any one ol" 
A razor sharp Titamims, what else is there lel't to do? 





BLADE / 5 


' By Steve Shackleford 

A Tale of Two California Cutlers 

With a king's ransom in his unfinished knives 

on the pattern board behind him. Bob Loveless 

ponders a question during BLADE'S® exclusive 

interview beginning on page 12. 

There is a story behind two stories in this 
issue. The two stories are the interview 
with Bob Loveless and the tribute to 
the late Al Barton. The story behind them 
spans one year — the lime between the visits 
by yours truly and BLADE*) Advertising 
Manager Steve MeCowen to see both Love- 
less and Barton. 

The first visit was to Loveless's shop in 
September 1 999. It was a dream come true 
lo survey the work space of the man who 
brought handmade knives into the limelight. 
It seemed only natural to visit "The King of 
Custom Cutlery" since the BLADE staff 
would be in Costa Mesa, California, for the 
BLADE Show West, about an hour's drive 
from Riverside, home of the Loveless shop. 

While I had talked to Loveless several 
times at shows— though he did not recall our 
meetings -and more frequently by phone, I 
was a bit anxious about actually conversing 
with him on his home turf However, he was 
the consummate host, warmly welcoming us 
into his shop and spending a couple of hours 
talking freely about guns, polities, women, 
the economy — and, oh yes. knives. As a 

steel sage once said, if nothing else. Love- 
less always makes good copy. His language 
may be a bit colorful for some— he broke the 
bleep-o-meter in the interview starting on 
page 12 — but he shoots from the hip and 
rarely misses. It is an experience neither 
Steve or I will ever forget. 

At this year's BLADE Show West— the 
review of which will be in the February 
BLADE — Steve and 1 paid a call on Barton, 
the ABS master smith who had fought a 
courageous battle against esophageal cancer 
but who was close to losing the war. We 
drove to the Barton home, about two hours 
northeast of Costa Mesa in Barstow, and 
were warmly welcomed by Helen and Al. It 
is a visit Steve and 1 are thankful we made, 
for Al was gone only days later. (For more, 
see page 26.) 

Though I had known Al for but a couple 
of years, he had that uncanny knack of 
seeming to be a long-lost uncle. More than 
that he was a tighter who refused to give up, 
no matter the odds. 

His condition was especially pertinent to 
me because my father died of the same 

malady almost three years ago. Unlike my 
Dad, however, A I had undergone special 
surgery, a surgery after which only 15 
percent of the recipients live five years. Al 
was coming up on the fourth year when 
Steve and I visited him. 

During our meeting, Al talked about how 
proud he was to have been [he maker of Ihe 
ABS master smith knife auctioned for 
$6,2(1(1 al the 2000 1 J I. A 1)1 ■ Shun, i hough, 
due lo his illness, it was touch and go on 
whether he would have enough time to 
finish the piece. "Because of my illness, I 
didn't know how long 1 had to do it." he 
said. "I worked on that knife in-between 
ui her orders so u would be done in time for 
the show." Being the battler he was, not only 
did Al linish the knife, he had it done a year 

As we sat there and talked to Al, it 
dawned on me: Even though he was dying. 
his inner strength was as vital as ever, if not 
more so. I marveled al bow, despite his dete- 
riorated physical condition, his spirit was 
unsinkable. His refusal to yield lo all the 
pain and suffering was an inspiration to 
Steve and I, one that made us realize just 
how petty any minuscule problems we may 
face on this temporary plane really are. 

Here's to Al Barton, a Irtte one-in-a- 

It is with sorrow thai BLADE notes the pass- 
ing of James Mattis of Glcndale, California. 
a knilcmaker and owner ol'Chai Cutlery. 
Mains was heavilv involved in ihe liuei'iict. 
serving as a moderator on one of the cutlery 
forums, and also was active in knife rights 
and knife legislation, 

Another passing of the torch this issue is 
Wayne Goddard's final installment of 
"BLADE Workshop" (see page 112), which 
has been operating under the title of "All 
About Grinders" for the past few issues. 
"The BLADE Answer Man" is cutting back 
on his schedule, in part because of Ihe unre- 
lenting editorial deadlines and in part to 
spend more time making knives. We did not 
want to overblow the cutback heeause we 
were afraid some of our "Wayne-ophiles" 
might start Jonesin". Besides, Goddard will 
continue his "Question & Answer" series so 
fear not, Wayne-ophiles — Goddard's still 
here and BLADE ',< got him! Blade 




Warren Osborne's Innova 
Frame® is his latest interframe 
design, though instead of an 
interframe it is what he calls a "semi -inter- 
frame" — the handle inlay is not enclosed as 
on a standard interframe — with French 
curves fluted into the mother-of-pearl 
handle. Naturally enough, the French curves 
are fashioned in the shape of the French 
curve, a flat drafting instrument used to 
connect a set of individual points with a 
smooth curve. An example of the instrument 
is at the bottom of the cover page. 

The fancy folder is the latest in 
BLADE'S® exclusive Cover Giveaway 
Knife Program. For details on how you 
could win the classy Osborne folder, see 
page 9. 

Originally known simply as Model 36, 
the knife got the name of Innova Frame 
from one of Osborne's customers. "Model 
36 wasn't good enough for him," Warren 
laughed. To the best of his understanding, 
Osborne said. Innova is a mixture of 
languages that means "new and innovative." 
Blade steel is Mike Norris stainless 
damascus in D-2 hand finished to 3,00(1 grit. 
The frame is 4 Id stainless. The engraving is 
by Sam Alfano. The piece carries the serial 
number 002. Osborne's list price for the 
knife without the engraving: S 1,300. 

For more detail on this or other of 
Osborne's work, contact him at 215 Fdge- 
field, Dept. BLI, Waxahachie, TX 75165 

1'lie covei photo is hj Huh Best. 


hosen as Blade Magazine's 1 999 Best Buy, Kershaw's Black Out is one 
extremely sweet knife. Black Out uses Speed -Safe technology — designed 
and developed by custom knife maker Ken Onion — for assisted opening 
that is smooth and easy. Sleek, sophisticated, and super-tough, Black Out 
features titanium-nitride-coated, 440A blade steel honed to a razor edge, 
structurally reinforced, black Polyamide handles, and durable 
stainless-steel liners. Pick up one (or a bagful} of these 
sweet Onions at your nearest Kershaw dealer. 

For information: 















The winner of the Blade featured 
cover knife for June 2000 is 
John Fleck, III, Hunterdon, N.J. 
James Poetzinger, New London, Conn, 
is the July cover knife winner. 

January Cover Knife 
Showcases Stainless 

Engraved by master engraver 

Sam Alfano, Warren Osborne's 

stainless stee! lookback 

showcases a stainless 

damascus blade and a fluted 

mother-of-pearl handle inlay 

with a "French Curve" 


Blade Magazine is the world's 

#1 knife publication. Every issue 
includes how-to stories lor beginning 
and advanced knife makers, historical 
articles, personality profiles, plus 
values for antique, handcrafted and 
factory-made knives. When you're on 
the move, turn to the largest, most 
comprehensive and up-to-date show 
calendar. And when you want to 
make money and save money. 
uncover more knife bargains 
or sell your own knives with our 
alphabetically indexed marketplace 
You'll only find all these great 
features in Blade Magazine. 








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next Cover Knife Giveaway 

in the February Blade 
Magazine - appearing on 
newsstands everywhere 

December 12. 2000 



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t. |b ltlil'i wiiliLun pmdunte, pmii your name, iiddrcvs, hiriji date wd phone nurofcci 
mi j ntf exrd and wnd n lo; BLADE MAGAZINE, J ANI<.\M1 COVER KNIhE 
(HVRAWA) 700 E Slate Sl, loin, W| MWO-OCWI LYwnwrtbc ISyeareofa^e 
locate* .V I iiir.ini mnsicumpfj wHh and he ante \q reecjvea knife undei federal 
-i.ih. .in.i local laws 4, Prfoe recipient must mod oil applicable eligibility wqulrejncnl&. 
5. Grand Prise btsn .ilJ tacluataj pac&agc Wlimci miwi ncccol all oaioponeais at eta 
hi .ii.iM.ii;.- '.M111..1 ■-ill i.L vHivial n. hrictttlal winners w>H lv required ii» sign nn 
.iMiJ.hh ni eligibility ;iml a DabHiiy/publtcitj release which muri be rkJimncJ m\A 
received within ZJ day* ni On - thw nunlcd u* iln, 1 iminiikil winners, 7. Onv emry -per 

pennHl K. Nm Mihslillirioiis, I'm prizes ullier liLiri wli:LE cii:lV K- necessary due 10 

.iv.iil.ihilHi. l.m--. .!!■■ ill.- n-| ■vihihiv ml ifri.- winners l he EoioJ retail value <»| pn/c 

i- vi iiHi m: Odd* ol winning are depenilcnl upon ihe ioeliI number ui carried 

flvchimI. t. Vi, iiitk-i> will Ih; M-kvk'd in n rurulmn dniwinii tiy Ell. \hl M \l< \/IM'. 
wIhim.' decirfon b Pinal, from oil entries received by Decexnbcj M. *ikhi Winners will 
be notified by Rchnuaj l<>. :cKNi BLADE MAGAZINES, rovr.k KNIFE 
GIVEAWAY hi open in reudenb nl itiu United Sutler only. Void where [TnhilitEed 
hy law and regulwtiun Nm open to employees i«l Krauac PoWicnUonjt, Inc., 

Warren Osborne w iheb arlitiale*. oi ibe IvcrtUInj and pfoduction afienciet, 

\'|| federal, ■i-ik' ..n-i I'. .ii !..'.■. in.] rc^uliiitiiiK ..ijipK in. Ki.hj--.l- J^iMictniofU, lin 
tax) V..UH ii i helmmc arc not lexpoirable Fm any tos* or damage iHL-um«J hy ;m> 
pcfumdue lo any nunca eimnccied wiili ifcii.s ennicgL 1 1, l-m ilrc names of the winner*, 
tend -j ictl Kddmatied, ttatnped envelope id 

T|ir> I Sink' Si , |u]:i, W| SJWfJ-(HIISl 


U Yes! Start my subscription to Blade Magazine 1 yr (12 issues} only $25.98, 
and enter my name in the Blade January Cover Knife Giveaway. 

LI Enter my name in the Blade January Cover Knife Giveaway only. 

J Check or M.0. enclosed (lo Blade Magazine) 

Charge to my: u MasterCard J Novus/Discover u Visa □ Amer. Express 

Credit Card * 

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Credit Card Orders Call 


M-F ftm-Spm • Sit Bam-Zpm, CSI 

LI / no longer wish to receive sweepstakes mailings. 

write tor tion U.S. rates 

Mail form Willi payment to: 

Blade Magazine, 

700 East Slate St 
lola. Wl 54990-C0O1 

This Is Your Column! And we want to know what you think. Do 
you tike what you've read in BLADE®? Do you have a 
complaint? A suggestion? An opinion you'd like to share with the 
largest knife audience in the world-75.000 readers per issue? 

Mail your comments to: BLADE, P.O. Box 789, Ooltewah, TN 
37363-0789, or visit our web site: www.blademag.com or e-mail: 
blade@krause.com. We reserve the right to edit your comments 
to fit the space available. 

Change The Ground Rules? 

I enjoyed "Rating the Top Factory Stain- 
lesscs" in the September 2000 BLADE® 
and endorse what you arc trying to do in 
rating factory stainless steels. As you say, 
"No rating system is perfect," You have 
made a good attempt a! this difficult subject. 
However. I suggest that the ground rules 
could have been different. For example, you 
could have included some of the newer 
stainless steels— such as CPM S90V (420V) 
and maybe even Stellite® or Taloniteifi) 
(even [hough, technically. ihe> an.' mil sum- 
less steels) in an objective comparison— and 
used standardized methods where possible. 

Stain and corrosion resistance could be 
measured by "salt spray" testing, a standard 
technique for measuring corrosion resis- 
tance. The steels can be exposed concur- 
rently for increasing periods and then their 
resistance can be weighed or compared. 
Toughness/impact resistance can be 
measured with machines, thereby removing 
all subjectivity. This can be done only with 
the sleels all heal treated to some agreed- 
upon or optimal hardness. 

Edge retention and ease of sharpening 
are a little more difficult to measure but 
these can be done objectively. It is critical to 
note that these properties are linked to hard- 
ness/heal treatment and must be done at 
some nominated Rockwell hardness. Also, 
the nature of the edge and grind are impor- 
tant, loo, as one of the makers said. To be 
compared, the grinds should be standard- 

Finally, some would argue that giving 
each trail or quality equal value is not valid. 
The scoring analysis you did as a way of 
handling the data you received was fine if 
you accept that each trait is equal. How one 
handles this (i.e., balancing the needs of the 
various users) 1 do not know. To me, I 
would rank the traits in the following order 
according to their various levels of impor- 
tance, 10 being most important to 6 being of 
minor importance: 

•Edge retention: 10 — surely a most impor- 
tant property of any steel at a given hard- 

•Toughness: 8— at a given hardness, this is 
important as a blade cannot he too brittle or 
too soft; 

•Stain resistance: 7 — crueial if "stainless" 
steels are considered; and; 
•Ease of sharpening: 6 — though with the 
emergence diamond stones, this trail is less 

10 /BLADE 


I began reading BLADE IK months ago at 
about the lime I made my first knife. 
Having caught the cutlery bug, I decided to 
attend The Knifemakers' Guild Show in 
New Orleans this past summer to look at 
some good knives and to uill. to sunn- expe- 
rienced makers. My son, Nicholas, 7, who 
had just gotten his first knife, an original 
Boy Scout folder, was thrilled to come 

Our first hour at the show on Friday 
afternoon brought us near Judge Lowell 
Bray's table. As we were finishing admiring 
another maker's work. Judge Bray — a maker 
and BLADE field editor — invited us to his 
table. After politely asking my permission. 
Judge Bray told Nick that he thought he 
might have a knife just his size, whereupon 
he produced a small fixed blade that he had 
made and gave it to Nick as a gift. No! 
knowing how to express my thanks to the 
judge for his spontaneous generosity, I 
settled for reluming the next day and lakmg 
a photograph of him with Nick, a print of 
which is enclosed. 

Over die course of the next few days, wc 
discovered that Judge Bray's generosity is 
the norm rather than the exception among 
knifemakers. From Jay Hendrickson, who 
gave me a great lesson on how to solder 
guards; to J.D, Smith, who carefully lifted 
Nick up onto a table so he could photograph 
one of Smith's magnificent damaseus 

blades; to Billy Letcher, who inspired me to 
take a crack at engraving; to J.L. Hollelt, 
who let Nick hold thai huge camel bone 
while 1 looked at his beautiful work — we 
found knifemakers to be polite profession- 
als, one and all. 

For making a newcomer and his son fee] 
welcome, the knifemakers at the Guild Show 
have our gratitude. 

Scott Olson, Glen Cove, New York 

Judge Lowell Bray and Nicholas Olson 
visit behind the judge's table at The Knife- 
makers' Guild Show in New Orleans. 

of an issue. 

Thanks for a great magazine! 

Eugene DimitriaJis, Victoria. Australia 

A Heart So Big 

It is with great sadness that I observe the 
passing of my wonderful friend and master 
bladesrnith, Jim Schmidt. 

Jim was an extraordinary knifemaker 
who leaves quite a legacy as a teacher and 
mentor to many line knifemakers. He began 
his knii'emaking career in 1975 and was one 
of the first group of five makers to earn the 
ABS title of master smilh. Jim was a very 
intelligent and creative man who was 
always eager to share his knowledge with 
anyone who asked. His intelligence and 
sharing nature- even more than his talent- 

is what made him a one-of-a-kind. 

Jim had many other hobbies he loved, 
such as hot rods and antique cars. Collecting 
African weapons and sculpture was a 
passion we shared together. Jim was very 
methodic and well read when it came to his 
collections. 1 always learned something 
when I was with him. He was a fine teacher 
and I, like many others, will miss him 
greatly. He was a large man but I believe 
needed that size to carry a heart so big. 

In 1983 1 tried to take him out of charac- 
ter and ordered a damaseus -wrapped, Cali- 
fornia-style knife. Jim, of course, made 
folders. 1 le made my blade in 1 984. 1 saw it. 
Every lime wc were together we joked 
about my "California knife." He always said 
he was working on it. I plan to ask him 
about it when 1 see him again. 

Phil Lobred, San Diego. California Blade 



Freedom is good. Now you can pick from fourteen CRKTM 16 models 
with carbon fibre, aluminum, orZyteVInierFrame construction. 





Kit Carson, Knifemakers' 
Guild member and designer 
of Uie CRKT M1H IM Series, 
is a retired professional sol- 
dier, so he knows a lot about pro- 
lecling Ireedom lie says simply," I 
strive to follow form and fundion in 
the knives I design ;uid build." Thai 
eertaioly defines die M 16. 

M 1 6 Aluminum. We first intro- 
duced die production version of 
Kit's aluminum-handled M16 in 
1999, The three basic designs have 
proven to be very popular. They 
have wide blade design for difficult 
tasks. Suregrip contoured handles 
of B061 'IB hard anodized charcoal 
gray aluminum with a peri meter ra- 
dius for comfort. AUS 8 stainless 
steel blades, with Razor- Sharp or 
Combint.'d Razor-Sharp and Triple- 
Point'" Serrated edges. 

Now all feature the trademark 

"Carson Flipper* extension to the 

f M 

I I 1 II 

T r ^ r 

T Y T 

t r r t 
- : \ * 
T * I T 


blade which speeds opening and 
acts as an additional blade guard. 

The M1604 and M are hefly, full 
size working knives. The MI 6413 
and 13 feature a slim profile design 
that is ideal for a variety of carry po- 
sitions. The Ml WH and 12 are little 
bulldogs. (Kicking a lot of power in a 
compact package 

All have Teflon' bearings, ambi- 
dextrous thumb studs and remova- 
ble stainless steel pocket clips. 

M16 Zytcl. Kit next took the 
M 16 concept and appiktl CRKTs 
overbuilt Intel Frame design, with 
double stainless steel liners, 6061- 
'Ilj hard anodized back spacer and 
Black Zytel scales. Add a lough 
AUS liM stainless steel blade, and 
you have a very affordable knife you 
can work widi every day in die nas- 
tiest conditions, ft is available in our 
most popular Ml 602 and 03 sizes. 

M 1 6 Carbon Fibre. We've al- 
ways known that carbon fibre is a 
remarkable material, with deflec- 
tion strength 2 Iff* greater than 
stainless steel by weight. You'll find 
il in [he Stealth lighter and Formula 

Blade Steel: AUS 8. 57-58 HRC 

M16-BZ: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 

M16- 12: Combo Cutting Edge 

Blade: Overall length: 3. 13" (19 cm) 

Handle: Closed length: 425" (10.8 cm) 

Weight: 2.9 oz. (82 a) MSRP $69.95 

M16-03: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 

M1& 13: Combo Cutting Edge 

Blade: Overall length: 3.56" (90 cm) 

Handle: Closed length: 4.63" (1 1.8 cm) 

Weight 2.9 oz. (82 g) MSRP $69. 35 

M 16-04: Razor-Sham Cutting Edge 

M1B-14: Combo Cutting Edge 

Blade: Overall length: 3.94" (100cm) 

Handle: Closed length: 5.31" (13.5 cm) 

Weight: 4.9oz. (139 g) MSRP $79.95 


Blade Steel: AUS 6M. 55-57 HRC 

Mf5-0Z£ Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 

M1S-12Z: Combo Cutting Edge 

Blade: Overall length: 3.13" (7.9 cm) 

Handle: Closed length: 4.25 (10.8 cm) 

Weight: 3.7 oz (105 g) MSRP $49.95 

M16-03Z Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 

M16-13Z: Combo Cutting Edge 

Blade: Overall length: 3.56" (9.0 cm) 

Handle: Closed length: 4.63' (11.8 cm) 

Weight: 3.7 oz. (105 g) MSRP$49.9S 


Blade Steel: ACUTO 440. 59-60 HRC 

M16-0OF: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 

M16-WF: Combo Cutting Edge 

Blade. Overall length: 2.62" (6.7 cm) 

Handle: Closed length: 3.5" (8.9 cm) 

Weight: 1.6oz (45 g) MSRP $89.95 

M16-01F: Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge 

M16-11F: Combo Cutting Edge 

Blade: Overall length: 3. 12" (7.9 cm, 

Handle: Closed length: 3.87" (9.8 cm) 

Weight: 16oz (45 g) MSRP $89.95 

cars because of func- 
tion, not beauty. We 
asked Kit to translate 
his M 16 into smaller, 
carbon fibre models. 
They have die same 
sure-grip contoured 
handles. A stainless steel locking 
liner is precision recessed in one 
handle for positive locking. Han- 
dles have a textured finish, unique 
among production knives. Blades 
are ACUTO 440, a new premium 
cutlery steel that is extremely hard 
durable and rust-resistant. 

Exercise your freedom. 

Which M 16 is right for you? It's a 
tough call. All are fine quality knives 
with CRKTs limited lifetime war- 
ranty. We think a trip to your local 
cutlery or sporting goods store is in 
order, so you can heft them and se- 
lect die right Mlti for your tasks. 


W\ R I V E R 

S lOOl 

9720 S. W. Hillman Court. Suite 80S 

Wilsomille. Oregon 97079 USA 

Tel: 503/B85-5015 Fax: 503/882-9680 

Toll free: 1-800-891-3100 

E-mail: Hito@eflW.cflm Wet): www.crid.iom 




2 can 



A uthor 's note: There is an old Jimmy 
/I Buffet! song, "A Pirate Looks At 40, " 
-/ i about a man who believes he won Id 
have been a pirate if horn a few centuries 
ago. The same might be said of Boh Love- 
less, though the self-proclaimed introvert 
would probably be the first to disagree. 
Loveless was 7! this past Jan. 2 but it was in 
September 1999 that BLADE® — repre- 
sented by yours truly and Advertising 
Manager Steve McCowen — visited him, just 
a few months after he had turned 70. A 
gracious host. Loveless shared a couple of 
hours talking knives, knifemakers, knife 
magazines and anything else that his some- 
times caustic but usually forthright tongue 
felt tike tackling. Following are highlights 
from that interview: 

real strange bui there isn't a corrosion-resis- 
tant, high-speed lool steel made thai will 
hold a cutting edge better than a common 
piece of O-l. if it's handled right, it's just 
that O- 1 rusts quicker. 

You were using BG-42 in the "70s, 
weren't you? Yeah. Did you use it for a 
while and decide to go back to I54CIV1? 

1 used it for certain customers who I 
knew were working their knives really 
hard — ouldoorstnen, guides, outfitters, 
committed hunters, 1 had one customer who 
spent, typically, four-to-live mouths a year 
in Africa. In other words, he was a dedicated 
hunter. I'd made him some I54CM knives 
and I got on the B< i— 42. 1 think I made him a 



By Steve Shackleford 


From under 

the brim of his 

trademark painter's 

cap, Bob Loveless- 

seems amused at 

one of several 

questions in 

his Riverside. 

California, shop. 


How does it feel to be 70? 

No different than it felt 
when 1 was 69. I 
might get tired 
a little 

The "little worn-out 

hunter" from page 37 of the 

Logos of the Loveless Legend book 

"was the first time I've ever seen anybody 

tell the truth about what happens to a hunting 

knife over the years. " Loveless said. "Nowadays, 90 

percent of our customers don't even use their knives, " Note 

how the blade has been worn away by repeated sharpenings and 

constant use. 
(Weyer photo) 

more easily or just a "scooch" quicker but it 
doesn't feel any different, ready. If I'd 
known 1 was gonna last this long. I woulda 
taken better care of me. 

Will the new century result in any new 
Loveless knives, new materials and so 
forth, or will you simply stick with what 
has worked the last half-century? 

1 brought I54CM into knifemaking. a 
chrome-moly, corrosion-resistant, high- 
speed tool steel, in the 1970s. I brought 
ATS -34. the Japanese version (of 154CM), 
which is cleaner, maybe a little better, into 
knifemaking in 1 980. In the last (several 
years) I've started talking about BG-42 and 
I've gotten a couple of dealers to start selling 
it, so some (knifemakers) are using that. 
(BG-42 provides) possibly an 8-to-IO 
percent improvement in edge holding. It's a 
harder steel to grind. It's useless for the 
average customer really because, (bleep), 
some of our people can't sharpen these 
knives now. I'm looking at a couple of steels 
in Japan being made on an experimental 
basts. You can always design and produce a 
tool steel that will give you better edge hold- 
ing or more toughness or, to some degree, 
even more corrosion resistance. You can 
design and produce a tool steel thai will give 
you an advantage in any of these areas, but 
it's pretty hard to gel a sleel wilh a decided 
advantage in all of them put together. It's 

hunter and a semi-skinner and he took them 
on a hunt and. (bleep), he got on the phone 
to me about a month or six weeks later and 
said. "This new steel is greal " 1 said, "Do 
you think it's better than the 154?" and he 
said, yeah, by a small amount it was, but 1 
knew from looking at the chemistries that it 
would be. It's got an additional element in it. 
I 1/2 percent vanadium, that's both a grain 
refiner and a toughener in an alloy structure, 
and to some minor degree a carbide former. 
It has a properly of being a very happy thing 
to mix into a piece of tool steel. So 1 got a 
bunch of BG. I still got a lot of it but we 
don't suggest it for everybody. I've got 
customers who want coffee-table knives but 
they've heard about BG and they want a 
knife out of it and ) tell them no. you're not 
actively workin' the (bleep) knife so it's a 
waste of assets, it's a waste of your money. 
But that's the way I've always run my busi- 
ness. I don't let my customers tell me what 
to do, I tell them what I do. If they want to 
buy into it, line. iTthey don't, fine — go 
somewhere else. Buy one of Bill Moran's 
hunting knives, I don't care. 

What about the CPM steels? 

[ don't like powder metallurgy results, 1 
don't like the structure. I don't like the 
reduction in transverse-to-longitudinal 
strength. You have to understand that 
powder metallurgy is just used to make a 

BLADE / 13 

TlMBERLINE KMVESM Loveless Speaks 

A Division of the Great American Toot Company, inc. 

t r 



For fhe distributor nearest you: 


Wouldn't you like to take home just one of 
the knives — after it's finished, of course — on 
the pattern board behind Loveless? He said 
each one is spoken for, including a couple 
of orders that go alt the way back to 1978! 

billet, so what il really replaces is an electro- 
slat ie furnace or something like that. The end 
result is pretty much the same. From that 
point it's got to go to the re-heat oven, it's 
got to go through the rolling mills and 
get reduced down, and once it's 
through the rolling mills there's not a 
(bleep) lot of difference. The thing 
with powder metallurgy is they 
need a (bleep) lot of carbon to 
start out with because they 
lose so much. Americans 
are so used to new prod- 
ucts coming along all 
the time with 
supposed improve- 
ments but it's 
really just adver- 
tising verbiage. 

And you asked me if we've got any new 
designs. (Bleep), look at that pattern board. 
We do a little bit of everything for every- 
body now. 

What knifemaking processes do you 
still perform or participate in? 

All of them. We don't make any distinc- 
tion between Jimmy (Merrill) and I. I think 
Jimmy is a touch better at hlade grinding 
than I am nowadays. We don't make any 

Is it possible for the average knife 
buyer to get a knife from you? We don' I 
take orders. (We're) making them for dealers 
and a (bleep) of a lol of individuals. So all of 
these knives (on the pattern board) have 
customers? Every one of them. How long 
out are some of the orders? There's two 
knives on thai board that have been waiting 
since 1978. Now that's not my fault, it's (the 
two customers'). Many (of the orders) are 
from "94 or '95. 

Would there ever be a point where 
you would take an order again? 

Well, we have been at a point for years 

This is a 



knife as it was 

the first Loveless 

piece obtained by 

Al Williams — for 

$188— in 1973. It 

features the Loveless 

improved handle design 

and ivory Micarta® slabs. It 

was Williams ' collection, 

which was bought this past 

year by J. W. Denton, that was the 

impetus for the book, Logos of the 

Loveless Legend. (Weyer photo} 

where I could sell anything I put my name 
on, I can tell you one thing, there will be 
very little of this kind of (bleep) [pointing at 
the knives on the pattern board] done in the 
future. We're trying to clean all these double 
grinds out. The fighting knives and the Big 
Bears and Junior Bears and all that (bleep), 
that's going to be the end of that. 

Do you pick the handle materials or 
do your customers? 

They do lo some extent, otherwise I do. 
The whole idea is to get things extremely 

Years ago I did what I set out to do in 
terms of design, metallurgy and working 
techniques. Some people would say we were 
riding the crest of our success. Other people 
would say Loveless is lazy, doesn't bring out 
anything new and hasn't for years. Well, 1 
don't really care. I'm more an introvert than 
otherwise. My basic attitude is (bleep) 'em if 
they can't take a joke. This is what we do. If 
you want to get into it, fine, I'm here for 
vim [I'yihi wain a loi of show business and 
Madison Avenue advertising (bleep), go 
somewhere else. Knives, after all, are a 
rather (mundane) kind of thing. Of course, 
you can't say that in the magazines because 
you've got lo make (bleeping) heroes of us 
all. If you gel right down to the gut level: 
You know what an Xacto® knife is. They 
sell replaceable blades for 'em, right? The 

14 /BLADE 






__r i- j 

M-„-. ■ 

The HD33-S 

Clipped to this pocket is a knife designed by Fred Carter. One of the 
most respected knifemakers in the world. Built using the most 
advanced materials and engineering techniques in the world. Made 
for those who desire only the highest quality from the world. What 
more would you expect from a Harley- Davidson 1 ? 


The "Legend Collection" is designed by custom knifemaker 
Fred Carter of Wichita Falls, Texas, two time president of the 
Knifemaker's Guild with over 25 years of knifemaking experi- 
ence, and an avid Hariey-Davidson rider- 
See our full line of Harley- David son" knives at Hariey-Davidson deal- 
ers worldwide. Wholesale inquiries invited, call 1 -800-548-0835 
and ask for Dept. ill 1 or fax 865-<l2a-2267 or e-mail order® 
unitedcutlery.com. Exclusively from United' Cutlery Brands. Knife 
not shown actual size. 

©2000 H-D 

■ J|| 1425 United Boulevard, Seviervme, TN 37876 

Fred Carter" is a trademark of United Cutlery Corp. 

Exclusive Special Projects! 



Medium Sebenza: 2-7/8" BG42 stainless blade 
Decorated Titanium Frame 
Li mi led Edition of 400 
Medium Sehen/a: $340 
Urge Sehenza: $380 



JfB ^| Model # M 1 6- 1 3LE 

Tactical spear point blade 
Blade length 3.56 inches 

Closed length 4.63 inches 
Blue hard unitized handles 
Limited Edition 
Each blade serialized 1 of 400 
MSRP: $79.95 


Model #335 Gentleman's Knife w/money clip 
New innovative design 

Blade 2.3 inches ATS 34 steel 
Titanium Liners 

Bead Blasted Matte Finish 
Limited Edition 

I Each blade serialized I of 300 
MSRP: SI 1)0 

Available while they last, including by mail order 
from the following N.I.C.A dealers: 

Loveless Speaks 

Csrmel, California 


5 stores in Smilliem California 

Brick. New Jersey 
(732) 477-7967 


Cary. Nonh Carolina 
(800) 397-3830 
www.heekseu (lery.com 


Las Vegas, Nevada 
(702) 733-8333 


Riverside. CA 
(760) 729-2068 

Orem. Utah 
www.cullcrvcomc r.iom 


4 stores in San Diego County, CA 
<6I») 294-4860 

il lerscu pboard .eom 


San Luis Obispo. CA 

y siorcs in Oregon & Washington 



Portland, Oregon 
(503) 227-2087 


Ft Lauderdale. Florida 

(954) 856-6904 

ww w.ji u nsantlfcn i ves.com 


Buena Park. California 


Port Jervis. New York 



San Anlonio. Texas 


6 stores in Colorado 
(719) 59fi- 1269 


SoJvang. Culifamia 


ww w. nord ic kt ves,com 


Victorville, California 

(760) 241-3124 

Costa Mesa, California 
(7 1 4) 549-3932 
www. pl a Ziicu 1 1 erv.com 


Brea & Orange. California 



S stores in Arizona 


w w w.t hek ni I eshopjcom 


Manhattan Beach. CA 


San l-'rausieu. <'A 



I nd a nape. I is. Indiana 

(317) 375-8494 

w w w. pencil ies. eoni/wh i (( lershe nch 

To become a member of the N.I.C.A., contact 

Brian Swanson, executive director 



"This was a lot more 

pure business 25 years 

ago than it is now." 

— Bob Loveless 

16 /BLADE 

Loveless said he and Jim Merritt were in 
the process of "cleaning out all these 
double grinds. The fighting knives and 
the Big Bears and Junior Bears and ail 
that, that's going to be the end of that. " 

blade goes in and oui, you dull it. 1 1 would 
be better lo just go buy tin Xacto knife. 

You ever seen Williams* green book 
{The Logos of the Loveless Legend, by A I 
Williams and Jim Weyer)? You know lhat 
one picture in there of (he lulle worn-mil 
Loveless semi-skinner (page 37)? That was 
the first time I've ever seen anybody it'll the 
truth about what happens lo a hunting knife 
over the years. Nowadays. 90 percent of our 
customers don't even use (heir (bleep) 
knives. This was a (bleep) lot more pure 
business 25 years ago than it is now, 

I had a telephone call yesterday from a 
little dude over in L.A, He got a drupped 
hunter with a long bolster and stag handle, 
and he warned to know what it was worth, I 
told him, well. I don'i know what it's worth, 
whatever you can get for it. whatever the 
guy that wanis to buy il will give you lor it. 
He said, well, about how much? And I said I 
don't know, about 13 or 1400 (dollars). 
Then 1 stopped and thought, (bleep), now. 
thai knife's 1500 oul of here, so it's proba- 
bly (worth more like) IK or 1900. 

So :i standard, stag, dropped hunter is 
SI, 500? 

No, not a standard. We do a handle 
name plate different than mosl people but, 
basically, (if you arc) lookin' for a knife that 
way, that's 975. Now. if we do it this way, 
with the long bolsters and the dyed stag 
handle with hidden fasteners and both nudes 
I Loveless irademarks), you have 975 for ihe 
blade, 1075 for Ihe trademark, 250 for the 
long bolsters, lhat puts it at 1375, 1425. and 
200 for the dyed stag and hidden fasteners, 
250, so we're up to almost 1 (>, 1 700 dollars, 
something (ike that. This is on what basi- 


- BSE gfjyivrirT'rirrirBiipin 1 ivif' 

#3sw mw9£9 


The #1 Hard Use Knives in the World 

Commander US Patent # 5878500 (310) 542-3050 



SERE 2000 






MODEL ; SERE 2000 



VG 10 BC 59-60 







e m " 











RO BOX 229S 

1503) 6709080 FAX (503) 639-4789 

Loveless Speaks 

Belts hang on the far wall of Loveless's 
grinding room. At right is a special 
grinder he designed for CAL Knives. 

Loveless reaches into his personal knife 
drawer where he keeps not only a few of 
his favorites of his own designs, but 
some of his favorite knives by other 

tally is a semi-skinner. And I said, even in 
prim in my own catalog, the besi knife I can 
make Tor a customer is a knife with green 
canvas Micarta. Anything beyond that is a 
waste of money and il is, of course. Slag is 
so traditional and everybody loves il so 
much, but I can hardly sell it. It's real weird. 
In Italy I can't sell stag. In Japan. I can't sell 
Micarta. It's just what they want. 

Following arc some knife industry 
names. Give one word or a sentence or 
two thai comes to mind when you hear 
them. First, Rudy Ruana. 

I admired the daylights out of Rudy 
Ruana I never spoke to him and didn'i know 
much about him until quite a few years ago, 
but by (bleep) he was a good working man, 
and he made good knives and he made them 
cheaper than (bleep), and he's one of maybe 
three heroes of mine in the knife-making 

Who are the other two? Webster 
Marble and Harry Morseth. What would be 
your comments if we mentioned their 
names? Marbles' knives? Twice as expen- 
sive as anybody else's and Tour limes as 
good, lie used mostly closed-dye t'orgitigs, 
which is a (bleep) of a line way to shape a 
blade because you gel extreme grain refine- 
ment in the forging process. And they're just 
(bleep) good knives, I'm not sure I'm happy 
wilh all of the design work but in those days 

"In Italy I can't seii 

stag. In Japan, I can't 

sell Micarta. It's just 

what they want." 

—Bob Loveless 

nobody paid any attention to design. You 
could stick a blade in the end of a broom- 
slick and people would be happy with it. 
We've become much more design conscious 
in this country since then, but Marbles made 
line knives and be was an out doors man in 
timber country in Michigan and he knew ihc 
needs of {people who used knives). 

What about I larry Morseth? 

I thought his idea of using the Norwe- 
gian (blade) laminate was a (bleep) of a good 
idea. We've got a couple of the old Green 
Rivers somewhere and are actively looking 
for more, lie ground "em neat, he ground 
'em wet so il didn'i a Heel the heal treat, and 
that center core was a (bleep) of a good steel 
for holding an edge. They weren't big. thick, 
clumsy knives, they were very nice knives, 
almost delicate, but they did the job. They 
had nice handles and a good (selection) of 
handle options. The best sheath in the world 
was the Morseth Sale- Lock sheath. I've got 
one now. There's no knife sheath better for 

William ScageL 

He was a blacksmith, a very independent 
and somewhat anli-social man. He got into a 
beef with the power company so he hooked 
up (a generator) and generated his own elec- 
tric power. I le was a damn good ornamental 
iron worker. Seagcl was innovative. Ik- 
made all kinds of knives. He made hunting 
knives wilh a liltle folding blade that came 
oui of the bun end of the handle, which 
always seemed lo me kind of hard to use but, 

D.E. Henry. 

D.K. took the arl and the crall of dupli- 
cating the linglish version of the American 
bowie knife further than anybody, lie was 
very consistent about il. D-E. had a very 
harsh and abrasive kind of personality. He 
had no patience wilh most people but that 
was largely the effect of an automobile acci- 
dent. It was like his head had been broken 
open and (the resulting surgery was botched] 
but, anyway, his wife told me his personality 
changed radically after that. There loward 
Ihc end he let a couple of knives get mil thai 
were not as polished as they should have 
been, but they were always honest bowies. 
He bad a couple of lovely little hunting 
knives, though the guards were loo big. 

Rill JMoran. 

(Long pause.) A '60s and 70s version of 
Scagel. Another country blacksmith. 1 
remember the year iMoran) introduced die 
new datnascus at Kansas City (the H)73 
Kuifemakets' Guild Show), lie had a big 
sign (touting the datnascus) outside the door 
ai the show, A couple of hours later I walked 

18/ BLADE 



rid series 

Model LS1F 


liu- world's firs! knife 
:i a repealing firearm mechanism 
c u ji 1 a i a e tl w i i h i n the handle 

Hybrid itrici is manufactured using 
He of liif art CNC machinery and 
modern stainless steels. 
All models available as Any Other Weapon, 
BATF approved non-gun, or BATF approved blank, gua. 


Model LS1F 


(280 C* Qfe/Ay QW» &4»h**rJ**it 120 Gas Offtsffifwri* 8*118 ^k*w$,8l8-4S409fS ww*fr*M2«»* 

Loveless Speaks 

"I never intended to 

make knives for 

other people." 

— Bob Loveless 

up to hiii). I said, "Dill, when did you move 
in Syria?" 

There is nothing new and there was. at 
that time, nothing new about pattern- welded 
blades. Of course, there's the highly 
patterned blades. I think Daryl Meier came 
out with the repetition ol'lhc U.S. Hag in the 
si eel. which is quite a tribute considering 
what you have to do to gel that into the 
billet. I've got no quarrel with (Bill Moran). 
lie's a name, like Rock Hudson was a name, 
and (.'lark Ciable. and Jimmy Stewart were 

The last person we'd like you to say a 
few words about: Boh Loveless. 

A good knifemaker doing his best. He's 
satisfied to have the words R.W. Loveless. 
Knifemaker. on his grave stone. Nothing 
more. In the last 30 years I've had to learn 
how id control my (bleeping) ego and my 

More unfinished 
Loveless knives 
adorn a wall of 
the shop. Note 
the finished Big 
Bear at the upper 

pride. I'm intensely proud of what we've 
done but I'm very much aware (of what it 
means). It's meaningless in the larger term 
of things, I've put in one of my catalogs that 
the Loveless knife won't cure the common 
eold or patch up your troubles with your 
wife or anything else. In other words, they're 
just knives. As such they are as good as we 
can make 'cm. But I'm just a knifemaker. 1 
am a knifemaker who always felt that (knife- 
makers as a group) should spread the gospel 
oT getting bigger, getting stronger. I never 
wanted to be a big frog in a small pond. 1 
wanted to see this pond grow into a great big 
ocean, and 1 would have been perfectly 
happy to he just an ordinary — maybe a 

moderately good-si /ed frog in that body of 
water. I'm aware of how (bleep) lucky I am 
because my personality can't persuade these 
people to buy these knives. With all the 
financial (bleep) and profit motive connected 
with buying Loveless knives, still they're 
had to be a (bleep) of a lot of people that just 
Mat like 'em. that like the shapes and like the 
work. To that extent I'm lucky because I 
never intended Id make knives for other 
people. 1 knew back in Delaware thai if I 
was going to slay with this thing, and there 
was some question then, I had to do it the 
way I wanted to do it rather than having to 
satisfy a lot of other people, because that 
drives ya' nuts. 

20 / BLADE 


www,nwh>ives,com i-8oo~B<(-884$ 

' I I "P 

/ n 

Coilcn 4 KfMII Slotr - Salem. Owjon 

# ww/ffwe presentation of the finest blades in the world. 





The knife I carry is one I 
made over 20 years ago. 
During the general gun 
season. I hunt with a 
small club of deer 
it toners. Some days we 
have several deer to skin 
and butcher when die 
hunt is over. A good 
knife is a must. I have 
used my knife to skin and 
cut out over 200 deer 
since I made it. 

— William E. Brown, 
Windsor, Virginia 


"I carry a Schrade Junior stockman 807 Uncle Henry for 
small cutting jobs, t also carry a Schrade Bearhead Trapper 
96 Old Timer for two reasons: I like the usefulness of the pick 
and the tweezers, and the longer trapper blades open boxes 
better. I even used the blade to retrieve an important document 
that slid between my car window and the dashboard!" 

—Lou Meribela, Mishawaka, Indiana 



"The knife I like to carry is a Benchmade Leopard Cub. It's 
better to be safe than sorry. " 

— Omar Enriquez, Sylmar, California 

22 / BLADE 

/K&4 1 

Just tell us briefly what knife 
you carry. Add a little history or 
an interesting anecdote. Try to 
include a sharp photograph of 
you and your knife. We'll 
publish your comments in an 
upcoming "The Knife I Carry." 
Your name will then be entered 
in a drawing to win a free stag- 
handle Robeson two-blade 
pocketknife. Drawing to be held 
Nov. 15, 2000. Mail to; Blade 
Magazine®, P.O. Box 789, 
Ooltewah, TN 37363-0789, or 
e-mail blade@krause.com. 


is John 
Michael Price 
knife as it 
today. It is 
the property 
of Lyle 

Hegsted, who 
allowed the 
author to 
examine the 
knife as well 
as Hegsted's 
research on 
(Fowler photo) 

Editor '$ note: In the 
first installment, the 

author reviewed the 
exploits of John 

Andrew Clinton and 
{'Union's use of a 
Michael Pike knife. 
In the final install- 
ment, the author 
assesses the knife 
from the standpoint of 
a maker and a user. 

The experiences 
shared heiween 
man and knife are 
long past. Only mi mile 
glimpses of their history 
are now available to us. Bui 
if we, as knife enthusiasts, 
listen carefully to what few 
memories are available, we 
can catch and enjoy a few 
moments of the events they 

What does the knife tef( us 
about the men in her life? Every 
now and then I meet a blade thai 
transcends the distance in time 
between her maker and me, and 
sometimes the men in her life. She is 
of such a complete nature that she 
yields thoughts from the spirit of the 
man who made her. as well as the man 
who shared time and tasks with her. Their 
skills are remarkable and easily read by 
elose examination of her physical attributes. 
Such knives stand out from the crowd. Their 
beauty is enhanced by the wide gap that sepa- 
rates diem from average pieces. John Andrew 
Clinton's Michael Price knife is one of those 
pieces and at present the most outstanding 
example of these thoughts. 

Price was a man of highly developed 
knowledge and skill when it came to making 
knives. He made both jewelry for men and 
extremely well-eoneeived, functional blades. 1 
have been privileged to know two working 


"What does the knife tell 

us about the men 

in her life?" 

— the author 

Knife talk 

By Ed Fowler 

ABS master smith 



part II 

John Andrew Clinton's Michael Price 
knife is a tribute to both the maker 

and her owner 

knives bearing his name. In my 
opinion, based on careful 
examination of this knife 
alone, it is obvious that Price 
was an absolute master in 
the design and execution 
of a highly functional 
piece. Every aspect of 
the blade geometry 
appears carefully 
planned and executed. 
There arc no frills; it 
is simply an absolute 
monument in func- 
tional art. I have 
never seen a better 

Clinton was obvi- 
ously a knowledgeable 
judge of functional quality in the tools he chose. 
His favorite big game rifle, a 50-1 10 Sharps. 
was die king of the hill in buffalo guns, and the 
knife he chose was also well suited to his needs. 
He wanted the best. He worked hard, saved his 
money and bought the best. The knife also 

clearly speaks to the fact that Clinton was in lull 
command of the knowledge and ahilm in 
nurture her, his trusted companion, in order thai 
she would be able to serve him to the best of her 
ability. 1 also have been privileged to examine 
the Coll revolver he carried for many years. It is 
yet more silent testimony to the skillful care he 
gave his tools. 

A Must Read 

The blade of the Price knife reads like a bixik. 

revealing Clinton's skill m keeping the edge 

Price was an absolute 

master in the design 

and execution of a 

highly functional 


— the author 

BLADE/ 23 

Knife Talk 

The maker's 

mark: M. PRICE 



Price is thought 

to have made 

knives from 


(Fowler photo) 

"Every aspect 

of the blade 

geometry appears 

carefully planned 

and executed." 

— the author 

sharp. There is no secondary angle ai ilic culling 
edge. With each stroke on the slonc. he main- 
tained an extremely fine edge flowing grace- 
fully to the spine. The striaiions lefi by his 
sharpening stone are in themselves a monument 
to his command of knife function. 

The present caretaker of this outstanding 
example of the an of the knife. Ly!c llegstcd. 
offered me the opportunity to sharpen and lesi 
the piece as I wished. At first I was intent on 
exploring Iter ability. As I carefully examined 
her qualities. I was awestruck by the story she 
told. Other than carefully dressing her edge, I 
did not feel qualified to contaminate her epic of 
the frontier. 

While modern men in the plastie-and-stain- 
less-steel generation worry and fret over the 
maintenance requirements of carbon steel. Clin- 
ton's Price knife screams from Ihe mountaintop 
to proclaim the pride and skill of Clinton in the 
care and maintenance of her carbon-steel blade. 
There are no rust pits on her- and this is a knife 

The striations on 

(he blade record 

Clinton's method 

of preserving the 

convex blade 

from the cutting 

edge to the spine. 

The striations 

vary by only two 

degrees from one 

side to the other. 

(Fowler photo) 


There are no frills; it 

is simply an absolute 

monument to 

functional art." 

— the author 

Lightning in a ^Bottle! 

'We use 
While Lightning" on every knife, 
and is creates an excellent base 
coat for that slick William Henry 

— VI nit hew Conn hie, President 
William Henry I'ine Knives 

In the I93t)'s. the P-38 
Lightning fighter made history 
by bringing 
together science, engineering & 
Today, White Lightning 5 ^ 
Folding Knife & Multi-Tool 
Lubricant is also making history. 
Our patented wax lubricant keeps 
folding knives & multi-tools super 

clean and super slick. White 

Lightning® sets up totally dry. No 

oil migration, no pocket stains & 

no dirt build-up in the pivot. 

See and feel the White 
Lightning* difference. 

White Lightning is available through leading Cukery & Specially Knife retailers. • www.whiteUgbtamgco.com 

24 /BLADE 


"I have never seen a 
better knife! " 

— -the author 

The blade has a 

delicate waist 1 1/2 

centimeters from 

the ricasso in order 

to preserve balance 

and provide 

strength to the tip, 

(Fowler photo) 

"The blade reads like 

a book, revealing 

Clinton's skill 

in keeping the 

edge sharp." 

— the author 

that was used by and served her master wed on 
the frontier, miles and over I (Ml years distanl 
from today's sophisticated rusi preventives! I le 
simply used whai he had available — a pocket 
stone, fat from the animals he ale, and [he 
common sense of an explorer in lite frontiers of 
competence and adventure. No man could ask 
for more! 

The author thanks Larry Syversen 
for introducing him to Lyle 
Hegsted and the Price knife. 
Tin- author also is indebted 
to Hegsted for the many 

hows he devoted to the 
research of the history of 
John Andrew ( Union, 
am/ Hegsted 's will- 
ingness to share llie 
information with 

According to 

the author, a 

filed notch on 

top of the handle 

records a special 

incident. The killing 

of the black leopard 

mentioned in Part I of 

the story, perhaps? 

Note the tapered tang. 

(Fowler photo) 

I'm mmt i 


I in roil ue in;> I lie first V\ illiaiii Henry d:iinnseii* 
folder. I Miitle si eel In l);irv) Meier, with mot Iter 
of pearl mill [illinium. 

Pricci S.VJ5.00 tapjfll . 'Ym^titst'i 

* - 

%•• • * 

** +** 

Model TIO-PD 

\WilIiam Henry 

v ' J FINE iv 

2125 Delaware Avenue, Suite G • Santa Cruz, CA 95060 
Phone (831) 454-9409 • Fax (831) 454-9309 


DeltaZ's Line of Tactical Liner Locks 
available in Wood, Carbon Fiber 
and Velutex™ Scales 


Blue Curly Maple 

S 1 89.95 msrp 

Carbon Fibor 
S 219.95 msrt 

Slue Velutex"* 
$149.95 msrp 




Distributor, Importer 

and Internet Sales of Fine Knives. 

DeltaZ Knives, Inc. P.O. Box J 112, Studio City, CA91614 
(818)786-9488 Fax (818) 787-8560 www.DettaZ-Knives.com 


BLADE/ 25 

Al Barton 

The world of knives has 
lost some wonderful 
talents lately and. to 
many, good friends as well. It may 
seem a show of favoritism by 
BLADE®* to select one to single out for 
something more than a simple 
mention, hut 1 fee) sure that what 
follows can he applied to any 
of those in the knife commu- 
nity who have passed 
away in recent months. 

I came to know 
ABS master smith 
Al Barton of 
Bars tow, Califor- 
nia, kite in his 
life after a 
bout with 

his body, and 
we became fast 
friends. It was as if 
we had known each 
other a lifetime. I had 
decided to expand my stock- 
removal skills to include bladesmithing and 
A I was there to share. Share he did to one 
and all. He has taken many students under 
his wing and turned them from novices to 
prize-winning knifemakers. He could be a 
hard, gruff taskmaster but there was always 
love and compassion just below the surface. 
Many friends came to visit him and 
express their concern and love in those last 
days. Mere weeks before he succumbed, lie 
gave ABS cut-and-bend tests to six blade- 
smithing hopefuls. 1 did not think he was up 
to it until he had one of the applicants repeat 
a required task to his satisfaction. He 
welcomed us all with love and respect, even 

26 / BLADE 

If There's A 
Cut 'n Bend 
Heaven. . . 

Barstow bladebuster succumbs 
after a long illness; ABS 
scholarship established 

in his name 

By Bill Herndon 

through his 

pain and 

s o 111 e t i in e s 

addled stale, the 

latter brought on 

by the medication he 

had to take. 

He and I talked about 

many things during bis final 

days. In our private moments 

together be offered advice, 

answered questions and 

discussed his pending 

death. He was concerned 

ibout how he would be 

remembered, what his 

legacy would be, and 

he asked that 1 wrile a 

few words. A few 

words about a friend 

are never enough. 

He also told me 
he would be look- 
ing over my shoul- 
der after he was 
gone and that I had 
better pay atten- 
tion. Had he not 
shared his strength 
wilh me, 1 would not have been able to 
spend many of Ihose lasl days wilh him. 
Dying is hard work but he did it wilh grace. 

Al Barton s last great knife project was 
the ABS 2000 Master Smith Knife, which 
brought a price of $6,200 at the ABS 
Auction during the 2000 BLADE Show. 
The damascus blade is 15N20 and T095 in 
a six-bar random~tadder~pattern construc- 
tion. The handle is hippo ivory with all 
damascus fittings. Overall length: 15 1/2 
inches. The sheath is oak-tanned leather 
with goat-skin inlay. (Weyer photo) 

dignity and consideration for those around 
him. This is the way he lived his life. 

Not lo worry old friend, your legacy is 
the love for your family and friends, and the 
knowledge you left for others to pass on for 
many years to come. We shall remember 
and be thankful lor your life. 

The Barton Scholarship 

To further Al Barton's life's work, 
ABS master smith Dave Ellis is 
establishing a .scholarship in 
Barton's name to the Texarkana 
College/Bill Moran School of Blade- 

"Al was instrumental in teaching the 
art of bladesmithing and promoting the 
ABS, especially on the West Coast," 
Ellis said. "As a small way of honoring 
Al, I am setting up an endowment 
through the School of Bladesmithing. 
Each year a candidate will be selected 
and provided with a scholarship to attend 
one of the courses offered at the college, 
and this will all he in Al Barton's name." 
Donations can be sent to The Al 
Barton Endowment, c/o Texarkana 
College, attn: Frank Coleman, 25(H) 
North Robison Rd., Texarkana, TX 
75599. Cheeks should be made out to 
Texarkana College and the memo should 
say Al Barton Scholarship Endowment. 
For more information, contact Dave 
Ellis, 3505 Camino Del Rio S., #334, 
San Diego. CA 92108 (619) 285-1305. 
Or, if you would rather, make your dona- 
tions to the American Cancer Society. 


Factory Fetus 


holds the 
Machax. the 
result of a 
session in 
the back- 



By Steve Shackteford 

i of the most signifi* 
cant projects in Ethan 
Becker's life: the 15- 
Inch Machax, the flag- 
ship model of Becker 
Knife & Tool, and The 
Joy Of Cooking, the best- 
selling ookbook origi- 
nally written by 
Becker's grandmother, 
Mrs. Irma S. Rombauer. 
The Machax sports a 
long cutting edge that 
widens out Into a deep- 
beilied reverse curve, 
and a handle that drops 
dramatically to help 
generate the forwarc 
chopping powdH 
ent in the kukri design. 


When Irma S. Rombauer wrote the mother of all 
cookbooks. The Joy Of Cooking, in 1931, little did 
she know that it would become a multi-generational 
best seller, read by both women and men alike, and their chil- 
dren and their children's children. Fifteen million copies later, 
the book continues to sell like hot cakes, 

Mrs. Rombauer's daughter, Marion Rombauer Becker, 
was instrumental in helping write and publish revisions of (he 
book, constantly adding new recipes and cooking informa- 
tion. Then came a grandson, t-lhan Becker, who also partici- 
pated in the runaway success of the book, as well as make a 
name for himself in a number of different regimens includ- 
ng mountain climbing, li rearms and wilderness survival 
training and, last but not least, the knife business. 

All of Ethan's occupational pursuits seem to have one 
thing in common "The Joy Of Cutting." Hence, it probably 
should come as no revelation that he would one day start his 
own knife company, Becker Knife & Tool, though actually 
his love of knives goes back much further. 

BLADE/ 27 

Factory Focus 

"Pretty much 

everything I've done in 

the 'metal-mangling 

business' has been 

learned the hard way." 

— Ethan Becker 

Chips fly as Ethan buries the 9 1/2-inch 
blade of the Machax into a small tree at 
Fennell's post-BLAOE-Show blow-out. 

"From the age of 12, every knife I gal I 
tried to modify to make il heller Most of the 
time I made il worse." he laughed. "I used 
files, sandpaper, anything I eould get my 
milts on. When I boughi my firsi Molo 
TtsoKfc, watch out! I ruined a loi of good 
knives. Pretty much everything I've done in 
the 'metal-mangling business' has been 
learned the hard way." 

"The Machax is a short 

machete, a draw knife 

and a hatchet." 

— Ethan Becker 

Growing up in a large fanning commu- 
nity. Becker had plenty of room to roam and 
he loved building things, using machetes 
and other large blades 10 make forts and 
shelters. "And I'm still into dial stuff," he 
explained. "I have eight acres I try to keep 
up. I'm an outdoorsnuui, a primitive camper. 
I guess you'd call me a high-impact camper 
because I like to go out and builci things." 

In 1963, an 18-year-old Ethan worked 
on his first edition of The Joy Of Cooking. 
learning the family business from ihc copy 
room up. "I ran ihc copying machine and the 
copy room was upstairs outside my 
bedroom," he recalled. Later, he would 
attend the Cordon Bleu cooking school, the 
world's oldesi school of its kind and, at the 
lime he attended it, ihc best. He would 
return to test his newfound cooking knowl- 
edge in Joy. using kitchen knives to help 
prepare ihc fund and writing recipes of his 
own for the book. 

In the early 1970s, Becker turned to the 
mountain climbing business, in which he ran 
Colorado Mountain Industries, now CM1 
( orp. It was around then thai Ethan read 
about custom-made kukris in Gun World 
magazine, When he learned how much ihc 
maker wanted for the kukris S4(K) each- 
he decided lo design and make Ins own, 
though thai did not come until Ihe 1980s. 

28 /BLADE 


lecker Knife & Tool 

C ( anulius 

.urn J, turgnl. Dept. BLI 

54 Main 

CanrilIus,NY 1 .103! 

(315)672-811 1 

e-mail: camcal2@aol.con 

web site: camillusknivcs.com 

Specialties Big iked blades for outdoor 

use. including ihe Machax, TacTool. 

( ampanioa, Bnrte and Magnum Camp 

Blade Steel UI70-6C high carbon; 

RoclcweJl hardness 58-59 RC 

Blade (Grinds Flat 

Blade Finish Black cpoxy coating 

Handles GV6H 

Sheaths KydexflS 

Manufacturer's Suggested Retails 

$99.95-$ 149.95 

Ethan prepares breakfast for a horde of 
knife nuts attending the post-BLADE- 
Show blow-out at Wallace Fennelt's South 
Carolina hunting preserve this past 
summer. As Becker notes: "My camping 
trips are nothing more than an outdoor 
bar and grill with an attached shooting 
range and hatchet-and-knife-throwing 
area. " 

"I'm very slow.'' Becker grinned, "so it 
took awhile before the kukri gestated." 

Becker's love of the outdoors and his 
i merest in firearms led him to join the Tacti- 
cal Training Center of Cincinnati, Ohio, 
where he taught firearms and wilderness 
survival training, including rappelling, 
which Ethan knew about from his mountain 
climbing background. "We did a lot of 
training for a lot of different organizations, 
as well as civilians." lie related. "The 
philosophy (behind ihe latter] was [hat it 
civilians were going to carry guns, it would 






• Cast Titanium Handle 

• Titanium Liner 

• Titanium Pocket Clip J 

• 154CM Blade 

• Right and Left 
Thumb Studs 




Handle: Cast 6AL4V Titanium 

Liner lock; 6A L4 V Titani u m 

Pocket d i p: 6AL4VTitanium 

Blade: 1 54CM Stainless Steel 


Length closed: 
Length open: 
Blade length: 


Form and Function 

Air Frame's revolutionary cast titanium handle allows for conlour and 
styling not possible by traditional "layering up" manufacturing. Designed 
by William Harsey to look as good as it performs, the Air Frame"' 
combines the finest materials available with flawless craftsmanship. 


Gerber Legendary Blades, PO Box 23088 Portland, OR 97224 


dragon* &r ratings % 

dragon* &r rating* 

Fr^ Shipping On All Ortfcrt Ow 
$100.00 From 24 Novtmbar to U DMwnbtr 

BLADE/ 29 




(From rig/jf; Trie e/f AT Campanion, Brute and Magnum Camp all feature blades of Camil- 
lus' proprietary 0170-6C high-carbon steel, Rockwell hardnesses of 58-59 RC, black 
epoxy finishes and flat grinds. The backpack is the 'Patrol Pack, '■ designed by Ethan 
Becker for carry by military personnel in wilderness settings and a favorite of SEAL and 
Army Ranger RTOs (radio telephone operators). 

be nice if they knew how to use them, I 
taught that as well as wilderness survival 
training," in which Ethan was able to 
instruct his students in the use of survival 

The groundwork was set. Becker had 
much of the equipment to make the kukri he 
had always wanted to build — the steel and 
grinders from his mountain climbing busi- 
ness, plus a heat-treating operation across 
the street — so he set about creating proto- 
types. For blade material, he used the high- 
carbon 41 40 steel from which his company 
made piton hammers — the hammers used to 

30 /BLADE 

"If you have to go to a 
soft handle material to 

make the handle 

perform, you probably 

have the wrong 

handle design." 

— Ethan Becker 


pound the pilous, ihc metal spikes mountain 
climbers use to anchor their climbing ropes, 
into the sheer rock walls of mountain faces. 
"I knew the steel would work tor knives 
because wc could get the pitons pretty 
sharp," Ethan said. "It turned out to be a 
pretty good cutlery steel." The result was 
the Machax (pronounced ma SHAX). a 
piece with a long cutting edge that widens 
out into a deep-bellied reverse curve, and a 
handle that drops dramatically to help 
generate the forward chopping power inher- 
ent in the kukri design. Becker Knife & 
Tool (BK&T) was born. 

"Wilderness and survival training is 
something I've thought about and studied a 
lot. That's where the Machax came from," 
Becker observed. "It is specifically 
designed as a wilderness survival tool you 
can do anything with and not worry about 
it. If you really think about it, the Machax is 
a small safety hatchet, except it has no big 
bulge away from the cutting edge that can 
miss stuff and hit you when you (swing) it. 
It's a short machete, a draw knife and a 

Along the way, Becker met knifemaker 
Larry Hurley, now an ABS journeyman 
smith, who gave Ethan his first grinding 
lesson. In the late 1980s, Blackjack bought 
a license to make the BK&T line. In 1990. 
under the Blackjack label, BK.&T offered 
the Tact u I II (now the TacTool). It was 
inspired by Ethan's work with the Hamilton 
County SWAT Team of Cincinnati, Ohio. 
"The team wanted a sharp pry bar they 
could beat on things with," Becker said. 
The result was The Blade Magazine 1990 
Most Innovative American Design®. 

Leap forward in time. Becker regained 
the rights to BK&T from Blackjack and is 
looking for a new company to make his 
hearty outdoor tools. At the 1 998 BLADE 
Show he runs into an old friend, Wallace 
Fennell of Camillas. One thing leads to 
another and Ethan talks with Camillus offi- 
cials about producing the BK&T line. 
Camillus and Becker eventually reach a 
working agreement and the rest is history. 

Camillus makes five BK&T models: the 
Machax, TacTool. Campanion, Brute and 
the Magnum Camp, the latter designed by 
ABS master smith Jerry Fisk. Of the 
Magnum Camp, Ethan gushed, "That knife 
is quick, all about quick. I'd feel very 
comfortable going into the woods with that 
knife as the only thing I had." 

Each BK&T piece employs Camillus' 
0I70-6C high-carbon steel for blades and 
the high-impact GV6H synthetic for 
handles. "The 0170-6C has better edge- 
in ' I ii in;; characteristics, is mechanically 
strong and a more aggressive cutting steel," 
Ethan assesses. As for Camillus* approuch 
to heat treating — one of Becker's pet 
peeves — listen to Ethan: "When the boys at 
Camillus heat treat, they get the most out of 
the steel. It cuts like a screaming witch." 

As for the handles, another pet peeve of 
Mrs. Rombauer's grandson, the hard GV6H 
is an ideal complement to the overall 




Have you held a Sebenza lately. . .? 

Every so often you experience that one moment when 
you hold a knife in your hand and for some 
unknown reason. .. you can 'I let go,. 

Experience the moment 
Experience Sebenza! 

11624 W. President Dr.. #B • Boise, ID 83713 • 208-375-0367 • www.chrisreeve.com 


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has never been easier... 


ChefsChoice EdgeSelect" 
120 has a revolutionary 
stropping/polishing stage 
for razor sharp edges 
in seconds! Optimize the 
edge for each cutting task. 
For straight edqe and 

serrated blades. 

^"^ Ma 

The top rated ChefsChoice 
Diamond Hone* 110 
professional knife sharpener, 
acclaimed worldwide. 

For a store near you, call: 


© EdgeCraft 1 998, Avondale, PA 1 931 1 (61 0) 268-0500 


BLADE/ 31 

Factory Focus 


Winner of The Blade Magazine 1990 Most 
Innovative American Design Award®, the 
BK&T TacTool came about after 
members of the Hamilton County SWAT 
Team asked Ethan for "a sharp pry bar 
they could beat on things with. " Overall 
length: 12 1/2 inches. 

design. "The handle itself incorporates 
everything I've been able to figure out from 
modifying knives as a kid. A lot of handles 
I take one look at and say, 'That's a fashion 
statement," as opposed to, 'That's a handle." 

"It cuts like a 
screaming witch." 

— Ethan Becker 

"Handles have to be graceful but they 
have to fit and be comfortable if you work a 
long lime with wet hands. The GV6H 
handles are for wet hands— they're hard but 
the shape of the handle is comfortable and 
makes it easy to retain in the hand. If you 
have to go to a soft handle material to make 
the handle perform, you probably have the 
wrong handle design." 

At 55, Becker seems to have achieved 
an inner peace of sorts in his knife career. 
He seems extremely satisfied with his 
arrangement with Camillus, right down to 
the new ambidextrous Kydex® sheaths that 
replaced the old ones. "The sheaths are 
really spiffy. And the Camillus knives are 
just better. The fit and finish are better. 
Everything is so much better than it used to 
be," he paused. "And one of the great 
advantages of working with Camillus is that 
the new prices of the Maehax for 2000 are 
the same as they were when it first came out 
in the mid-' 80s. I love that fact because it's 
a Becker family tradition to give good value 
for money spent, Becker Knife & Tool is 
arguably better in every respect." 

32 / BLADE 



Antique Bowies 

Ladd (right) as James Bowl 
ires the knife "made" for Box 
James Black as portrayed by the a 
left in the 1952 film The Iron Mistrc 
Note that the knife is not guordtess t 
though you cannot see the pommel, 
'"ier is it of the coffin yarlaty—nr* 
supposed to be either, (photo 
tesyJM. Edmon-— 



e These Kn 


L iii 

whether Black! 

guardless, coffi 
bowie style 

By J.R. Edmondson 

fginated the 


£ ^rpin: first Bowie-knife was made by 
myself." Rezin P. Bowie claimed in 
1 838, only two years after his more 
famous brother, James Bowie, had perished in 
the heroic defense of the Alamo. Rczin referred 
to the knife that James used in The Sandbar 
Fight — the incident that established the initial 
Tame of Bowie and his namesake blade. 
However, John J. Bowie, the oldest of the 
Bowie brothers, and ( 'aiaphas Ham, a close 
family friend, both credited a blacksmith 
named Lovell Snowdcn with making the Sand- 
bar Knife. And even Rezin's grandchildren 
disputed their grandfather's claim, asserting 
that another smith. Jesse C'lifft, actually fabri- 
cated the hunting knife. 

Interestingly, Rezin's [838 account 
disputed a previously published newspaper 
article attributed to an author identified as 
"P.Q," According to P.Q., Rezin commis- 
sioned the first bowie knife to be made by an 
unidentified blacksmith he encountered in the 
"wilds of Arkansas." 


Despite Rezin's rebuttal and an obvious 
muddling of facts, the P.Q. account should not 
be totally dismissed. It also referred to a 
"cunning artisan" in Philadelphia who repli- 
cated that first bowie knife a possible refer- 
ence to Henry Schively of Philadelphia, who 
definitely made a knife for Rezin. Therefore. 
P.Q.'s Arkansas blacksmith may have been the 
earliest historical allusion to James Black. 

Bom circa 1 800, Black had served as a 
silverplater's apprentice — eomcidenlally, also 
in Philadelphia — before he migrated west and 
established a blacksmith shop at Washington in 
the southwest comer of Arkansas, 

On Dec. 8, 1 84 1, the Washington Tele- 
graph of Washington, Arkansas, published an 
editorial lamenting the violent use of bowie 
knives. F.ditor James P. Jetl officially intro- 
duced the James Black legend into the histori- 
cal record with the following paragraph; 

The first knife of the kind was made in this 
place, by Mr. James H. Black, for a man 

named James Bowie, who was killed at 
the Alamo in Texas, and hence it is some- 
times called the Black knife, sometimes 
the Bowie knife. . . 

Black was no longer hammering at his 
forge when that editorial appeared. Blind and 

"The first knife of the 

kind was made in this 

place, by Mr. James H. 

Black, for a man 
named James Bowie." 

— James P. Jett, 

Washington Telegraph, 


BLADE/ 33 



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Wholesale: 1 800 734 5965 

251 6 Lincoln way West 

Mishawaka, Indiana 46544 

Phone: 21 9 257 0020 

Fax: 219 257 0021 

www. m idwestau nexchancje .com 

The story of James Black and the origin of the bowie knife received additional impetus 
with the 1951 publication of Paul I, Wellman's novel, The Iron Mistress, which became a 
Warner Bros, motion picture starring Alan Ladd. Here is a scene from the movie with the 
actor who portrayed Black hammering hot steel, (photo courtesy J.R. Edmondson) 

"Where are the knives 

which, according to 

Governor Jones, 

poured in such volume 

from Black's shop?" 

— Ben Palmer 

destitute, he had been taken in by the Buzzard 
brothers, John and Jacob, or Lafayette (now 
Miller) County. Jacob Buzzard, the first judge 
of Lafayette County, died in 1 842. Shortly 
thereafter. Dr. Isaac Jones of Washington . 
Arkansas, became Black's caretaker. Jones" 
son, Daniel, bom Dec. 15, 1 839, grew up with 
Black living in his household. A neighboring 
youth, Augustus H. Garland, recalled that 
"Uncle Jimmy" Black enjoyed visits from the 
town children and judged their debaling 

After the death of his parents, Daniel 

Jones, then in his late 20s, assumed responsi- 
bility for Black. Black died June 22. 1872, and 
his death notice in the Washington Telegraph 
again credited him with authorship of the origi- 
nal bowie knife. "It was here in this town that 
the first bowie was manufactured." the obitu- 
ary read, "and here Mr. Black died, without 
imparting the secret of its unequalled temper." 

Fay Hempstead, in his Pictorial History of 
irkansas ( 1 890), claimed that Black had made 
a knife for James Bowie based on a pattern 
Bowie had cut from stiff paper. "The pattern of 
the blade was peculiar, and all similar knives 
came to be called Bowie-knives," I lempstead 
wrote. "In the course of time almost all large 
knives came to be so called without their really 
being anything like the original from which 
they were named." 

However, in Early Days in Arkansas 
( 1 895), Judge W.F. Pope maintained that it 
was Rczin Bowie — not James — who 
approached Black with a pattern for a hunting 
knife "whittled out of the top of a cigar box." 
Black reportedly made the knife, ornamenting 
the hilt with elaborate silver designs. Pope 
wrote: "I do not hesitate to make the statement 

34 / BLADE 


"Not a single knife 

attributable to James 

Black has been 


-William R. Williamson 

that iiu genuine Bowie knives have ever been 
made ouisidc the State of Arkansas, for when 
Black dial, his secret ol' tempering ihc steel, 
which was the main point of excellence of the 
Bowie knife died with him." 

Thai same year, Augustus Garland wrote a 
kiK 'i in Judge Pope in which tiarliiud agreed 
that Black had made a knife for R.vin 
Bow ie but only afiei he had made a knife for 
i es Bowie. I larland continued: 

. . and then everybody else wanted one 
Jor one purpose and another and some for 
show. etc. It got so popular that Black 
could not begin to fill all the orders, and for 
a time he made nothing else but these 
knives on orders. 

(iarland had made his first '"formal 
speech" during one of the youthful debate 
contests judged by "'Uncle Jimmy." It proved 
to be good training, lie served as governor of 
Arkansas from 1X74 to 1877, at which lime he 
entered the U.S. Senate. In 1885. Garland 
became the U.S. attorney general under Presi- 
ded! Grover l. lowland ( larland claimed lo 
have one oflhe knives made by Black, and on 
one occasion he displayed ii io Mr. C Heveland, 
"I lie President looked as if he would jump out 
of the window |ust at his back." Garland 
recalled. "Nothing was discussed ai thai meet- 
ing bui that knife, its history, etc." 

However, Garland's childhood friend, 
Daniel Jones, provided the longest, most 
detailed and must popular version of the 
Black story. Jones had been only 4 years old 
when Black, abeady blind and impoverished. 
had moved into his house Therefore, Jones' 
early history of Black significantly, the 
knifemaking years was based on stories 
Junes had heard rather than whai he had actu- 
ally witnessed. Like Garland, Jones was 
e lee led governor of Arkansas, serving two 
terms beginning in I8'>7. He composed his 
account in I'JO.l during his second term as 
gO\ ernor. Black had been dead for two 
decades, ample lime lo permit Jones some 
historical errors and dramatic embellishment. 

As Jones related the story. Black devel- 
oped a formidable reputation as a knifernaker, 
in part because of his secret method of temper- 
ing steel, and in part lieeause the skills he had 
learned as a silverplaler allowed him to orna- 
ment his knives "either with silver or gold. .. 
which gave them an additional charm 
According to Jones, James Bowie visited 
Black's forge sometime in the early 1830s. 
Jones said Bowie submitted a pattern ihat 
Black replicated, hut the smith then made a 
second knife "which suited his own taste in 
point of shape." Reportedly, Black then 

The Spirit of the Shogun 

World Record I Inkier • Russell Me< artnt 

I In- Spirit of I lu- Miitgiiii, tested and evaluated by Russell McCartney. His 
comments; "The biggest lesi was next, four 'goza' lined up vertically, side In 
side. I approached the targets and literally blamed through with a kesa the down- 
ward diagonal. 1 was amazed! There was almost no perceivable resistance. And 
lo top ii all, the edge bad not been touched since the initial sharpening, now at 
140 CUtS into this lest. And this is a SWOrd that will probably be silling in t hi 
S600-S700 range! far and away, ibis is the most sword lor the money anywhere" 
Read Russell's complete lest evaluation at the Sword Armory web site. 

This is the birth of a legend from Last Legend and Paul Gben. Each scries is 
limited to 600 numbered units, available in the Od» Nobunaga in red (shown 
In low ) and ihc lakcda Sliiugeii in black. 1 be kalana is backed In an 
unprecedented, one-year competition performance warrant)'. II you compete or 
want to compete in Goza target cutting competition (or just want to own a blade 
ih.ii can), (hait with little argument, dollar for dollar, this is the best competition 
sword package in the word. "Limited Edition and Built lor Competition". 

From martial arts 1,. nan. is to medieval reenaclmciu swords. 

Find them at www.swordarmory.coni • or call 


C oiiipeliliiMi Blades 

www. lust legend. com 

Outstanding Craftmanship 

Klotzli Knives of 


(KLMBL 200CS) 

440C Blade 

Blue CIO Handles 

Titanium Liner 

Comes with clip and partial serration 

2 3/4" blade length 



Call Boker USA Inc. 800-992-6537 
or AG Russell Knives 800-255-9034 


BLADE/ 35 



the " Wharncliff" Mini Trapper 

Etcin #2049 
Old Antique Kl'lE Bone 


Item #2045 

Total production of these two knives is limi 

TO 1000 PIECES IN 2000. 

Q ::)[) i'i K.JtrW) Old Antique Red Bone limited to iOO pieces 
ii #2048 C6207W] Emerald Green Bone limited to 500 pieces 
t2 Peach seed jitu'L-d natural bane handles 


f jilted natural heme handles 
12 ( lalifornia Clip blade and WharnclifF blade 
Si i 1 IT Closed A. 


; Hamilton Hardware Company 

1 30 W. Bankhead Street New Albany, MS 

To Order Call 1-800-754-2411 

Antique Bowies 

"According to Daniel 

Jones, Bowie visited 

Black's forge sometime 

in the early 1830s." 

— the author 

offered Bowie either knife, and Bowie 
promptly selected Black's design. 

The Iron Mistress 

The story of James Black and the origin of the 
bowie knife received additional impetus with 
the l ( J5l publication of Paul 1. Wellman's 

novel. The /run lli\tres\, uhich became a 
Warner Bros, motion picture starring Alan 
Ladd the following year. Well man added his 
own romantic embellishment, having Black 
forge a meteorite into the blade and then 
exclaiming to Bowie, "For better or for worse, 
iliis knife of yours has a bit of heaven in it or 
a bit nl "hell." 

About thai same time, perhaps in reaction 
to The Iron Mistress, Hen Palmer, one of the 
lirsl slgnilieanl bowie knife collectors, became 
the first lo challenge 1 the James Black story. In 
his article. "The Legend of .lame- I (lack" {The 
American Arms Collector, July I 'J??) Palme) 

Where are the knives which, according to 
Governor Jones, poured in such volume 
from (Black's) shop? Could these beautiful 
weapons, gleaming with the inlay of 
precious metals, have escaped us all 
these years? Would a silversmith-cutler, 
proud of his skills and jealous of his fame, 
have failed to mark at least a few of his 

'"Thai is a key question in view of the fact 
that not a single knife attributable to James 
Black has been discovered." stated Bowie 
historian William R. Williamson in his article. 
'The James Black Legend" (published in two 
pans in American Blade Magazine, Dccembci 
l u 77 and February L)7H). A number of obvi- 
ously counterfeit Black knives had material- 
ized, Williamson noted, but be doubted that an 
original would surface "al this laic date: if one 
were to appear ii would need iron-clad docu- 

In the final installment next issue, the author 
completes hit investigation of whether James 
lilaek was the milker behind the guardless, 
coffin-pommel bowie, including the knife of 
i'tih-ehee. the Cherokee chief, the Tunxfalt 
knife, the Carrigan bowie and two pieces from 
the Boh Berryman collection, including the 

ligrinltin liinvw \<> I 

36 / BLADE 



Ha hat 




iBenetta U.S.A. 

i Smith &\\&sson 


K N I VI E s 



jWilliam Henry 


















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"Knifemaker Showcase" spotlights the photographs of knives sent by any and all custom knifemakers to BLADB' for filing in the Knifemakers Archive 

The Knifemakers Archive is the most complete collection of knifemakers' knives and information in the world. If you are a custom knifemaker and have 

not sent us a photo (the better quality the photo, the better chance it has of getting in the magazine}, write in care of: BLADE, c/o Krause Publications, 

700 E. State, loin. Wl 54990. Please include a close-up mug shot of yourself with your knife picture. 

fady €utd "Pat *%lcd£e>i 

"This is a son-father business instead of a father-son business," 
Sue Midler begins. "Jody started making knives at age 12 and then 
got his father, Pat, involved. Jody is a jeweler and watchmaker by 
trade with training in hand engraving, which he practices on 
knives, lie is also responsible for the carving and lilewnrk. Pal 
does most of the blade grinding and handle construction. Both 
father and son forge steel on a handmade forge." Handle materials 

vary from traditional and 
exotic woods to stag and ivory. 
All knives are damascus. such 
as the stag-handle bowie (left) 
with a forged copper and silver 
guard. The makers" list price; 
$660. Their address: Dept. 
BLI. POB 35, Pittsburgh, MO 

'Keviet 2Vd&€*t4, 

"The kniTe is one of mankind's 
oldest, simplest and most basic 
tools— a machine for cutting," Kevin 
Wilkins reasons. "! make functional 
working knives thai hold a keen 
cutting edge as long as possible and 
lit the hand well. The design of each 
knife should facilitate its use." In 
addition to function, Wilkins believes 
knives should be beautiful objects, elegant in form and 
exhibiting both integrity and complexity of the materi- 
als from which they are made. "My goal is a knife 
which asks to be picked up and is put down with reluc- 
tance," he says. "Although there arc many knifemakers 
whose efforts justifiably end up in museums. I would 
rather see the knives I make in a backpack or on some- 
one's belt." The fixed blade (right) sports a satin- 
finished D-2 blade and a bog oak handle. His list price: 
$210. His address: Dept. BLI. Kurfurstcndamm 105. 
D-1071 1, Berlin (+49) 30-892-2506. (Kienzle photo) 

A New York City police 

officer and an avid 

outdoorsman, Jeff Isgro 

knows the importance of 

knives as they have 

become a daily part of 

his existence "I've had 

an interest in knives 

since childhood," Isgro. 

who attended his firs! 

knife show in 1996. 

says. An artist all his 

life, he found a new 

medium in crafting knives. A self-taught maker It 

books purchased at shows. Isgro has been building 

knives for three years. He currently works with 440C and ATS-34 blade steels, 

with handle preferences ranging from exotic hardwoods to horn and synthetics. 

The tactical fixed blade (above) features a bead-blasted 440C blade and a green 

and blaek-linen-Mi carta n handle His list price for a similar piece: S225. His 

address: Dept. BLI, 1516 I si St., West Babylon, NY 1 1704(631} 587-7516, 

38/ BLADE 


"1 hegan sketching and designing 
knives when I was in rny laie teens 
and still living in Sweden, where I 
grew up," Anders Hogstrom 
relates, "i had a Swedish knife* 
makei fash ion knis l's Irom some 
of those designs, but I wasn't able 
lo atTord more than one a year, so 
that left me somewhat dissatis- 
fied." Hogstrom felt the urge to 
make his own knives and acted on 
thai urge a few years ago. He 
makes daggers, fighters and short 
knives with a Nordic flavor and 
uses ivories and exotic hardwoods 
for handles. The desk knife (right) 
incorporates a 4 1/2-inch ATS-34 
blade and a spaltcd-cocobolo 
handle and display case. The 
fitting is gold with a nickel-silver 
spacer. His list price: $875. His address: 
Dept. BLI, 2130 Valerga Dr.. UX. 
Belmont. CA 94002 (650) 592-2989. 
( Rexroal photo) 

"My desire to make knives began in 1 949 and has continued through the 
years. It was reaffirmed with my first copy of BLADE Magazine® in 
1979." Dave Dyer recalls. "With each knife, that desire gets stronger. 
I've been forced to put knife ma king off several limes ihe last few years 
due to serious bouts with cancer. Thanks to the grace of God, 1 can still 

work and forge my knives." Dyer forges 5160, 52100 

and 1084 blade steels, and practices the slock removal 

method on D-2, ATS-34, 440C and L-5. He uses wood, 

horn, stag and bone handles. The three fixed blades 

(below) are variations of those 

materials with brass and copper 

finings. His list prices are SI20- 

S 1, 2(K). depending on materials. 

His address: Dept. BLI. 4531 

H timers Glen, Granbury, TX 


■**•*'- "fBI 

<?&$ Pa*4e* 

When Cliff Parker me! knifernaker Hank Knickmeyer and 
bought one of his knives in 1996. he says he "had ihe bug bad." 
Before the year was out. Parker had accumulated ihe equipment 
necessary to build a knife. In 1998, he attended Jim Batson\s 
knifemaking symposium and says it was the best move he ever 
made. "Most of that weekend 1 spent with Hank and Don Fogg, 
and I lefl completely confused, but I knew which direction I 
wanted to go with knifemaking." he notes. "By year's end, I was making my own 
damascus." Parker belongs to the American Bladesmiih Society and the Florida Knife- 
makers Association, The Model II folder (above) dons a 2 3/4-inch damascus blade, a 
mother-of-pearl handle and a damascus bolster. Parker's list price: S950, His address: 
Dept. BLI. 6350 Tulip Dr.. Zephyrhills. FL 33544 (813) 973-1682. (Ward pholo) 


BLADE/ 39 

■ By MSG Kim Breed 
5th Special Forces (ret) 

The Wabasa Cannonball 

Bison Blades 9 humpback Stellite skinner makes the author's 
serious utility/hunter list 

What started as a hobby in I W for 
A la stair Jones has progressed 
into a company. Bison Blades, 
that uses exotic blade material with a hi-tech 
look. What is great is that Jones has not 
Forgotten what a knife is made for— 
culling a tad that is ivllcctcd m Bison's 
Wabasa Palm Skinner. 

Always looking for a way to improve his 
knife lineup, it was a natural process for 
Jones to do a lew pieces in an exotic mater- 
tat. With the greal hunting and fishing avail- 
able in northern Alberta. Canada, Bison has 
an unlimited testing ground lor knives. 
While most of the company's customers are 
what might be termed "average blade 
users." there are some who are downright 
hard on their knives. You know die type — 
just use it and slow it until the next excur- 
sion. Such lack of maintenance will destroy 
carbon blades and eventually do die same to 
stainless steels Uimhi officials warned lo 
have a knife lhal would hold up lo such 
treatment, and the Wabasa was ihc result. 
Whai blade material to use provided the 
challenge, which is where Stellite «■ comes 

into play. 

As far as can be determined. Stellite will 
withstand all types of corrosion and will 
hold a working edge for what seems 
forever. This is accomplished by 
having carbide crystals 
suspended in cobalt. As the 

old crystals arc pulled 
out or broken, new 
ones are there 
waiting to 

be exposed. 
Sharpening remov cs 
the coball and exposes the new crystals. The 
resulting edge has a micro-scrraliou effect 
lhal cuts with abandon. The fine, hair- 
popping edge lasts a little while bul after 
lhal the working edge jits t keeps on cutting. 

Hogged On 

In skinniii! 

If the author had his druthers, he would have Bison Blades cut 
a notch where his index finger is at the base of the cutting 
edge {shown here) to allow the user to choke up on the blade 
during skinning operations. 

several squirrels with the 
Wabasa, 1 really enjoyed 
the knife's compact feel. 
I The humpbacked blade 
jfk style promotes finger-tip 
control, so I experienced 
no misplaced cuts. The 
Stellite really gets 
aggressive when ii comes 
to culling meal. 

A farmer lei me help 
him butcher a 200-pound 
hog. The little 3-inch 
blade quickly finished 
ihc task with gusto. 1 like 
the wav the humpback 
blade skins. The farmer 
used die Wabasa to dress 
ou I I he nexi animal. He 
could not believe that I 
did not have to dress up 
Ihc edge. All he could 
say was, "That's a 
mighty fine cuitin' 
piece." 1 1 look me a 

Half-Inch sisal rope lasted 35 single 
passes before the skinner slowed down. 
This is where the Stellite® came on — 75 
double cuts and it was willing to do more, 
but the author's arm gave out. 

while to get (he blade back from him 
because, in the country, possession is nine- 
tenths of the law. We still parted friends but 
he had lo go back to steeling his butcher 

Next. 1 went on to the rope test. Half- 
inch sisal rope lasted 35 single passes before 
the skinner slowed down. This is where the 

40 / BLADE 



The manufacturer's suggested retail 
price For the Camitlus Talon reviewed 
in "Spec Sheet" last issue should have 
been Hated as S340 instead of $170. 

Stellite performed. 1 made 75 double cuts 
and it was willing to do more but my arm 
gave out. 

1 flexed the edge on a brass rod and 
barely got a dimple, which is because mass 
is needed on the edge to hold the carbide 
crystals. The finer the edge the more of a 
chance for it to go dull quicker and stay that 
way. You can still get hair-popping sharp- 
ness; it will just be at g greater angle. 

Bison Blades has put together a total, 
durable package. Black linen Miearta* 
slabs arc nicely contoured to lit snug in 
vow palm. No sharp edges here. The bead- 
b lasted finish gives the knife an overall 
satin look. A full tang and stainless steel 
bolts round out the heavy-duty performer. 
And do not forget the pouch sheath. It is 
made from Kydcx* 1 and covers all but I 
inch of the handle. A lanyard aids in the 
withdrawal process. Do not be fooled by the 
Wabasa's tactical look— this is one serious 
little hunting utility knife. 

Blade Grade 

Of all the exotic materials available. Stellite 
is becoming one of the most widely used, 
lis cutting ability places it in the lop 5 

percent of blade substances. This is one 
knife thai will last for generations. 


Because of the small, palm-sized handle, 1 
would like to see Bison add a linger notch 
to allow the user to choke up on the blade 
during skinning operations. 

For more information com act Bison Blades, 
attn: A. Jones, Dept MJ. 47 McKenna SE, 
Calgary, Alberta, T2Z 1W6, Canada (403) 
25 7-0393 fax (403) 25 7-3447. Blade 


Company Bison Blades 

Knife Model Wabasa 

Blade Style Humpback skinner 

Blade Length 3 1/4" 

Overall Length 7" 

Blade Material Stellite* Y6K 

Rockwell Hardness Cobalt 46 RC, carbide 

crystals 94 RC 
Grind Flat 

Handle Black linen MicaitaSi 
Sheath KydexK 
Suggested Retail S265 


BLADE / 41 

Sea & Space 






Ia 1 


The next time 
an astronaut or 
U.S. Naval officer 
reaches for a blade, 
it might be one from 
Emerson Knives, Inc. 

By Joe Kertzman 

42 / BLADE 



f you do something long enough, it" you 
research, develop, huild and lest, rebuild 
and lesi again, if you have integrity, if your 
business dealings are honest, if you deliver 
the right product and service in a reasonable 
time frame, then maybe, just maybe, you 
catch a break. That is the way Kmest Erner- 
son of Emerson Knives, Inc., regards his 
recent landing of two government contracts 
to build knives for NASA and the U.S. Navy. 
i'.merson's knives will literally go to sea 
and space. Calling them the SARK (Search 
And Rescue Knife} and NASA knives, he is 
not only making them available to rescue 
teams and astronauts but to civilian 
customers as well. 

"It would take a lot 

of horsing to break 

these knives." 

— Ernest Emerson 

The NASA knife may be familiar to 
discerning Emerson Knives followers. It is 
the Emerson SPECWAR model with a key 
modification, specifically to the leading 
edge of the lamo-shapcd blade. "The addi- 
tion of a reverse hook was needed to facili- 
tate opening of the astronauts' food kits and 
other sealed items, as well as for emergency 
situations that require slitting open clothing 
or gear," Emerson notes. 

Integral to its tanto blade shape, the 
SPECWAR has a front edge on the chisel- 
ground tip and a back edge along the length 
of the blade. In the ease of the NASA knife, 
the front edge was sacrificed for the hook, 
leaving only a slight edge and the pointed 
up in place. Ii\ poking the tip into wetmnv 
sealed packages, the plastic is slit open by 
pulling the sharpened hook through the 
pouch. Emerson estimates I he thickness of 
the plastic pouches to be triple that of 
common freezer bags. 

"In space, all food stuffs are vacuum 
scaled to avoid contamination and to save 
loom," Emerson explains, "so they use the 
knife to open all these pouches. Previously, 
the astronauts were actually using scissors 
to open the pouches, but scissors are not 
efficient for a wide range of cutting chores." 

Because the NASA knife is being built 

The NASA knife is designed by Ernest 
Emerson of Emerson Knives, Inc., 
specifically for use by astronauts in the 
space station program. After receiving an 
overwhelming public response, he said, 
Emerson has made the knife available— 
without the official NASA logo— to his 
customers. Only official NASA flight 
knives will retain the white NASA logo, 
which contrasts nicely with the Black-T- 
coated 154CM blade. 



Chimera by D.C. Munroe 
Rick Dunkerley, MS 
w Ed Caffrey, MS 

Barry Gallagher 
r— Jay Hendrickson, MS 

Shane Taylor, MS ~ Scott Slobodian 

. . . call for a catalog or visit us on the web 

The on-line source for fine custom knive 


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Dealers Only! Dealers Only! Dealers Only! Dealers Only! 

Blue Ridge Knives 

Sea Sk Spate 

Blue Ridge Knives • Department BL • 1 66 Adwolfe Road • Marion, VA 24354 

The Search 
is Over! 

The distributor 
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looking for... 

Send S3 (refundable) 
for 520 page color catalog. 
Minimum order required. 

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SUNDAY 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM 

ADMISSION $6.00; Children under 12 Free with an Adult 

For additional information e-mail Hchladesff 1 schladus.com or (818-368-71 10) 






KNIFE THROWING by Bob Karp *** KNIFE FORGING by Red St. Cyr 


WOOD CARVING by California Woodcarvers 


Features of the Emerson Knives SARK 
(Search And Rescue Knife) include a 
blunt-tipped, Black-T-coated 754CM 
blade, a G- 10 handle and 6AL4V titanium 
liners. Emerson says the blunt tip and 
curved blade allow Navy search-and- 
rescue teams to manipulate the blade in 
attempts to reach behind webbing and 
gear or under collars, shirts and under- 

44 / BLADE 


specifically for use bj astronauts in ihe 
NASA space station program, each of the 
official flight knives is stamped with ;i white 
NASA logo, starkly contrasting the "Black 
T" coating of the 154CV! blade. f-.incrst>ti is 
prohibited from putting thai logo on any 
other knives for purchase, so only official 
NASA flight knives have the bgo. Other than 
the logo, the NASA knnes available to the 
public will he of the same design. 

"We were contacted in the winter of 
19«9 by NASA to develop and lesi a knife 
that eon kl be issued to astronauts in the 
space station program," Emerson relates. 

"The curved blade 

allows rescuers to 

snake it around 

webbing and gear." 

— Ernest Emerson 

"\ \SA needed something substantial, and 
they knew the reputation our knives have 
for strength and longevity. Working to a sel 
of parameters defined by astronauts and 
engineers at NASA, several designs were 
considered and built. A Tier a lengthy debate, 
a unanimous decision was reached the 
Speewar fit all the requirements for size, 
weight, materials, strength and ergonom- 

Testing of the NASA knife was more 
grueling than the design process, including 
NASA's rigorous constructive burn tests 
and certified flight lesting at the White 
Sands proving grounds in New Mexico. 

"We've had huge public interest in ihe 
NASA knife. Ciuys are requesting them and 
waul to bu\ idem." f-.mcrson enthuses. "The 
Speewar is one of my best knife designs, 
and NASA's interest reinforced that fad." 

Cutty SARK? 

Even ihe most tragic incidents teach lessons, 
anil that is the case with a naval air crash 
over water, which took the lives of several 
Marines in the spring of 1999. According to 
Emerson, the resultant government investi- 
gation determined that, when rescuers tried 
to extricate crewmen from the sinking 
aircraft, knives issued to the scarch-aiid- 
rcscue team members laded, 

"We were contacted by the Navy to 
provide an emergency rescue knife, some- 
thing that worked." Emerson details. "They 
faxed me parameters, including knife steel, 
length and shape, and I designed a blade. 
My wife. Mary, suggesied taking Ihe 
Speewar handle and modifying the front end 
lo accept the new blade shape. It's a great 
handle, so "boom," the Navy had a knife." 

The SARK locking-liner folder features 
a blunt-lipped. Black-'l -coated. I54CM 
blade, a (T-IO handle with a deep recessed 
finger ehoil, a one-hand-opening thumb 

disc. 6AL4V titanium liners and Emerson's 
"Wave" or "remote pocket opening feature." 

The manufacturer's suggested retail price is 
SI 89. 

"The curved blade allows rescuers to 
snake it around webbing and gear, and if 
they have lo reach under a guy's collar lo 
gel lo his shirt, the bluni lip and curve help 
gather the material and pull it toward the 
arched edge." Emerson says. "You can get a 
beck of a lot of leverage on ii. II' ii had a 
straight edge, it wouldn't he nearly as effi- 
cient, and ihe safely point is essential when 
working close lo a person's skin. 

"Guys using the SARK knives in the 
field commented that they made for good 
rescue knives," he expounds, "It is a great 
design for lire fig liters. l T .MTs and the police. 
The NASA and SARK knives are chisel 
ground with strong cross sections lo the 
blades. We didn't want them lo break, so 
they are thick right to the lips. It would lake 
a lol of horsing (wrenching) to break them." 

"We were contacted by 

the Navy to provide an 

emergency rescue 

knife, something 

that worked. 11 
— Ernest Emerson 

Due to the safety features. Emerson says 
testers have found the SARK knives lo be 
perfectly suited for while water rafting, 
canoeing and for other exiretne sports such 
as rappelling and rock climbing. 

In retrospect, the government contracts 
have the potential to be bigger than any 
orders Emerson Knives has taken in the 
past, possibly blasting ihe company's knife 
production, well, I h rough sea and space. 

"The Navy didn't want to commit lo, 
let's say, ordering 5,000 knives before ihe 
project even started," Emerson remarks. 
"They didn't know if the knife would work 
or ifil could do what it was supposed to do, 
so they wanted to place a small order. One 
thing I vowed when I started Emerson 
Knives is that we would never lose the abil- 
ity to respond in a flexible manner. Ii is one 
of the cornerstones of our company, 

"These were fun. fun projects for us." he 
adds. "We were working with the best of the 
best in NASA and ihe Navy. Roth contracts 
are tremendous feathers in our caps." 

For more information, contact Emerson 
Knives, inc.. uttn: E. Emerson, Dept. Bi.i. 
4/42 II''. 173rd St.-, Torrance. CA 90504 


Mail Order: 1 800 728 9208 
Wholesale: 1 800 734 5965 

251 6 Lincolnway West 

Mishawaka, Indiana 46544 

Phone: 219 257 0020 

Fax: 219 257 0021 

www. m id we skju nexc ban cje .com 

The automatic knives in this ad, are only 
available to individual! that qualify and 
ace in compliance with all applicable lav/s. 
This maqazine is exonerated irom any 
liability kB.D.® 


BLADE/ 45 

■ By Wayne Goddard 
BLADE® field editor 

How to Make a Handle 
for a Friction Folder 

l: Your series, "Making A Friction 
Folder," that began in tlie September 
199« BLADE® inspired me to make such 
a piece. I really enjoyed the whole thing, 
including the working model 1 made from 
sheet aluminum. Thank you lor writing 
Ihe series. I have a couple of questions for 

The slotting process was not 
explained. I started out with a hacksaw 
and sawed lengthwise at first and then 
shifted to cutting across, I finally ended 
up putting the saw in a vise upside down 
and moving the prong hack and forth to 
finish it. There must be a better way! Any 
ideas'.' Also, how do you pein on an angle 
near the edge of the rounded surface of 
an antler tip? (Ned Potter, Vero Beach, 

There are two ways lo m;ike the handle of a 
friction folder, the antler i>r other handle 
material can he completely split or slotted 
part way through* When the antler is split all 
the way, it needs a spacer. I do not recall 
ever seeing an old friction folder that had a 
full- length spacer. However, 1 have seen 
one or two that had a short tapered spacer 
which did not go all the way to the end. I 
once owned a primitive spring-back folder 
thai hat! this type of short, tapered spring. 1 

have seen other friction folders, hoth wood 
and horn, that were split and then riveted 
back together without a spacer. This forms a 
tapered slot up to u here the blade roiates, 

I did not give any details on slotting in 
the magazine series because I usually do not 
do it thai way. I mark the cut with a pencil 
line and use a handsaw to split the antler tip. 
I cut in approximately halfway, then reverse 
the handle and finish the cul. Saws that arc 
set up for wood usually work belter than a 
hacksaw, but Mr. Potter did just fine for the 
type of saw he used. 1 am set up with power 
hacksaws and abrasive cut-off machines, so 
it lakes less time to make the spacer than it 
docs to slot the antler. The spacer allows me 
surface to do file work on and also to forge a 
thong holder on the end. 

Slotting creates some unusual chal- 
lenges, the first of which is how Lo hold an 
irregular-shaped antler 
crown or tine. The second 
challenge is getting the 
pivot hole at a 90-degree 
angle to the slot. (The drill 
jig mentioned below 
solves that problem.) The 
final challenge is cleaning 
up the slot once it is 
sawed or milled to shape. 

The crown antlers I 

use for folders arc usually the only ones 1 
slot. I do it that way to preserve the beauty 
of the crown. I have slotted antlers with a 
small milling machine. It is a shaky setup 
because il is difficult to hold the rounded 
antler section secure. I have worked out a 
jig to hold ihe antler for slotting with either 
a handsaw or abrasive cut-off wheel on a 
bench grirulei I sometimes use a fiberglass- 
reinforced masonry wheel for slotting antler 
parts. It is a stinky and dusty operation but 
works very well. I cul ihe slot undersi/.e 
with the handsaw so lhat the abrasive wheel 
only has to get ihe correct width and make it 
somewhat smooth. Go slow and keep the 
antler cool so that it does not scorch. 

The method that follows is used to either 
slot partway or completely up to the start of 
the crown: 

I ) Mark the cut with a pencil: 

Illustration No. 1: This is the jig for drilling pivot holes in irregular- 
shaped handle material. It is made of particle board which is glued up, 
and then a notch is cut through the center for placement of the handle 
material. The material for the jig does not matter; the important thing 
is that it aligns the slot at a 90-degree angle to the drill bit. 

Illustration No. 2: After drilling, the antler part is then mounted 
in the jig made of 1-inch-thick Micarta®, The hole for the set 
screws should be drilled completely through the block prior 
to cutting out the opening for the antler part. The holes are 
then tapped for the set screws. (See points "C. ") The impor- 
tant thing about this jig is that the set screws hold the antler 
part with the slot at a 90-degree angle to the base. "A" shows 
the pencil line to align the partial saw cut shown as "B. " The 
saw cut is only made deep enough to insert the full width of 
the steel support shown in Illustration No. 2, 

46 / BLADE 


21 Using lhe pencil mark for a guide, cul 
a slol in about an inch-and-a-half. This ail 
should he Lieaiiak'lv lined up and lie only as 
wide as the saw blade. If lliis llrst cut is not 
accurately made, it might ho difficult to keep 
the slol in line with the length of the handle: 

3) Locate the position for the pivot point 
and mark it by making a small indention 
with a three-sided awl or other sharp object. 
This gives the point of the drill hit a place to 
gel started without sliding off lite rounded 
sm lace of the antler: 

4) Clamp the antler to a drilling jig thai 
is specially made for the purpose of drilling 
llie pi vol hole with a drill press. The place- 
ment of the saw cut on the steel support 
gives the necessary perfect alignment to 
drill the pivot hole at a 90-degree angle to 
the slot. (See Illustration No. I.) This jig is 
similar to the one shown on page W of the 
November IW-) BLADE in Part III of 
"Making The friction holder." The differ- 
ence in this jig is thai the top plate is not 
fastened to the jig. The thin piece of steel is 
selected to be the same thickness as the 
handsaw cul and is slotted for the drill hii to 
pass through. The two legs of the jig are 
made to be exactly al W-dcgree angles to 
the drill bit; 

5) After drilling, the antler part is then 
mounted m the Micartun jig (See Illustra- 
tion No. 2.) Set screws with tapered ends 
hold the handle slol at precisely a 90-degree 
angle to the table of the machine. 1 got the 
idea for lhe jig from Gene Chapman's 
excellent booklet. Antler and Iron II 
("Building a Mountain Man Folding 
Knife"). (Antler and Iron II is available 
from Gene Chapman. POB 103K, Dept. 
fill. Kingston. WA 98346 web site: 

Gene's jig is a U-shaped piece of steel 
and was made to hold lhe antler in a vise for 
hand sawing and scraping out the slol. My 
version of lhe jig was made for holding the 
antler part on the table of a drill press, 
grinder, bandsaw or milling machine. The 
handsaw is used to open up the slol to 
approximately 80-lo-90 percent of the 
thickness of the blade. This cut is only 
removing excess material without making 
the slol smooth or of the correct width for 
lhe blade. The slot can then be cleaned up 
with a II I e or taken to an abrasive cut-off 
machine, where lhe cut is made the correct 
width with an abrasive blade; 

ft) This jig can be used on the drill press 
to drill a series of holes to rough out the 
slot. The jig can also be clamped to the 
table of a milling machine and the slol made 
with a small end mill or rotary burr. When 
milling the slot, the crown end should be 
fastened against the jig with a hold-down 
bolt; and; 

71 The slot is cleaned up with a file or 

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Tlitf kil\ ijeluw itiirtinJo s.1l.iliiIuss steel |>r u ■ 
shaped blade hcd-is rivets, tithifi-j. jfinird .unit 
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! BO K 1 1 1 1.95 


A Slep-hy.Slep Hovv-Tn by Run Lake. 

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ForKinji Your Wav n> Pcrreetion 
By Jim lErisuulas 
I1OP30 1 39J8 


Best ni a e ii i tiers available, 
adjustable headband fits 
all Lasily worn over glass- 
es. Lenses are ground & 
polished prismatic type. 
Made in USA. 

Order H Power Wk. nisi. Price 

OVDA2 1-1/2 

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lised hy professionals loi i.i/im' elean edges on 
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...24 .'t- 

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Specify Arbor Si/c 11/2". 5/8', .V4") 

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■ , 


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KOI )l U\ 

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Overall length 5 1/2", 
blade length 2 7/S". 2 


Supplied wiili 3 rivets Made lum* 440C 

Sly in less. Slt.vl 

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Overall lentil is S W, Made h 4 1/2'. The 
semiied pail ol the hhnk is _ ,V4" long 

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Overall length la 1 1/4 . u Is r wide al Ok 

p ■■ 

C + 


SSSU3 iJimiei Sjumii 5.95 

Overall length is i 1/4". n is I U2" wittVaf ihe 



I piece SCl ol Ml.alw loi 

tvood earvers. Overall 
length of each 4 I /2 s" 

SS263 4 pe. set 



1 -SOO-351 -SQOO 

slotting saw and then smoothed with sand- 

I have slotted several antler crowns 
using a 6- inch saw blade mounted in my 
small milling machine. That diameter blade 
leaves liOO large B radius at the butt end of 
the handle, it is then necessary to remove 
the excess with a small mounted point on a 
motor tool, or use a scraper. A 3-inch diam- 
eter saw or milling cutter would make a 
proper radius at the end of the slot. 

To rivet the head on a pin thai is on a 
rounded surface lakes lots of practice, 
several tricks and a special anvil. Trick No. 
1 is to make a head on one end of the pin 
prior to inserting it. and then there is only 
the other end with which to contend. Trick 
No. 2 is to buy or make a little step drill that 
gives a small flat to farm the head against. 
Use the comer of a bench anvil to support 
the riveted head. 1 have several ball petn 
hammers far riveting pins in stag that have 
been ground to rounded points. This allows 
the pin to be riveted down into the small 
counter bore made with a step drill or hand 
tool. Practice on junk material until this 
method is mastered. 

The Heat Is- On 

A reader suggested that 1 had "slammed'* 
52100 in "What Exactly is a "High- Perfor- 
mance Knife"" in the October 2(100 
BLADE. This was not my intent and 1 apol- 
ogize if 1 have damaged anyone's opinion 
of knives made of 52100. I believe that, 
when properly heat treated, it is one of the 
best choices for a forged biade of non-stain- 
less steel. My intention was not to put down 
knives made of this steel. 1 wanted to 
express my viewpoint that not all knifemak- 
ers have the same criteria for a high-perfor- 
mance blade. 

The reader, regarding my stainless 
customers, went on to say. "What happens 
when a stainless knife lets them down?" My 
answer to that is it does not happen. My 
stainless customers know how to use knives 
and do not abuse them. If my customers want 
a rough-use knife, they do not get stainless. 

I asked myself. "Will a forged blade 
always be stronger than stainless?" The 
potential is there but it is not automatic. My 
opinion is that forging is not magic. The 
potential of a steel type and proper heat 
treatment is at the heart of wh;n it lakes In 
make a high -performance blade. 

Semi vim questions to BLADE, P.O. Box 
7S9, Ooltewah. TN 37363-0789 e-mail 
btade@irause.cam. Include an SAM for a 
personal response from Mr. Goddard or e- 
tnail In »i at wlgoddard@continet.com. Due 
tn the tu rife volume oj questions, please be 
patient in receiving your annuel- Blade 



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J Check or money a met 

Subtotal $47.18 (io BLADE Masa/me) 

Please charge 10 ray UMC jNovus/Disc. 

Wl residents add 5.5% sales tax S_ 

IL residents add 6.25% sales tax $_ 

fsates tax applies only to knife shipping and handling) 

Total enclosed 5_ 



I City 



! Credit Card No. 

. Expires: Month 


■ Signature 

1 Phone 


Write for Foreign Rates 


Credit card orders dial toll-free 



Send payment to: Blade Magazine, Circulation Dept ABAYKU 
700 East State St., lola, Wl 54990-0001 

BLADE / 49 

Sheath Systems 

Tfa author prefers a pancake- sheath in 

ui-to-12-oz.leathf: for small folders Tin 

knife fa the author s r-i model Tlia "/?' 

standsfor &•■>>, til.! the cus lomer /. ■ .■ 

whom he made the pfeco 




If the leather is too 
thin, the sheath will 
flop around." 

— the author 



By MSG Kim Breed 
5th Special Forces (ret) 



There arc knives for every conceivable 
use and then some. Once you have 
decided on a knife thai suits your 
purpose, you arc faced with how to carry it. 

The consensus of numerous makers and 
end users the latter including people like 
you and me- seems to indicate that one 
sheath material or style does noi Tit all knives. 
The following examines the pros and cons of 
sheath materials and designs and which using 
knife styles they suit best. Among the ques- 
tions you need answered are: Will the blade 
puncture the sheath, possibly injuring you or 
someone else and damaging the sheath and 
the knife? Will die sheath protect your knife 
from the elements'.' Will it secure your knife 
yet still enable you to withdraw the blade 
with ease? 


The first category examined consists of lixcd- 
blade/hunting/utilily knives. Such pieces 
generally have blades tinder 7 inches long 
and come in straight, upswept or drop-point 
patterns. Some have guards — single or 
double some do not. 

The most common sheath material thai 
goes with such knives is the oldest — leather. 
There are good and bad leather sheaths. Good 
leather is 9-10-12 ounces, roughly l/8-to-l/4- 
ineh thick, and fairly stiff ll'lhe leather is too 
thin, the sheath will Mop around. You know 
the kind— it acts more like a fly swatter than 
a sheath. Leather sheaths are secured via bell 
loops or slots and. in a few cases, steel clips. 
They secure your knife with a strap and snap 
or use Friction, as in a pouch style. 

Pros And tons: Leather looks and feels 
l; m i,l. An accomplished sheath maker can 
make any modifications as per your request. 
On the down side, leather wears in time or 
stretches out, causing a sloppy lit. Maintained 
improperly, it will hold grit that can scratch 
your blade. A leather sheath needs time to dry 
out if it gets wet. However, all the cons can 
be reduced by proper care. Any stretch or 
wear problems can be repaired. 

Kydex®, Concealex®, ABS Plastic: All 
three offer the best protection against the 

Some Top Sheath Makers 

Following roe Mime iiiakersniarkcler> of 
sheaths by material. There are Others 

1 e .it her: Chas Clements, John 
Dennehy, Kdge-Works, John Greco, 
George Lawrence Leather Co., tit 
Custom Leather. Liz McGowan, Kenny 
Rowe, Bob Schrap, Sherman's Custom 
Leather, Karen Shook, Candy Leather Co. 
Trcestump Leather and aborted knife 
companies and kml'emakers 

Kydex, Concealex, ABS Plastic: 
Blackie Collins Design, Blade-Teeh. Eagle 
Industries. Edge-Works. S&S Systems and 
assorted knife companies and knifemakei's. 

Nylon/Ballistic Cloth: Assorted knife 
companies and kniicmakers. 

Pot die contact information for the 
above sheath specialists, see "Where To 

m" on page 121. 

2500 & 2510 
2,0" blade 
$39.95 MSRP 

; Kommer. custom knifemater In Anchorage. Alaska, 
thought a knife that was easy to grip and hard to I 
in rugged conditions would be a winner. The tra- 
duction versions feature 2.0" stainless steel blades in a non- 
reflective bead blast finish, in Razor-Sharp or Triple Point" 
Serrated edges. The serrated 2510 has a tear drop rip. Id 
tor emergency response use. Their contoured handtes fit the 
palm perfectly. A multi-carry ZyteP Shealh with removable 
clip, ample slols, holes and lanyard completes the package. 

MIS 1M Stalnlm* Eladt, EW Hart tinith 
Haw-Sharp *t Trlyla Ptinl ' Seriattd 

tLtmavM* il«fc Iftot* Stirltl 

lyfrl Sbtalb atth RtmonbU Pod»t Clip 

tie of a 
■I com 


BLADE/ 51 

Sheath Systems 


A neck knife is one 
type of knife in 
which you do not 
want sheath 

— the author 

■v The positive 

^r locking quality 

^W Kydex® affords 

*T^ neck-knife 

sheaths will 

fll ', ease your mind 

jH I about the knife 

<^ slipping out. 

Also, be sure 

the "necklace" 

-» is of a material 

that will break 

easily—such as 

the bead chain 

used on this 

*•• Barrel Ralph 

model— to 

avoid the 

possibility of 


blade puncturing the sheath. They arc rests- 
tan) in all the eiements. Securing your knife is 
accomplished b> friction anil the form- filling 
material lucking around the finger guard or 
other protrusion on the handle. A wide variety 
of knife securing systems are available. Clips, 
I imps, slots — some even use nylon webbing. 
The makers can also modify your sheath to 
any carry position you want. Most such 
sheaths come in black, though camouflage is 
also popular. 

Pros And Cons: Securing it to you is the 
weak point in a sheath of any of the three 
synthetic materials. Such sheaths are difficult 
to repair in the field. They also will put wear 
marks on your handle. On the up side, the 
synthetic sheaths arc almost indestructible. 
They secure your knife with an audible snap. 

Nylon, Ballistic Cloth: Goth are light- 
weight and inexpensive materials. They are 
the alternative to leather. Constructed simi- 
larly to leather sheaths, they use a snap 
system to secure your knile. The material is 
soft so no scratching will occur unless pit, 
etc., gets between the sheath and the blade. 
Most are hand washable. A loop or metal clip 

secures them to your bell. They should have 
some type of liner material, such as Kydex or 
brass. Pros: They are soft and conform to 
your body shape, Cons: The blade tip has the 
easiest chance to puncture them if no liner 
material is used. Some constructions warp 
badly if saturated with water, especially if 
cardboard or a fibrous materia I covered by 
l Inn cloth is used. 

Recommendations: I prefer good, quality 
leather pouch sheaths for fixed-blade/hunt- 
ing/utilily knives because of the feet. They 
ride comfortably and most adjustments or 
repairs can be done at home. They secure 
knives tightly and offer fast withdrawal. On 
my smaller knives 1 like to use a dangler 
(metal clip u ith a swivel attachment) with the 
pouch sheath. The swivel clip swings the 
sheath out of the way while you sit, climb, 

Camp Knives 

Camp knives range anywhere from 7-to-12 
inches long. Usually they are beefier in 
construction than other pieces so they can 
handle whacking and chopping better. Some- 

times, camp knives are carried, Most often 
I hey are stored in the "camp box" or rucksack 
for use in setting up camp. 

Leather: Leather sheaths are standard 
here and perform excellent if you maintain 
them. Either the snap or pouch style will 
work, though the snap will secure the larger 
models better. 

Kydex, Concealed, ABS Plastic: These 
three are more forgiving to the rigors of camp 
use. In camp, sheaths always seem to end up 
on the ground being stepped on and kicked 
out of the way, while Ihc knife is stuck in a 
nearby tree. Water has no effect on such 
sheaths and, if they arc muddy, a quick dip in 
w : ater will clean them up. A wide variety of 
available attachment systems provides numer- 
ous choices on where to carry your camp 

Nylon, Ballistic Cloth: Because of the 
larger kniTe size, these sheath materials do not 
seem to hold up. They are way too flexible for 
this writer's comfort 

Recommendations: Use Kydex for the 
sheaths of larger blades, without a doubt. 
However, if you carry Ihc knife on your side. 

52 / BLADE 


— -. — - 


The key to usin^ 

ballistic cloth is to 

;et the tightest fit 


" z author 

of Nyttm Weath will do & 
for a folding knife^M ffjust a tad 
big to carryJn a pocfmfsuch as this 

Puma Angler model. As a second 
I choice, go witti'^pop' 
% leather belt sheatli 

go with a heavy leather lined with Kydex, 

Small Folders 

Small folders. For both hunting and utility, are 
usually carried in your pocket lor security 
because o I' i heir size. However, some "I the 
larger ones need a cany system because the 
weight in your poekcl will drive you nuts. 

Wilh the popularity of the pocket clip, 
shealhs are becoming a rarity tor such fold- 
ers. There are some leather sheaths tor the 
small folder with snap closures and belt slots. 
Such shealhs hold up very well. They arc si ill 
made front Hl-io-l 2-onnce leather and can be 
dressed up wilh tooling. Some, made of thin- 
ner leather, link! up only about a year. A few 
makers offer a pancake-style sheath that 
works extremely well for fast withdrawal and 
displaying your knife. 

Kydcx. Conccalex. A8S Plastic: 
Sheaths of these materials are made for a 
select number of folders so the} can be 
carried in the open or "ready" mode. Usually 
these are for advanced tactical folders. 

Nylon, Ballistic Clulh: Pouch sheaths of 
these materials come in a variety of sizes and 


FEB. 2 - 4 

2 1 

9th Annual 


Check out our virtual website: 

l. ,.1,„ __ __ P.O. Box J35 Beatt}'. IN V HVWi 

WWW.iVCKS.COin 77S/553-2233 or 520/855-8095 


2901 Las Vegas Blvd. South 1-800-634-6753 

Ask for our show rate when making your reservations. 


KATANA longsword and WAK1ZASHI short Swords 

Blade - .250" A-2 Tool Steel 
Stainless Guard 

Full lung - Dbl. pinned G-10 Handle 
Parachute cord wrapped 

Long swords - $349 
Short swords - $249 
(w/storage sheath > 

Contact: Rob Criswell at 1-503-520-0868 
13225 S.W. Larson Si. Beaverton. OR 97005 

BLADE / 53 

Sheath Systems 

"Kydex, Concealex 
and ABS plastic offer 

the best protection 

from sheath puncture." 

—the author 

usually incorporate Velcro Tor a closure 
system. Sonic even haw a soft liner material. 
Nicy use a belt loop attachment. This is the 
mosi common pouch material tor such fold- 
ers. The key to using the eloih is to get the 
tightest lit possible. 

Recommendations; Any type of ballistic- 
cloth sheath lor the mild user will do. As a 
second choice, go with a good quality leather 
one. I prefer a pancake style in I (Mo- 1 2- 
ounce leather. The snap pouch offers a more 
disc reel carry. 

Neck Knives 

Neck knives have made a comeback the past 
couple of years. I hey are between l-to-4 
inches in length. The sheath is secured around 

lite neck by a cord, leather strap or chain 
(Author's note: Be sure the cord, strap or 
chain will snap or break before it becomes a 
choking hazard). This is one type of knife in 
which you do not waul sheath failure. Since 
95 percent of neck knives hang upside down, 
securing the knife is a priority For obvious 
reasons. An exposed blade tumbling between 
your shirt and skin adds new meaning to the 
word excitement, flic mote active you are, 
the more positive l he lock has to be. 

Leather: Leather has a good feci for such 
sheaths when they lay next in your skin, with 
no sharp edges lo dig into you. "fhe only chal- 
lenge with leather is that I he In has to he 
pei feci, preferably with some type of snap 

K\dc\, Concealex, ABS Plastic: Mosi 
neck knives have sheaths of one of these three 
materials, Thinness ami lighl weigh) is a deli- 
nite plus for die three as well, fhe positive 
locking they afford will ease your mind about 
the knife slipping out. They are the most 
durable of s heal lis and should need only a 
hull' Sanding alone [he edges to smooth Iheui 

Nylon, Hallislii' t loth: I hese maleriah 
are also soli against die sktn. tare needs lo be 
taken on the securing system depending on 
you! activity level A snap-type sheath would 
he the i n inimum seeming system for use with 
cither choice. 

Reecimmeiidaliinis: Kyiles is the choice 
here i"i its securing ability, 

Tactical illadcs 

These types of knives continue lo be hoi and 
spori stainless steel blades m a variety of 
shapes and grinds. The trend is to achieve a 

The standard button snap is OK for a 
medium tactical piece but an upper tie- 
down of some sort is preferred. Also, 
since military users are included in this 
category, a leg tie-down strap should be 
available for airborne operations. The Ka- 
Bar Next Generation meets both require- 

"The standard button 

snap is OK for a 

medium tactical piece 

but an upper tie-down 

is preferred." 

— the author 

hi-iech appearance with sleek styling and 
lines. Sheaths play a major role in the overall 
look. Just make sure ihey maintain function. 

Leather: The old standby is used here, 
often dyed black to enhance the tactical look. 
If you work in i he tactical held, be sure to gel 
lf)-io- 12-ounce leather. It offers more protec- 
tion for both you and your knife. The standard 

"Before you buy a 

sheath, put it on and 

play with it." 

— the author 

button snap is OK for a medium tactical pieee 
but an upper lie-down of some sort is prefer- 
able. Also, since military users are included in 
this category, a leg tie-down slrap should be 
available Tor airborne operations. (Author's 
note: Being a jump master, (his wriler knows 
that with leather you need a liner of some 
sort.) A pouch style should have a safety 
slrap. The military uses a LBE (Load-Bearing 
Equipment) to carry gear that needs a differ- 
ent type of hook-up system (ban normal. 

Kydcx, Concealex, ABS Piastre: All 
three are the most common sheath material in 
Ibis category. Rugged and jump-master 
approved. I hey 111 the look totally. These 
materials are impervious to chemicals and the 
elements. They are almost indestructible. The 
other thing about a sheath of these materials is 
that die lockup is positive. An audible xntip 
lets you know that your knife is secure. 
However, the snap and the plastic sound 
when the sheath hits something are my 
personal pel peeves when silence is a key. 
One had experience equals bad taste. Know 
when you might need your knife and make 
your decision from there. 

Nylon, Ballistic Cloth: There is no noise 
factor with these two but be sure either will 
protect you and yottr knife. These materials 
seem to hold up hul can look -ragged after 
long Held operations. The longer the blade, 
the more important it is lo have some kind of 
liner with sheaths of these two materials. 

Recommendations: Leather with a 
Kydcx liner and a breakaway snap strap, or a 
lined pouch style. 

Carry Systems 

You will see a mixing and matching of mate- 
rials with today's carry systems — leather, 
Kydcx and nylon webbing leather m nvlou 
webbing for the harness and Kydcx to secure 
your knife upside down. The key factors in 
looking at such systems are comfort and 
deployment/access. Sometimes this is ihe best 
way to carry a backup blade. Using knives 
with such systems is considered concealed 
carry, so be sure to check the laws in your 

Recommendations: Go with a leal her 
harness and eiiher Kydex or nylon depending 
on the noise factor. 


Before you buy a sheath, put il on and play 
with ii. Experiment with knife withdrawal and 
replacement, right side, left side and behind 
the back. Make sure you have clean, safe 
access. If it does not meet your needs, ask the 
maker to modify it to tit your carry. It may 
take longer to get your knife but it will be 
worth l he wait. 


54 / BLADE 


The author prefers good, quality leather 
pouch sheaths for fixed-blade/utility 
knives because of the feel. They ride 
comfortably and most adjustments or 
repairs can be done at home. They secure 
knives tightly and offer fast withdrawal. 
This is a Katz model with belt-loop attach- 

IL* M ^ a ^ §% M ! ^7 t"j ^ * 

We're happy tii introduce our iwxl best-selleis, the most advanced cliffs knives in the world. 
The exceptional special ht-end steel Vtill) (S9 I IRC I. the economically shaped, hygienic 
handle and all black teflon-coated blade, are demanded qualities you can rolj upon 

Ihe kl lllut Wliale. eryiinoniieallv desigied kitchen knife foi Ihe professional chcl 
The broad blade offers a stiffness and rigidity which make ihe knife perfect lor 
delicate tasks. Also, the shape of ihe edge allows ii lo eul in both directions, 

K2 While Whale. I'he sanloku designed K2 is without doubt 
the best knife lor vegetables, i hin em. fresh vegetables 
are wholesome, they look nem and taste terrifu lineh 
shredded- Only, the perfect!} designed Santoku uill 

do thai! 

We regard the K 1 and K2 knives as the mosl 
advanced chefs knives in the world and 
we invite you lo treat yoursel I' lo 
this everyday pleasure. 


Blade length: 7" 1 175 mini 

.il.il L-nptli 12" (305 mini 

Blade width: I.S5"(47mm) 

Blade thickness: 0.1" (j - 


Bisa* length: B" (100 mm) 

Total length: I ! " i i30 mm) 

Blade vndili l.lfl-liiiiinij 

Blade thickness 0, 1" (2.5 iron) 

I v . ilislnhiimr- 

tilnc ttidye Knives 

'Ih.ik I M0 7X3 6143 

rn.nl hii. <> IKHVtMStim 

1 t UlBdUtfl ai.,tiil 

l..l^Skl I -til 
foil-free • I S77 876 S7M 

llb.lil lllt.'.fl.lLJ.IIK-l.llim 

Box 204, S-%1 23 Boden. Sweden. Phone +4IW92 154422. l"a\+46-92l54433. 

l-.-iil;iil:nlto « fiillktiiien.se liitt'incl »ww.f;illkitiicii.<.nm 


• The best makers 

• The rising stars 

• Fair prices 

• Comprehensive 

color catalog 
available -$10 



(914) 238-5748 


(914) 238-6524 

P0 Boi 352 
Chappaqua, NY 10514 

Gary Levine Fine Knives 


BLADE/ 55 

...IF NOT, 



Mail Order: 1 800 728 9208 
Wholesale: 1 800 734 5965 

251 6 Lincoln way We it 

Mishawako, Indiana 46544 

Phone: 219 257 0020 

Fax: 219 257 0021 

www. m idwestgu nexc han qe .com 

f By Al Pendray 
Guild president 

Young Blood Invigorates Guild 

New members and board elections hold promise for the future 

To review i ho 2000 Knifemak- 
ers' Guild Show business 
_ meeting in New Orleans this 
past summer. 1 would like to salute 
the Guild's 30 new voting and 15 
new probationary members. The 
board of directors and established 
voting members welcome the "new 

In the board elections, Eugene 
Shadley re placed Bob Ter/uola as 
a board director. Eugene is a great 
mul li -blade maker and I Feel he 
will be a fine board member. I 
would like to thank Bob Tor his 13 
years of service on the board, liob. 
you were always there for the 
Guild. Other board members re- 
elected included Mel Pardue as 
vice president, Steve Jernigan as a 
board director and yours truly as president. 

In the only award voted on hy Guild 
knifemakers for another Guild maker, 
Wayne Henslej received ihe Red Watson 
Friendship Award. The award honors a 
maker who best exempli Ties Watson's spirit 
of cooperation with his fellow Guild 
members, and Wayne certainly lives up to 
the Watson tradition. Meanwhile, Joe 
Drouin received a special award to recog- 
nize his support of the handmade industry 
dim ugh his collecting efforts down through 
the years. 

Wayne Hensley (center) receives congratulations 
from Guild President Ai Pendray (left) and outgoing 
board director Bob Terzuola for winning the Red 
Watson Friendship Award, the only honor bestowed 
on a Guild knifemaker by his/her fellow Guild makers. 

The Nate Posner Award is voted on by 
the board of directors and is presented to 
non-knifemaking Guild members who excel 
at promoting custom knives and knifemak- 
ers. This year's recipients are Rolf and 
Gaby Friberg of Sweden, holh of whom 
have furthered the handmade industry on an 
international scale. 

The ITibergs announced they would be 
presenting the annual Friherj* Award. Roll' 
and Gaby do the selecting and set the crite- 
ria, which are based not only on outstanding 
knifemaking but on friendship/ fellowship. 
The award's initial recipient. Steve 
Johnson, certainly meets the criteria. The 
Guild thanks the 1-Tibergs for instituting the 
new honor and congratulates Steve for being 
the first recipient. 

In official Guild business, Ron Lake 
asked for and received a vote by Guild voting 
members to acknowledge Michael Walker as 
ihe inventor of the LinerLock". as well as 
Walker's sharing of the invention with Guild 
members. Lake said that members sharing 
ideas was one thing but when they profit 
from manufacturers via collaborations, etc., 
using Walker's ideas, Michael should share 
in the royalties. The measure was approved 
by Guild voting members. 

Rolf and Gaby Friberg (from left) accept 
the Nate Posner Award from Steve 
Jernigan, a Guild board director. The 
award is voted on by the board for 
non-knifemaking Guild members who 
further the cause of Guild knifemakers 
and handmade knives. 

New Guild Members 

The new voting members are: Daniel 
i anriadi Gerald Corbit; Robert Dcleo; 
Jim Elliott: David Ellis; Ernest Emerson: 
Ricky Fowler. Ralph Freer: Daryle 
1 1 uuh iv ,1ik "\\\" Ihimick Russell 

56 /BLADE 


Sfeve Johnson (center) garners the first 
Friberg Award, a private honor created by 
Rolf (left) and Gaby Friberg in recognition 
of a Guild member's knifemaking excel- 
lence and friendship/fellowship. 

Klingbeil; William Letcher: Juan 
Lonewnlf; Bob Levine; W.J. McDonald: 
Ross Norflect: John L. Perry; Bertie 
Rietveld; Ronald Russ: Hiroyuki Sakurai; 
Michael Schirmer: Murray Sterling; Brian 
Tighe; John Toner; Edward Van Hoy; Aad 
Van Rijswijk: Tommy Ware; Frank 
Wotjinovvski: ;nul Bead Zinker. 

"The board of directors 
and voting members 

welcome the 'new 
blood.' " — the author 

The new probationary members are: 
Philip Booth: Ron Cameron: Derek 
Fraley; Chantal G illicit: Sic Tan Gobcc: 
Mark Green; Jeff Holletl; Jerry Hossuni; 
Roy Humenick; Larry Lunn: Rick 
Rowland; Helmut Poskocil; Richard 
Rogers; Voshinori Seto; and Michael 

20U1 Guild Show Set 

This past summer's Guild Show was the 
final one on the contract with the New 
Orleans Marriott, Next year's show will 
relum to the Orlando Marriott World Center 
and will be held July 27-29. If you are in the 
USA. call (800) 621-0638 for room reserva- 
tions or. if you are outside the USA, dial 
(800) 228-9290. Room rales are SI 29 single 
or double. When calling to reserve your 
room, mention I lie Knifemakers" Guild to 
receive the $129 rate. 

For more information iilvmt ilw Guild and 
the Guild Show, contact At Pendray, Dept. 
BLI. 13950 NE 20th. WiUiston, FL 32696 
(352) 528-6124. Blade 

So Cool 

It Nearly Gives You the 



ng the 

Avalanche. Kershaw's 

newest Ken Onion knife. 

The Avalanche features 

Ken's famous Speed-Safe 

technology lor assisted opening 

that's slick as ice. Plus, for a sure 

grip under even extreme conditions, 

the Avalanche also features an 

aggressively textured. G-10 handle. 

Like a force of Nature, the NEW Avalanche 

will be roaring into your nearest Kershaw 

dealer's soon. Now that's cool. 

a vatamhe Model I 570 & 1570S1 (not shown) Made in the USA 

Blade 3 '/>" (Mm.) 

Qosed. A yr (I 1 Jan.) 

Steel. (PM 440V Stainless Steel 

Hnnie. Superfextuted&IQ 

Ultet, Heol-lieated 410 Stainless Steel 

Weight. 3.5 «. 

Includes Focket Clip & SneedSok bum Bst le chmtogy 

Technology with an Edge 

?8t5t&* tit ffltf$jB$f 

Suggested Retail $130.00 

1-800-325-289 1 

trww.lxrshawkmves. com 








Investment Quality 

Practical and on excellent investment 

Unique Art Form 

The opportunity to see. handle , and buy me ultimate i 
handmade thandcraftedt falfWS tront FAMOUS 

12 NOON • 8 P.M. FRIDAY, NOV. 101b 

10 AM. ■ 6 P.M. SATURDAY. NOV. 1 1th 

10 AM. - 3 PM. SUNDAY. NOV. 12th 


(212) 581-1000 

For table and show information - call: (516) 781-5515 or (S16) 549-5191 


BLADE/ 57 

Kntfe Files 

By Daniel Winkler 
ABS master smith 

A small belt knife made from a 
file demonstrates the forged 
finger pad with a decorative 
curl that has long been 
identified with the 
author's work. The 
sheath is by Karen 
Shook. (Weyer 

How to Make a Knife 

From a File 




n the second of two 

parts, the author 

takes you through 

the hardening 

and tempering of 

the blade, making 

the handle and 

sharpening the edge 

Editor's note: Lost 
issue, the author 
foamed on the materials anil 
equipment, the forging anil the 
finishing of a foijfe made from a file, contrasting 
the way he used 10 do it with minimal tools to the 
wa) he does it now with more advanced equip- 
ment. This issue, he finishes the lesson. 

The procedure lor hardening and tempering 
ihe blade is ilie same for both the THt-N 
and NOW met hods. Si nee the knife 
blanks are annealed, ii is necessary to re-harden 
each blade and leave ihe langs somewhat soft. 
The initial step is to prepare a quenching solution 
in a metal am thai is deep enough to completely 
submerse the blade. The recipe I prefer is two 
parts used motor oil to one part brake lluid. 

58 / BLADE 

WARNING: This is a 

Flammable mixture so I always wear 
gloves, long sleeves and keep a lid handy should 
I need to extinguish a fire. 

Using the forge or an oxygen'aeeiylene 
torch, 1 heat the steel to the stage of red beat from 
the cutting edge up about half the width of the 
hlade, then immediately submerge the knife in 
the quenching solution. When the steel lias 
cooled completely, I remove the knife, wipe off 
the excess oil and put the knife in an oven 
preheated to T25 IJ K lor about two hours. This 
•jive-- i lie blade its temper, which 1 check by 
doing a file test on the cutting edge. 

If the cutting edge is right, a dull file will 
slide off and a new tile will barely cut I he steel. If 
the blade is Uxi soli meaning the dull file biles or 

The quenching solution the author 
prefers is two parts used motor oil to one 
part brake fluid. WARNING: This is a flam- 
mable mixture so always wear gloves, 
long sleeves and keep a lid handy should 
you need to extinguish a fire. 

outs, it is necessary to repeat ibe beating and 
quenching steps, then return lite knife to a 375°- 
4()0"F oven for two more hours. If the new file 
slides off, indicating thai the steel is too hard. I 
increase ihe oven temperature to 45(1' K and 
return the hlade for another two hours. 

Due lo variations in oven leniperalures. sleel 
types and factors inherent lo Ihe forging process, 
it is necessary on occasion to repeal the temper- 
ing process several limes to achieve a cutting 


"The size of the 

drill bit should be the 

same diameter as 

the pin stock/ 

—the author 


Mark the pin placement on the tang and 
make a starting point for drilling using a 
center punch. The size of the drill bit 
should be the same diameter as the pin 
stock. Pinholes need to be drilled 
perfectly straight and the area around the 
holes flattened with a file. 

The sanding board is a time-consuming 
replacement for a disc or flatbed sander 
to flatten the split surfaces of handle 
slabs. Whatever you use, flatten the split 
surfaces so that the two sides will fit flat 
against the tang. This step also reduces 
the slabs to the desired thickness. 

L'dgL 1 I En it I will slay kt-vn and remain relatively 
easy lo sharpen. Heat treating causes a black 
lilm ii) liirm on the Made that must tx' removed 
by hand sanding with line emery paper- 
Tl-ll-.N or a duller with a coarse compound 

Preparing And Attaching The Scales 
THI:N: Hacksaw; sanding board made of a llai 
piece of wood or metal with coarse sandpaper 
attached; screw-clamp setup: file; medium- and 
Hue-grit emery paper: ami a hand drill Ml 

NOW: Handsaw; disc sander with coarse 
paper: 2x72 abrasive belts, 120. 220 and .120 
grit; center punch: drill press.'bit;, and two spring 

I typically select handle material before 
forging a knife jusl in case there are special 
considerations related to Ihe tang, such as curve 
and si/e. 

"Hie steps in preparing Ihe handle are essen- 
tially the same for both the THEN and NOW 


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Outdoor Edge Cutlery Corp. has designed a Wedge 
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Each Wedge knife has a 23/8" hand ground razor 
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Total enclosed $_ 


S8 95 J " BnB ™ a l'' ei, " I ' s i 1 * 1 lallacti muling laud) 
J Chech or money aider 
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Please charge to my JMC jNmws/Disc 
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BLADE / 59 

Designed by custom knifemaker 

Kit Carson 

Knife Files 

No ordinary pocketknife, the Magna' s 
tank-like canstruction handles 
the toughest cutting tasks. 
Exceptional quality ^^ 
and value! 

Magna Features: 

• 4.0mm thick, 4" clip-point 
hlade • GroovEti. ergonomic contoLrEd 
Clothing clip sets flush with the handle in e 
recessed pocket, providing the feel and comfort of a clipless knife 
• Shaving sharp AUS-BA stainless steel blade • Available with plain edge 
or 50% plain-serrated cutting edge • Two handle options include nylon-glass filled Zytel 
and cold forged SQKT-T6 Alominom with hard coat annrJize 
$58.50 Retail tlylet) /$9&.99 Retail (Aluminum) t ZJ I Lfm^TCf^U 

See Your local Dealer or Call 800-447-3343 0^% outdoor edge 

Write lor our cobi cotebg or visit us online of www.outdooredge.com 

OUTDOOR EDGE CUTLERY CORP ■ E395 Gunpsrk Or.. Unit U - Boulder, CD BD3DI ■ 3D3-53D-7BB7 

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Custom Stabilizing (10 Years Experience) 
Fast Turn Around • Reasonabfe Prices 

Largest Selection of 
Figured Woods. 

Over 30 Species in 

Extensive Selection 
of Burlwoods. 

KG 110 


Forge Welding Product • Floor Refractory 
1095 - 1084 - 1080 - 15N20 - Pure Nickel 

Everything you need for Quality Knife Finishing 

Hardcore Grinders • JL Grinders » Disc Grinders 
Variable Speed Motors • Buffs * Compounds • Steels 
3m Belts • Handle Materials ■ Rivets • Brass • nickel 

(520) 537-8877 «$? <^ 


'If the cutting edge is 

right, a dull file will 

slide off and a new 

file will barely cut 

the steel." 

— the author 

You can employ a smooth-cut file to fit 
the contour of the handle scales to the 
shape of the tang. This tabor-intensive 
handwork can be accomplished in 
minutes using a belt sander. 

To remove and smooth the tooth marks 
left by shaping the handle with a file, use 
emery paper attached to wooden blocks. 

methods, even though ihc equipment is different. 
First. 1 ensure that the material I selected can be 
fit to the tang; then I saw it in half. Using a sand- 
ing board -THEN -or disc sander— NOW— I 
llaiten the split surfaces so thai the two sides will 
lit flat against the tang. This step also reduces 
the slabs to the desired thickness. The next oper- 
ation is to finish the from of the handle. 

Doing things the old way, 1 clamp the lialves 
together so thai 1 can smooth and shape a match- 
ing profile using a hie, then medium and tine 
emery paper. The same objective is met using 
my helt sander « iili 120- ami 320-gril abrasives. 
However, there is no need to use clamps since 
both my hands arc free to hold Ihc two parts. 

Once this is accomplished. I mark pin place- 
ment on the tang and make a starting point for 
drilling using a center punch. The size H the 
drill bit should be the same diameter as the pin 
stock. Pinholes need to he drilled perfectly 

60 / BLADE 


straight and the area around the holes flattened 
with a fife. Using five-minute epoxy glue, I 
clamp one slah into place and. once the glue is 
set, drill through the holes in the tang into and 
on I the other side of the slab. Again using the 
epoxy glue. I glue the second slah on the other 
side dI' the tang and let it set. Then, using the 
link's m the lirsl slah as a guide. I drill though 
Ihem out I he other side of the .second slab. If] 
want the pins to be Hush I glue them in place, 
then file and sand then) olTeven with the handle 
surface. I cut and 11 le pins slightly longer than 
the handle is wide, then Hare the heads with a 
batl-pein hammer when 1 want a more tradi- 
tional look. 

To complete the handle with my THEN 
equipment, I use Hie screw-clamp set-up to iile 
and sand the handle to its finished shape, for ihe 
NOW method, l use the 2\72 belt saoder. The 
type abrasive used in both methods is dictated 
by how much clean-up is involved, final sand- 
ing is done by hand. 

Slun peiiin" Hie Kdgo 

The final process is to sharpen the edge. Assum- 
ing thai I have properk tempered the steel and 
beveled the blade, this is a relatively easy 

THEN: Fine, smooth-cut tile, and medium 

"A leather strop is the 

triek for putting a 

final, razor polish on 

the edge.'" 

— the author 

and line sharpening stones. 

NOW: I \42 belt Kinder. 1 20-grit abrasive, 
and medium and line sharpening stones. 

The firsi step is id create the initial edge 
bevel. This is done with either a Hie or bell 
sander, depending on whether il is ihe THEN or 
NOW method. In both scenarios, it is important 
that the abrasive be line and sharp. Next, I use 
medium then fine sharpening stones. A leather 
strop is the trick tor putting a final, razor polish 
on (he edge. It) fact, a leather block or strop will 
restODB the cutting edge several times before it is 
necessary to go to a stone for re-sharpening. 

( (inclusion 

The amount of lime and money required to 
make a very serviceable knife from a file 
de|>ends on the methods and equipment used in 
its creation. Though a lol has changed over the 
past 25 years, the fundamentals of hladesmithing 
remain the same. The heal of the forge and 1 the 
force of the hammer combine to alter the physi- 
cal configuration and the molecular structure of 
steel. No matter how crude or sophisticated ihe 
equipment, the art and emit of the forge can be 

For mini' information contact Ihe author tit 
FOB 2166, Dcpi. BLI, Blowing Rock, NC 28605 
(828) 295-9156 e-mail mdderaWKone.net 

The Paragee ! ' 

is a hard working 

folder with solid stainless 

frame-lock construction, 

planetary innerframe pattern 

and Sub-0 quenched 3" AUS-8A blade. 

If you're looking for a thin, strong, light-weight 

folder with a reliable lock that's loaded with style, 

the Paragee" has it all. 

Stainless Steet Frame - 3" AUS-8A Recurve Clip Point Blade - Frame-Lock 

Deep Pocket Carry Clip - Ambidextrous Thumb Stud - Lanyard Hole 

Notched Thumb Grip - Steek Ergonomic Design 

Lifetime Warranty 



See Your Local Dealer or Call 800-447-3343 

Visit Edge-Tech Online at www.outdooredge.com 

OUTDOOR EDGE CUTLERY CORP - 6395 Gunpark Dr., Unit Q - Boulder, CO 80301 ■ 303.530.7667 



Mantis Swords 

21 040-E Frederick Rd, 

Germantown, MD 20874 


Full tang 
Clay -fired 
Real rays kin 
Signed blades 
Double pinned 
Rosewood Saya 
Traditional fittings 
True temper lines 

Shinto Katana $ 575.00 
Wakizashi $ 375.00 
Kin Tori Katana $ 625.00 
Wakizashi $ 400.00 
Musashi Katana $ 675.00 
Wakizashi $ 425.00 

All swords come wrHi cleaning kit and cloth bag. Must be 18 years old. 




BLADE/ 61 

By Judge Lowell Bray 
BLADE® field editor 

Virginia's Approach To 
Concealed Carry Part 

The commonwealth gives broad meaning to the term 
"weapons of like kind" 

L;isi issue, "Your Knife Rights" consid- 
ered a recent Virginia appellate opin- 
ion interpreting the slate "s concealed 
knife statute. To paraphrase, ilie statute 
makes ii a crime for a person to "carry, 
hidden from common observation, any dirk, 
bowie, switchblade, ballistic knife or razor, 
or any weapon of like kind. A weapon shall 
be deemed to be hidden from common 
observation when it is observable but is of 
such deceptive appearance as to disguise its 
true nature. " In a footnote to the ease the 
court adopted definitions of dirk, bowie and 
like kind weapons. This issue and next. 
"Your Knife Rights 1 ' will consider cases in 
which the courts have tried to apply their 
definitions to specific cutlery items. 

I. lection v. Commonwealth 

At least three Virginia eases in the past five 
years have dealt with butterfly knives. The 
firs! ease was that of Rommel Castro F.lec- 
cion. Eleccion was stopped while driving on 
school grounds and his car was searched. A 
butterfly knife was found under the floor 
mat on the driver's side of his vehicle. He 
was charged with a violation of die statute. 
lie argued that his knife was not a weapon 
for purposes of the statute, and that it was 
not "about his person" as the statute 
required. The trial judge examined the 
knife winch unfortunately is not described 
in the opinion and consulted a common 
dictionary. The judge then decided thai the 
knife, when in the open position, was about 
the same si/e as and looked similar to a dirk 
or dagger lie held that the knife was a 
"weapon of like kind" to a dirk and there- 
fore a weapon under the statute. 

On appeal the Virginia Court of Appeals 
agreed. It upheld the conviction, saying that 

the evidence supported the lower court's 
decision. The court went on to say that 
"about the person" under the statute means 
that the weapon is "so connected with the 
person as to be readily accessible for use or 
surprise if desired." Then, in a footnote, the 
court suggested that the knife might have 
been a switchblade under the statute even if 
it were not a weapon of like kind to a dirk. 

"Kingery was 
convicted by a trial 
court that did not 
specify what part of 
the statute the knife 
came under." —the 

Last issue, "Your Knife Rights" exam- 
ined a case in which the court adopted the 
position that an inoperable switchblade was 
not a switchblade. However, when the same 
knife was locked open, it was a dirk or 
weapon of like kind under the statute. If the 
same logic were applied in Bleccion's case. 
a butterfly knife that was not open would 
not appear to be "of like kind to a dirk." I Ik- 
court, however, did not discuss this distinc- 

Kingery v. Commonwealth 

In I W, three years after the Kleccion deci- 
sion, the court of appeals reviewed another 
case involving a butterfly knife. Samuel II. 
Kingery III was arrested on an assault 
charge. When he was searched incident to 

the arrest, a closed butterfly knife was found 
in his right rear pocket. The arresting officer 
testified that l be knife was totally concealed. 
He also testified that the knife was 3 or 4 
inches long, "one that can easily be whipped 
around and swung open. It's more of a 
fighting knife, it's not like a cutting knife or 
a paring knife or something like that." 
Kingery was convicted under the statute by 
a trial court that did not specify what part of 
the statute the knife came under. 

The appeals court set out the following 
definitions from Webster's 3rd Interna- 
tional Dictionary, 

dirk n. I. a long sitaight-bladed dagger 
formerly carried, especially by the Scottish 
Highlander. 2. A short sword formerly worn 
by British junior naval officers. 
dagger n. la. a short knife used for stab- 

"Even U.S. Customs 

has made a distinction 

between butterfly 

knives that are 

weapons and those that 

are not." — the author 

The court also defined sword and then 

Given the definitions recited obove, the 
butterfly knife, when opened, most closely 
resembles a dirk. The knife easily opens 

62 /BLADE 


and was described by the police officer as 
a "fighting knife." Based upon its appear- 
once, it is i weapon of "like kind" to a dirk 
contemplated in the statute. 

The conviction was affirmed. Only one 
member of the eourt. Justice Benton. 
dissented. He was not impressed hv what 
the knife looked like when it was open. His 
assessment of the knife was simple and 
succinct, Kingery's knife contained a blade 
that folded into the handle and was fit for 
being carried in a pocket. It was a pock- 
elknife. Uenlon opined. One suspects the 
Scottish Highlanders and British junior 
naval officers would agree. In Delcid v. 
Commonwealth, a case "Your Knife Rights" 
will consider in a future installment, the 
court again found a butterfly knife — one 
with only one sharpened edge- to be a 
weapon. Again, Justice Benton dissented. 

"It seems in Virginia 

that a butterfly knife is 

treated as a 'dirk or 

weapon of like kind" 

under the concealed 

weapon statute." — the 


It is, of course, doubtful that the legisla- 
tors who passed the statute had butterfly 
knives in mind. If they did, they likely 
would have specified them, h should also 
be noted that even the U.S. Customs Service 
has made a distinction between butterfly 
knives thai are weapons and those that are 
not. However, the distinction has not been 
recognized in Virginia. It seems to be settled 
in the law of Virginia that a butterfly kni IV 
is going to be treated as a "dirk or weapon 
of like kind" under the concealed weapon 

Next issue, "Your Knife Rights" will see 
how box cutters, steak knives and pock- 
etknives have been treated under the 
Virginia statute. 

Facts taken from Election v. C 'ommon- 
weatrh. 1996 Wl. 552681 (Va. App.) and 
Kingerv v. Commonwealth, 1999 W L 
1 129723 (Va. App.). 

The author has been a lawyer since 1973 
out/ a judge since I9H2. He is also a 
member of The Knifemakers ' Guild, a jour- 
neyman smith in the ABS. and a charter 
member of the Florida Knifemakers Associ- 
ation. Blade 

the search is over. 

introducing the new 


IN THE U.5.A. 




Rob Simonich Design 

llade length: 3.5" 

Thickness: .125" 

Material: Talonite™ 

Cobalt Chromium Alloy 

Extreme Edge Holding 

Rust Proof 

Handle: Black Grooved GIO 

Concealex Sheath 

Overall length: 7.5" 

millus Cutlery Company 

54 Main St., CamMlus, NY 13031 

1 .800.344.0456 www.camillusknives.com 


Lansky Sharpens 
Them All! 

Many modem knives are manufactured with a variet) <>i proprietary serrated edges Mum 
have been impossible in sharpen by traditional methods. Thai's wliv I anskv Sharpi ncrs 
has created .t family <>i special, pocket-size sharpeners with convenient Iscyi bains I he\ 
.ire designed to sharpen all of" the nmsi popular serrated edges ( >nc is jtisi right li >r your 
favorite brand. All three of our hand; newt rock Stick' serrated blade sharpeners will also 
sharpen regular blades and each has a built in groove to sharpen lish bunks 

1. Crock Stick lo sharper Cold Steel blades 

2. Crock Stick to sharpen Spyrierco blades 

3. Crock Stick Multi-Siiaipener for all other Wades 

US Patents Pentium of Applied fat 

Send for a FREE copy of color catalog 
of over 60 patented knile and tool sharpeners 



PO Box 50830. Dept. BLA. Henderson. NV 89016 USA 

Phone: 702-361-7511 • Fax: 702-896-9511 

internet Address iittpyAvwiv.imiskycom 


BLADE/ 63 

The BLADE Effecf 

The Global 
Village cf Knives 

AD/IK kingpin reflects an BLADE, 
S/iotv and the world's sharpest 

When I first attended the BLADE 
Show in the late 1980s, it was still 
being hcli! in Knoxville, 
Tennessee. It was ul the BLADE Show that 1 
realized that I he knife industry was very 
di Herein from any other industry to which 1 
had been exposed. It seemed to me that the 
knife induMr> was more willing lo help 
newcomers. ! saw compel i tors offering assis- 
tance to each oilier and I saw a deep-seated 
compassion tor others in that then uew-to-me 

In the middle of this I found the dedicated 
men and women of BLADES striving to 
bring everyone together, from the small chil- 
dren enjoying their firsl view of knives with 
pie-eved wonder, to the very individuals who 
started the industry as it is known today. 
They were all ihere and they all had a single. 
common interest an absolute love of 

Today the BLADE Show is still bringing 
the knife industry together. It is die best knife 
show in the world and, in fact, I consider ii 
the SHOT" Show of knives. By this I mean 
thai die BLADE Show is today's inosi impor- 
tant eveni for knives and the people who 
comprise the cutlery industry. 

BLADE Magazine and the BLADE Show 
are the conduits for everyone interested and 
involved in knives worldwide. This gives 
those in the industry exposure I hat they 
would not gel otherwise. It is this exposure 
dial allows cutlery professionals to exchange 
new ideas and meet new knifemakers. 
customers and just plain old have a good lime 
with others who share die same interests. 

Hi. A i')l< Magazine and the BLADE Show 
are and have been instrumental in the evolu- 
tion of the knife industry by shrinking lime 
and distance for all cutlery enthusiasts on a 
global basis, lluis affording lliein the opportu- 
nity to benefit from advances in technology, 
new and innovative idcav designs and mate- 
rials, and the resurgence id" ancient art:-, and 

64 / BLADE 

techniques from all over the world. The show 
brings it all together once a year and the 
magazine keeps knife enthusiasts 
informed every month. 

Al Mar Knives (AMK) 

started specialty cutlery in 

1979 by offering the knife 

buyer unique designs 

and "custom quality 

knives al production 

prices. '" Today, 

because of new 

j, proline l ion 

TJjf m e I h o d s 

ii n d i h e 

tlie BLADE 

By Gary Fodder) 
Al Mar CEO 

hesi makers 
around, our 
current models 
offer continued 
innovation, great 
design and the high- 
est quality avail- 
able. Our 
c o m m i I in e n t t o 
quality and design is 
now guaranteed with a new 
limited lifetime warranty 
effective on all new models Star) 
ing in 1 998. This commitment will 
be evidenced in the near future by 
collaborations with custom makers 
Kirk Rexroat and Butch Vallotlon in 
bolh folders and fixed blades 

Wlk has been blessed in the pasl 
few years by having won The Blad 
Magazine Imported Knife Of The YearR on 
two separate occasions for our llliraligh 

The Al Mar SERE 2000 features VG-70 
blade steel with a Rockwell hardness of 
59-60 fit aG-10 handle, a locking liner 
and a closed length of 4.9 inches. For 
more information contact AMK. attn: G. 
Fadden. Oept. BL 1. POB 2295. Tualatin. 
OR 97062 (503) 670-9080. 

series and our Havana Clipper. The awards 
are made even more special because they 
ere awarded to us by the collective votes 
of the factory knife industry itself. 

Change is a natural progression in 

life. It signifies growth and overall 

improvement. In the years to come 

there will be many more changes 

in the knife industry — with 

both Al Mar Knives and 

Hi Alii, doing their part- 

aud litis is how ii should 


I am glad lo be a pari 
of this greal industry 
ami I [i m happ\ in see 
that BLADE contin- 
ues to be an integral 
pari of it as well, 
for all knife enthu- 



Blade Show 

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Mention the Blade Show 

You Could 

Win A Knife 

Like This Knife Crafted 

By Tim Lawler 


For more information on Tim see, "Where To Get Em." 


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For additional information contact 


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E-mail: lutzm@krause.com 


Folding Favori 



To Look 
For In A 



five knives 

for your 



By Dexter Ewing 


66/ BLADE 

inerLock® folders are very popular today tor their ease of use and one-hand operation. Boih 
segments of the diverse utility folder market handmade and production are loaded with 

:ui\ offerings of all price ranges, blade and handle materials and such I hove in the market for 
a new piece can take several avenues to gain information in the search lor the knife they have in 
mind. Cutlery magazines, internet discussion forums, and attending knife shows such as the 
BLADE Show expose the collector/user to a variety of these knives and scads of information about 

Whai exactly should you look for in a using folder'.' To help in your search. BLADE® asked me 
to pick some pieces with the qualities that I look for in a top-oEt he-line Folding knife. Following 
are five. There are others but there was not enough room for ihem all in this story. 


The "flipper" at the base of the blade 
makes one-hand opening of the Kit 
Carson M 16 a breeze. Blade steels come 
in your choice of CPM S60V (440V) and 
S90V (420V), D-2, ATS-34, t54CM. 440C. 
damascus and Stellite® 6K. 

Best Buy? 

Price is definitely .in issue when it tomes to 
knives. Mure often, lite folders yon waul Lire 
the ones you cannot afford! Folks often 
search for a work knife that will serve them 
well mulei heavy-dnlv use and one which is 
easy lo maintain. Moreover, they want knives 
that showcase style and prime manufacturing 
quality. SiiJIy, sometimes the old adage of 
"you gel what you pay lor" rings true with 
knives, though one company is working dili- 
gently to shatter the myths thai you must pay 
SI50-S200 lor a stylish folder lhat also is a 
good performer. That company is Columbia 
River Knife & Tool (CRKT). 

"The materials we 

use do not sacrifice 

day in/day out 


-Paul Gillespie 

CRKT's collaboration with custom 
maker I'al (.'raw ford yields two knives, one 
the maker's popular Kasper Folding fighter, 
designed in concert with writer and knife-use 
instructor. Hob Kasper. CRKT'S version 
the Crawford; Kasper folder is made in 
Taiwan and comes in two si/es with manu- 
facturer's suggested retail prices (MSRPs) of 
io<».'>5 (large) and $54.95 (small I. "The 
materials we use are described by some as 
■ i nam si ream" rather than hi-tech, and that 
results in lower cost," states Paul Gillespie of 
CRKT. "'At the same time, the materials do 
not sacrifice clay in/day out performance as 
there are u multitude of trade-offs." 

The folder features dual 42(1.12 steel 
liners. Atel " scales and a blade of AUS-6M 
stainless. "(Our) AUS-6M does not hold an 
edge as long as (our| ATS- .14 because it is 
not as hard." Gillespie points out. However, 
he adds, the AUS-oM's lower hardness 
means the user has an easier job to resharpen 
or hone it than the ATS-34. The 
Craw ford Kasper folders have, excellent tit 
and finish, as well as smooth-as-silk action 
thanks to the Teflon™ washers in the pivot. 
The handle offers a secure grip with its 
thumb ramp and large linger well. The folder 
oilers light lockup out of the box and features 
the f AWKS (Lake And Walker Knife 
Safety) designed by noted custom makers 
Ron Lake and Michael Walker, which 
provides "lock security under heavy use." In 
fact, CRKT's enure line offers knives thai 
have the same lil, finish and action as pieces 
ili.it cost twice as much. All are available at 
prices that put ihem well within the reach of 

knife enthusiasts, especially those jusi start- 
ing out in the exciting world of blades. 

frame- Luck Recurve 

If you want a handmade taelieal folder thai 
looks as slick as it performs, try the Apogee 
from kiiifemaker Darrel Ralph. Darrel 
designed the frame-lock Apogee because, he 
says, "there was a hole in the market for a 
(frame- lock) knife that was ergonomic and 
jusl a good, strong utility knife. I warned to 
give the knife market a folder with a choice 
Of sieel for the blade and a good, lightweight. 
strong handle.*' The resulting folder bridges 
the gap between art and working knives, No 
doubt about it, Ihe Apogee is a sexy piece 
with a curvaceous and rounded titanium 
handle mated with a recurved drop-point 
blade of CPM S90V (420V). "The recurved 
edge, in my opinion, is great," Ihe maker 
stresses. "It has a sweel spol and cuts througl 
most materials with ease." Ralph puis a field- 

"The more cutting 
pressure you put on 

the down cut, the 
tighter the lock gets/ 

— Da ire 1 1 Ralph 

grade satin finish on his blades lo help hide 
scratches thai may occur through use. He also 
atiodi/es each Apogee in bright colors, 
further enhancing its appeal. The Ibldci in 
easy to carry with its slim profile Ibanks to 
the frame lock and high-mounted clip, 
which carries Ihe knife low in ihe pocket. 
Darrel says he likes lo build ihe Apogee to 
where the lockbar slicks a little lo die blade 
tang, thus solidifying ihe folder's lockup. 
"The more cutting pressure you put on the 
down cut," Ralph indicates, "the (ighler the 
luck gets." 

Ultimate Folding Hunter? 
Factory/custom collaborations are hot, with 
nearly every knife company offering some 
sort of production piece designed in conjunc- 
tion wilh notable knifemakers and knife 
designers. Spyderco has been at die fore! rout 
of collaborations for Ihe past 10 years or so. 
One of its best-selling col taboral ions is ihe 
C48 Tim Wegner Clip-It, Wegner who is 

"It can do it all in the 

-the author 

also CEO of Blade- lech Industries, a top 
sbeaih manufacturer has been an avid 
hunter and outdoorsman since his youth. 1 le 

called on Ins years of outdoor know how t" 
design his ultimate folding hunter. 

"My extensive experience has allowed 

Pearl slabs including; 

white, gold, pink, black, Imnvti A. 


Jiff, Pick, Smooth it Slaci Hunt' 
in a variety of colors & pal 
terns: Mosaic Abalone Buffalo 
& Ram's Horn. Stingray Skins, 
Wallets & Belts. 

See us at the 

Las Vegas Classic Knife Show 

February 2-4 

Las Vegas, NV 

Catalog m rid $ 100 ot dnwtxfoad Jfaxnow 

Web '■!" f " 

Mother of Pearl Company 

P.O. BO* 445. 

Franklin. NC 28744 

Phone (828) 52 I <>«42 

Fax- (H2H) 369 7809 

www. kn ifeha ndles.com 

www. stingray p roducts.com 

Terms ' 
C.O.I). * Prepayment • MC/VISA 

Yes, you can 

on knives. Firearms, and more. Here's 
your chance to engrave faster and 
easier than ever before. Choose how 
yon learn from our videos, hooks or 
professionally (aught classes. CKS 
offers affordable tools for beginners 
and advanced equipment for experts. 
Free Information Kit 

rRS 1-800-835-3519 

^J\y Fax:316-343-9640 
Tel: 316-343-1064 

e-mail: UKSt(iols('' , t;KStfn)ls.cr)in 

CKS Tools • 900 Overlander M 
Emporia, KS 66801 

See the 
Engraving Gallery 



BLADE / 67 




Featuring the safety 
bar fur secure-closing 


The blade is precisely 
locked with frame 
when closed. 

• J" Closed, 4-7/8" Overall 

• AUS-fi Blade. 

• Stainless Frame Handle 

• All bead Blast Finish 
•w/ Money (. lip 

• U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending 

CO., LTD. 

E-MAIL: kantas@ms12.hinet.net 

{Please contact our distributors in 
your area) 



Phone: (561) 863-3205 • Fax:(561) 363-3277 ■ For Quick Service Toll Free:(80Q) 500-3879 

e-mail : mail@joyenterprises.com • Catalog available to dealers only. 

Please include letterhead, phone number & resale license number. 


Luxurious Details Usually Found Only in Handmade Knives 

10713 -474" Folded 
Charcoal Anodized 
Aluminum and Micarta 
Handle, Teflon Coated 
Blade, (Shown Closed) 

Available in 

Fine Cutlery Stores 


More Colors Available 

10710 -77/' Open 

Blue Anodized Aluminum 

and Micarta Handle, 

Bead Blasted Blade 



66 / BLADE 

Folding Favorites 

"The qualities that 
make it a great hunter 

also make it a 
premium daily-carry 


— the author 

me to understand the need for a knife that 
will perform specific tasks required in the 
field, yet be a knife that will be an everyday 
companion." Wegncr explains his vision in 
designing the C48. It is a knife that can do it 
all in the backwoods. The semi-skinner 
\ l S-li blade has enough bell} to handle 
most skinning and field-dressing chores, 
and ample blade tip to perform caping tasks. 
Spydereo added a solid, rull-lengih stainless 
steel spacer to give the handle lateral rigid- 
ity, centered the balance of the knife, and 
made the lockup feel as if the piece were a 
fixed blade. Wegner says that even though 
he designed the knife primarily as a hunting 
tool, the same qualities that make it a great 
hunter also make it a premium daily-carry 
utility folder for all cutting tasks. As has 
been reported in BLADE*, the Alaska 
Department of Fish and (lame endorsed the 
C48 to he the knife used in all of the depart- 
ment's field dressing and meat care clinics, 
Wegner says the fact that his design was so 
chosen is ■'pretty cool. It was an honor (for 
me) lor litem in choose the knife." 

Magic Dragon 

Speaking of performance. Emerson Knives, 
inc.. produces folders designed for high 
performance and quick access. The 
company's first release for 2000 was the 
Mach-I. Company (HO limesl hmerson 
wanted to design a knife that anyone could 
use — a farmer, rancher, hunter, mechanic — 

"The key to designing 
serrations is to under- 
stand what they really 
are — saw teeth." 

— Ernest Emerson 

anybody who needs a hard-use large folder. 
The Maeh-I is around <i inches overall and 
has a I54CM stainless blade with a handle 
of G-I0 sporting dual titanium liners. Emer- 
son offers the Mach-I with the option ol a 
partially serrated blade. The "Dragon 
Teeth" serrations can rip easily through 
rope, cardboard or garden hose without 


The ATS-34 blade of the Spyderco Wegner 
C48 has enough belly to handle most skin- 
ning and field-dressing chores, and ample 
blade tip to perform caping tasks. A solid, 
full-length stainless steel spacer gives the 
handle lateral rigidity, centers the balance 
of the knife, and makes the lockup feel as 
if the piece were a fixed blade. 

hanging up on the material as some serra- 
tions can. 

" [ In - kc> in ik'Mi.'inn;.' el fieienl and 
functioning serrations is to understand 
essentially what they really are — saw 
teeih." Imerson says. "When it comes to 
serrations on knives, especially general use 
or work knives, the goal is to design serra- 
tions that nil] eut through a variety of mate- 
rials with the most efficiency." F.merson 
Knives uses a slightly different serration 
pattern than other companies that is not as 
aggressive looking in appearance. "The 
reason we use our Dragon Teeth serrations, 
which have a combination of both fine and 
coarse teeth, is strictly to give us a pattern 
that will perform in the widest variety of 
fulling materials," Emerson points out. 
Emerson Knives also uses the Dragon Teeth 

• 2-1/2" Blade, 5-1/8" Overall (weight: 0.8 oz.). 

• AUS-6 Stainless Bead Blasl Finished Knife 

• Zyter* Sheath (weight: 0.55 oz.) with 
j Nylon Lanyard for the Neck 
Wearing and a Removable Clip for 
Convert Boot/Bell Carrying. 

• tJ.s. and Foreign Patents Pending, 

CO., LTD. 

E-MAIL: kantas@ms12.hlnet.net 
(Please contact our distributors in 
your area) 



Phone: (561) 963-3205 • Fax:(561) 863-3277 • For Quick Service Toll Free:(800) 500-3879 

e-mail : mail@joyenterprises.com • Catalog available to dealers only. 

Please include letterhead, phone number & resale license number. 


Luxurious Details Usually Found Only in Handmade Knives 

10702 -3"- Folded 
Purple Anodized Aluminum & 
Mi carta Handle, Bead Blasted 
Blade, with Neck Lanyard 
(Shown Closed) 

Available in 

Fine Cutlery Stores 


10701 - WOpen 

Gold Anodized Aluminum 

and Micarta Handle, Bead Blasted Blade, 

with Neck Lanyard 

More Colors Available 




BLADE/ 69 

Folding Favorites 

Though Columbia River's Paul 
Gillespie says CRKT's AUS-6M 
blade steel does not bold an edge 
as long as the company's ATS-34, 
the trade-off is that the AUS-6M 
blade of the CRKT Crawford/ 
Kasper Folder is easier to 
sharpen, as on this Lansky Fold- 
A-Vee Sharpener. Manufacturer's 
suggested retail price for the large 
model: S59.95. 

70 / BLADE 


"Pick it up and feel the 

bulk in the palm 

of your hand.'" 

— the author 

serration pattern on its oilier folders, includ- 
ing the SPEGWAR, Commander, Navy 
SARK and CQC7. (i-'or more on the SARK, 
see special si 017 this issue. ) 

Tank Tough 

What is your definition of tough? An 

Abrams lank'.' A Caterpillar I)X'.' There is a 
maker who buikls working folders that epit- 
omize litis lype of "tough." Harold "Kit" 
Carson, a full -lime maker since he retired 
from the Army in October 1993, is a 
res pec icd name when it comes to stout tacti- 
cal folders. From his shop in rural Vine 
Grove, Kentucky. Carson turns out such 
pieces as his Ml 6 folder. He employs vari- 
ous si eels for the blade, depending on 
customer requests. Choices run the gamut 
of high-performance materials, including 
CPM S60V (440V) and S90V (420V). D-2, 
ATS-34. I54CM. 440C, damascus and Stel- 
lile 6K« Whde blade materials vary. Kit 
uses titanium liners and handles on each 
model. Tough! The M 16 is an all-business 
working knife lhat Carson designed to be 
used and used hard. If specified by the 
customer. Kit can make the MI6 wilh whai 
he calls the "'Hipper" a rounded protrusion 
that is part of the blade tang which speeds 
blade opening and also serves as a linger 
guard. Each Carson knife has heft pick it 
up and feel llie bulk 111 the palm of your 
hand. The maker is a real stickler for fit. 
finish and a light lockup. His attention to 
detail and function have earned him a solid 
reputation in the handmade industry for 
building rock-steady working folders on 
which you can depend. 


With the abundance of working folders on 
the market, you have an array of choices 
and options from which to choose. It seems 
thai every year there are more new entries 
into this segment of the knife market, 
further fueling your desire 10 add the pieces 
lo your collections. It is important that you 
be educated prior to making your purchase 
of a working liildei since I here is .1 lie\> of 
factors that influence knife use. The lop 
working folders arc designed and built to 
withstand the rigors of hard use on a daily 

Some critics have dismissed the work- 
ing folder genre as a lad and that ii will 
soon blow over. Consider the predominance 
of this style of folding knife on the market 
now. It is definitely here to stay. 

For iliv contact information for the knives 
in the story, see " Where To Get 'Em " on 
page 121. 


Get Our 





: don't build our 

Liner Action Tanlo like this 

just to be cool. Everything has a 

point. The Tanto blade provides 

incredibly sharp, tactical precision. The 

high-tech, eusl-aircrafl-ahnninum handle is 

super-lightweight. The co-polymer handle insert 

ensures a non-slip grip. The locking liner holds 

the blade safely in place and releases easily, The 

point is, you get all this technology in a knife that is — 

okay, we admit it — pretty cool. 

Model 2420TST 

locking lanto Point, 

Partially Seriated Blade 3 s /s" (9.2 cm) with thumb stud lot lost and easy, one-bended opening 

fteerf. 4Ys"(IIJcm) 

Steel MM Stainless, Rockwell 55-57 

Handle. (est oiiaat damnum mthnoaslip, copolymer handle insert 

Weight. 3.3oi. 

Includes Pocket Clip Suggested Retail $66.95 

liWBSSf Technology with an Edge 


www. kerrsba wluii ves. ram 


Model SQ7 

VG-10 Blade 
Black Palm 1 landles 

Stainless Liners 
Ambidextrous opening 
Toot strew construction 
Price $159.00 

Nuic- oilier models and handle 
materials available ... 

Send S3. on li.i ■» catalog, 

or i inline .11 

w ww i\ illiauilieiirvknivcs.com 

\William Henry 


2125 Delaware Avenue, Suite C • Santa Cruz, CA 95000 
Phone (831) 454-9409 * Fax (831) 454-9309 

BLADE/ 71 

The Randall Model 1 7 Astros made for the Mercury 
space program are the epitome of living-history blades 

By Pete Hamilton, Past Randall Shop Foreman 

There have been many questions lately 
about the Model 17 Astro knife, ques- 
tions that apparently have been 
brought about by the raising of astronaut 
tins CJrissom's Libert) Hell 7 space capsule 
and the Model 17 that was in it. (For more 
on thai knife, see the October BLADE « .) 

The first of this model was made in 
l'>fi() when 10 of them were delivered to 
astronaut Gordon Cooper. At the time, it 
was not an official model yet. 

In the 16th printing of the Randall Cata- 
log in l%4. the Model 17 was shown with 
nit handle slabs. The slabs were available 
for an extra charge of S5. At thai time, the 
Astro was also available with a Solingcn 
blade. The standard blade was carbon steel 
and the hih was stainless steel. According to 
the 17th Randall Catalog in l%(i, the handle 
slabs were no longer listed as an extra. 
Micarta h slabs were made standard. In 
1973, the 22nd Randall Catalog reported a 
change in the standard blade material from 

carbon to stainless steel. Since that lime, the 
lang of die knife has heen slotted for stor- 
age. The handles are sloued, also. 

I: What's the history on the thick Model 
14s and the limited numbers of them? 
(Gradv McCotter, address n/a) 

Back in the early 1980s, a Model 14 blade 
was forged with an oversized thickness. 
Mosl of the knives are forged from quarter- 
inch stock but ihis particular Model 14 was 

In the metric system there is not a true 
measurement for a quarter inch. The stock is 
either undersized or oversized. That is why 
these few knives were "oversized." It seems 
that in the order Ihcrc were a few of the 
oversized bars and, when the steel was 
selected for the next forging, the bars were 
in the bundle. The steel was eul lo length 
and the blades were forged. No notice was 
made of the difference at the time. 

A number of the knr.es were completed 
before anybody noticed the difference. At 
that time, all the remaining blades and 
knives were pulled from stock and placed in 

Some of the thick Model 14s did get 
shipped, Some went lo individuals and some 
lo Randall dealers. About 101) were made 
and about 50 were shipped. 

I have received several questions about a 
group of Randall knives shown at the most 
recent RLADI£ Show that were extremely 
fancy These were a few of the latest 
specials being produced by Randall Made 
Knives. The blades are as shown in the cata- 
log. The real difference is in die hilts, spac- 
ers and handle material. 

The ivory handles with scrimshaw were 
scrimmed by Rick Bowles. The other handle 
material was fossilized walrus and 
mastodon. These materials arc available at 
most of the knife shows or from some of the 

72 / BLADE 


knife suppliers. 

The silver hills, spacers and butts were 
true silver, not niekcl stiver. To my knowl- 
edge, sit present there is only one supplier of 
this material. If you are thinking about 
getting one of these special Randalls, be 
advised that Randall Made does not have 
the silver on hand— you must supply it. 
Contact Precious Metals Fabrications, PMB 
288. 266 Klmwood Ave.. Buffalo, NY 
14222 for in formal ion about the parts. 

2: I was given a Randall knife a hunt 3d 
years ago. One glance at it told me it was 
loo nice for my fishing tackle box, so I 
put il away. The previous owner or 
owners may have used it but it shows no 
signs of wear or sharpening. Can you tell 
me what model number it is and how old 
it is? (Orville Austin, Sunnyvale, Califor- 

The knife that you have is a Model I with a 
7-inch blade sporting what appears to be a 
pinned stag handle. The knife looks like it 
could have been made in the late 1950s or 
early '60s. I cannot really tell from the 
picture you sent. The sheath is a Johnson- 
made and the hone is the correct one for the 

Finally, many thanks for the kind words 
from Bi.MW. reader Steve Strickland on my 
retirement from Randall Made Knives. 

Some ofyott One people are asking for 
value quotes on your Randall knives, either 
from a picture or by description. 1 realty 
would rather not quote prices without 
having the knife in my band. Sometimes 
pictures do not do the knife justice. 1 will be 
more than glad to give the values at any of 
the shows that I attend. Bring your knives 

This is the pack stored for the astronauts 
in the capsules of the Mercury space 
program. The Randall Model 1 7 Astro is at 
left. In the middle of the pack, next to the 
sunglasses, is a pouch for a "carborun- 
dum pocket hone. " 

If you have any questions about Randall 

knives, send litem in: Randal! Answer Man, 
C BLADE, 700 E. Stale Si., lain. Wl 

54WU itr e-Dit/il hlatleni kraitse.eam. 



The CQB- J. Designed by Robert lerzuola. 
Crafted by CcimiHus. 

Blade Length: 5 3/4" 

CUDA Slik Matte Finish 

Overall: 10 7/8" 

Knife Weight: 802 

5/32" ATS 34 Rc59 

Micarta® Handle 

Kydex Sheath With 

Tek-Lok® System 


lesTit lool 







Camillus Cutlery Company 

54 Main St., Camillas, NY 13031 • phono: 800 344 0456 

fax: 315 672 8832 • www.ramilluKkniveN.com 


Specializing in Custom & Randall Knives Since 1971 

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed by our Return Policy 

Visit our Web Site 

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featuring High-Quality, 

Individual photos of 

Custom Knives 

1 634-C6 Copenhagen Dr. 

Solvang, CA 93463 U.S.A. 

(805) 688-3612 

or (800) 992-6574 (orders only) 

BLADE / 73 

A Moteng 

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three exclusive knives 

made by Buck. As one of the 

finest manufacturers in the 

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the Odyssey I HCS & ATS, 

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Gas Lantern, 
Requires Liquid 
Fuel, One Mantle 

[ Coleman % I 

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C0S7 1 7-671 K 
Kids' Frontier Combo 

M. Moteng 


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5861 Harsey Air Ranger, Plain 

6901 Spectre, Serrated 






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MR537Q3 Motorola TA280 
SLK,Alkaline,Pacific Green 

MR53547 Motorola TalkAbout 
Distance DPS.Dark Pewter 

HD32 Harley-Davidson Legend 
Collection, Flaming Legend 

HD3LFR Harley Davidson Key 
Chain Knife. Flame Logo, Red 


HD-f3 Hariey-Oavidson 
M3 Motor tool 

HD33-R Harley- Davidson Legend 
Colledion, Elite Legend, Fled 











4k Moteng 

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sporting cutlery 

Moteng celebrates its zoth Anniversary 
Moteng's CEO, Les Edelstein reflects on 2 decades in knife and tool distribution 

It's hard to believe that Moteng has been doing business since 1 980. Back in the 80's the company was 
based up in Los Angeles and I commuted the 120 miles back and forth from my home in San Diego. One 
day my partner John and I decided that this was ridiculous, so we packed up the entire business in one 
large Ryder Truck and moved to San Diego over a weekend. 

Thanks to the loyal support of our customers, employees and suppliers, the company has come a long way 
since then. Today, we occupy 2 warehouses and offices totaling over 50,000 square feet, carrying over 
15,000 different items. Although our focus has always been in knives and tools, the company now also offers 
a great selection of Camping and Outdoor products, Flashlights, Watches and Public Safety equipment. We 
are constantly on the look out for new and innovative products. 

Our company built its foundation on providing products and services that our customers wanted. Although 
the size and scope of the product range has changed dramatically over the years, the company's philosophy 
has not altered one bit. The independent retail storeowner is still our customer and we do everything we can 
to help them be successful. 

We really try to live up to our motto, "Order it all with One Call", by making it really easy to do business with 
us. It doesn't matter if your store needs one knife as a special order or you use us as your warehouse. 

I think the biggest changes I have seen in the industry in the last 20 years have been firstly in the amazing 
advancements in materials and processes that go to make up the knives and tools that we sell. Knives have 
become far more than mere cutting instruments. Secondly, the amount of new product introductions has 
been staggering. I can remember when 2 or 3 new knives a year were a tot. The SHOT and Blade Shows 
have become great forums for people involved with knives to exchange and present ideas and concepts. It's 
quite a daunting task to keep up with this constant change. 

Of course the incredible advancements in information technology has changed all of our lives (not all of it for 
the better!). Like most distributors, we publish a catalog, that because of the constant change in product 
selection is unfortunately out of date the moment it's printed. The Internet has allowed us to publish a cata- 
log that is now always completely up to date and even lets our customers and suppliers know how much 
inventory we have and when more is due in. Customers can even track their shipments or place orders on- 
line 24 hours a day. For a small storeowner, who has limited time available to read catalogs, check stock and 
place orders, this is a huge benefit. 

Naturally, Moteng is mindful of the challenges that face the knife industry. Knife commerce is continually 
threatened by local, state and federal legislation. While some of the legislation is undeniably necessary, with- 
out active participation by companies and individuals at all levels, restrictive legislation will have a dramatic 
impact on how we can do business in the future. For this reason, Moteng is an active member of AKTI (The 
American Knife and Tool Institute). This completely volunteer organization is doing excellent work to safe- 
guard our rights. I strongly encourage you to join and support AKTI, 

Oh yes, people are always asking me, where does the name Moteng come from? When the company origi- 
nally started, we sold beautiful woven wall hangings from my native South Africa. The craftsmen, who wove 
them, lived in the magnificent Moteng mountain region in the tiny kingdom of Lesotho. Our Moteng logo is a 
stylized mountain range with the sun rising behind. 

For more information, or to request a catalog, contact us at: - 1-800-367-5900 or 858-715-2500 
(Phone) 1-800-367-5903 or 858-715-2525 (Fax) 

info@motenq.com (e-mail) 
www.motena.com (website) 

Moteng Customer Service (mail) 
5625 Copley Drive, San Diego C A 92111 

Americana Ltd, 

219 Stucker Lane Dept. B • Smithfield, KY 40068 
Supplies for the Knife Maker & Collector 

Finished Blaiies Knife Pak for the Pocket Knife Collector 

Handle Material Chip Board Collector Cases 

Rivets. Hilts, Brass Tacks Acrylic Display Stands 

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover 8 American Express 
E-mail: americanaltd@wordnet.att.net 

Send for Catalog USA (3.00 

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J. W. Denton 

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Knilemakers Guild 

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BLADE/ 83 



The Largest Catalog of Cutlery in the WQKCD 

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"Quality Supplies for ihe Knifernaker" 

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A-2. Damascus, 416, .104 

• Nickel Silver ■ Barstock, Sheet, Hod, Tube 

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Scotch Hrite 

l^irge selection of Sleet in stock. ATS. 34, 44uC. 
(W. »2. « i lb. Also stainless K \ickel l>aniacus 

9" Reversible l>isc Sander. 
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Supplies. Featuring 'handle 
grade' Stingray skins, sword 
polishing, scabbards, and all 

sword parts. 

For 23 page catalog, send $5.00 


3405 N.E. Broadway 

Portland, OR 97232 U.S.A. 


Knife Dealers Wanted 
We sell to dealers only 

G154Sotingen K- 55 Cat 
Knife 4 3/8" black metal 


Retail S19.99 Dealer Price S9.99 

$60.00 Minimum Order 

Ship: Add S5 UPS; $7.00 PO; S15 Int. 



4401- D Sentry Dr. 
Tucker, Georgia 30084 

We ship the same day received. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed. 

Complete 266 page Catalog USA 

S5.00; International Air S15.00 

We stock all major brands; Alaska Knives. 
Benchmade. Berelta, Boker, Buck, Busse 
Camillus. CAS Iberia, Case. Chicago, Cold 
Steel. Columbia River, DMT, Dovo, EDi, EZE 
Lap. Getber, German Eye Brand, Gigand.Glock, 
Henckels. Kabar, Kershaw, Lansky. Leather- 
man, Under Solingen, Mag Ute, Masters of 
Defense. Norton, Old Timer, Ontario, Opmel, 
Ouldoor Edge. Pentax, Puma, Queen. Straight 
Razors. Razor Strops, Rigid, Schrade. Scis- 
sors of all lypes, Sebertec, Smiih & Wesson, 
SOG, Spec Plus. Spyderco, Swiss Army. Swiss 
Tech, Swords. Uncle Henry, Ultimate Edge 
Diamond sharpeners. United. Valor, Viclorinox, 
Western, William Henry, Wyoming and Zippo. 
Over 4000 patterns stocked. 

84/ BLADE 





3OTIT317' 5 " Blade 

4927-005-005 Hollow Ground Hunter . 
4866-200-005 Kit w.'out Spacers 

. .535.00 

. .$13.95 


Call today and ask about our 96-page catalog — 
. over ISO blades and custom knits kits 
..plus pommels. India stag, guards, handle 
malenat and other supplies. 
• Mention Oept 32 tor FRBE shipping on}5l oruer' 


we'va got It!! 

RO. BOX 847 0-32 * PottSOOro, TX 75076-0847 
ORDER 1-MQ-766-6210 - FAX (903) 786-9059 
www.crajEycrow.com * crazycrow@crazycrow.oom 


i mil. ict: Lowell Siuicidv. Reba's Enterprises 

419 Warner Street. NW 

Hinitsvllle. AL 35805 (256) 837-0308 




Add 10% to lite prices for Ceramic belts. 

Gut 36-150 24-220 220/320/100/600 







2 n xl32" 






75 ea 

I 50 

i sn 

.; 50 
6 00 



160 ea 

2 25 
6 OQ 


1 00 63 



9"*l 1" Sheets $29.00/100 220-2500 Grit 

5 l/2"x9 1/2" Sheets $1400/50 240-2000 Grit 




(800) 822-4003 


S5.50 S8K 
Free 46 p. Catalog 

Sawby Custom Knives 

Specializing in folders 

SI. (HI for brochure 

Scotl Sawby 

480 Snowhen y Lane, Sandpoint, II) 83863 ♦ (208) 263-4171 



The Automatic Knife Resource Guide and Newsletter' 

eg for ALL automatic fcfliygfj 
"are and scarce antiques. 
High- Tech production models, 
totic handcrafted customs. 
Check mii em WEBSITE 


I Itl Srfur ■iLLsmtrhhlade tans!. 

►Packed with FIRST-CI ass photoy 
•Maintenance & repair dps 

• Free classified ads 

• The I. ATKST trends 

* lnliirni.it iie .irlifles .in,l iiMtures^ 

,\Viw in our NINTH YEAR! 

TO ORDER YOURS, 'send HO for a single issue or (30 
j S.^K F/cfeigxi] tor u one-veiir 14 issue) subscription Uv 

lor 24hr iutbnuainiu will 415-664-2105 


2269 I'iWnui Si., # 212-tt 

Sun I' mm Km. (V 'Ml 2,1. ISA 

m i i ■ , • _ -w i m 



Blade: CK-154 (U.S. Equiv. to ATS-34) Hand Ground: RC60 
Blade Length: 4.75" - Thickness ,175" - Cryo Treated 
0AL: 10.425" Length Closed: 4.0" 
Handle: 606I-T4 - Heat Treated Aircraft Aluminum 
Handle: Machined -Thickness: ,5425" 
Liner Lock: Stainless Steel 17-4 Heat Treated 
One Hand Openers 

All Stainless Screws - Mylar Washers 
Finish: BTCS Black Traction Coating 
Sheath Setup: Vertical or 
Horizontal Positioning 




Tactical-OPS USA 

P. O. Box 2544 

Idaho Falls, ID 83403 

Fax/Phone: (208) 542-0113 

Internet: www. topsknives.com 

...cause they're HARD TO THE CORE® 


BLADE/ 85 

BOB DOZIER presents 



Bl * M^^*** 

^^51 E * 1 



For information: 
Dozier Knives 

Phone 501-756-0023 
Fax 501-756-9139 

PO Box 1941 , Springdale, AR 72765 

Toll free 888-823-0023 






Resale Certificate or FFL Required 

Lone Star Wholesale, PO BOX 587 
Amarillo, TX 79105 FAX 806-359-1603 
All FAX Correspondence, please 
include Tax info, and phone number. 

Have you tried hot forging 
your fine blades ? 
You will be pleasantly 
surprised al what can be 
accomplished wilh a gas 
forge by NC Tool Co. 

Call for a tree catalog 


NC Tool Company Inc 

6133 Hunt Road, Pleasant Garden, NC 27313 


NC Whisper LowBoy 

Aluminum Training Blades 

Get the look and feel of real knives without the danger of getting cut! 


Law Enforcement 

Stunt Work 
Stage Work 

Knife Fighting Instructors 
Martial Artists 

Free Brochure 


Check it out on the web! 


EDGES2, . 

6805 Furman Pkwy 
Riverdale, MD 20737 
Voice: (301) 306-0194 


ww Wexca I ibu re u t Ierv.com 


' o 0C HAG£j$ 




P.O. Box 58 
Pelican Rapids, 
MN 56572 

Catalog $2 

Hume (218) 863-8503 ■ Fax (218) 863-1143 

w « w.JiiL'lKi^fii.ixpm 

Fixed blades/Folders/Forged blades 

Damascus blades 

Member: Knifemakers' Guild & ABS 

Tim O'Brien Photography 

Digital Photography 

for Knif'emakers 


SfiO per image- includes one 8 \ til 

print and rgb Image file to cd. £20 

additional per image Tor crayk. S 1 1 lor 

2 day return .shipping. 


86 /BLADE 


r /Jreieir>e the 7forifat/t> 
of JCiums 

(Join r ljf)ti§' Orffutrfiuitiou 
for Xntfe 

Laws and Knife Issues 

Educational Programs 

In formal ion & Resources 







(877)752-8770 (loll free) 



Burling! on. 1A 52601 

The custom edge on the web! 

^M L;< Gntre 


Corkimr Shaba 


Cfiarar. Momcxy 

Go Ch«< 
steve cmk 
Pat Cravvfo 
geno denning 


Bob Don eh 


jp johnson 
David Manley 

Glen Parreli 

Blade Rrt Inc. 

1 42 1 6 SW 136 Street Miami, fL 


Jfl Johnson. 

Hayes Typhoon 



Antteison' Talisman 

. Renaldi 


WCB & Fisher 


Busse Combat knives 


«ms cutlery 

masters of defense 

Pro tech Knives 

stabf1re swords 


{moll tales@bladeart.com 
(305) 255-8684 Fax: (JOS) 233-6W 

MPK-15" (steel only) 
MPK-12" (Tl & steel) 
MPK-10"(Ti & steel) 



MPD-Dive (Ti only) 7" overall 

MPS-Survival (Ti only) 9-3/4" overall 


MPT-Tactical (Ti only) 12" overall 

MPF-Folder (100% Ti - drop point & tanto) 
"also available with steel blade 

A unique and very well designed blade describes Mission's MP Series (multi-purpose) straight and folding knives 
in Titanium or steel. Specified by the military and accepted around the world, Mission's melding of engineering, 
materials, processing and useful designed tools form the core of our group of functionally well designed knives. 

Mission Knives & Tools, Inc. - 13805 Alton Parkway, Suite D - Irvine, CA 92618 
tel (949) 951-3879 - fax (949) 598-0258 - info@missionknives.com 


BLADE/ 87 


Now Available! 

The Good Book of 
Knife Patents 

160 Patented Designs 
with complete specifi- 
cations fDr: 

Blade opening means, 
Folding knives, Sliding 
Blades, Dirk, Butterfly, 
Concealed Blade, 
Pinch Pull, Safety Pocket 
Knive, Split handle Jack 
knife. Synchronized 
folding knife, Trick 
Pocket knife plus many 
more types from 1859 
to 1996 features detailed 
information for 137 
years of Pocket Knife 
Manufacturing secrets. 
Unbelievable details! 
Amazing ideas from 
the 1800's work in the 
The Good Book of Knife 
Patents is over 650 pages of 8 1/2" X 1 1". 
comb bound. This book is ideal for: Collectors, 
Craftsman, Repair & Restoration Experts, 
Inventors. Manufacturers, Historians. 
Special Oder Free Priority MaM_Sh.ijoi.ng! 
Book Price only $99.95 Send Check 1c: 
Will Harm a 

^^ Chrysos Development Co. 

' 306 S. Washington. Suite 212 \t\ 
Royal Oak. Ml 48067 
Ph: 248-543-9900 pyyg_j 

Fax: 248-548-7069 

Free Knife Catalog 

• Partially serrated 2" 420 


stainless steel blade 

• Thumb stud fcr fast, 

/__■ Wr To 

one-hand opening A 

_f place 

•Just Z'rt" closed ^ 

an order 

• Side locking / I 

or request 

• Pocket clip / 1 

" a Free catalog 

- Stock No. / M 

of knives, 

01 23 9 „_ W 

call toll fiee: 

• S10.95+ ■ M 

(800| 835-6433 

$4.95 J*~ 

ai write to: 

S&H fr 

Magnum USA 

1550 Balsam Street 

JT Lakewood, CO 8021 S-3117 


450,000 RPM Hand 
Inlay, Engraving & 
Carving In strum cut 



185IK) E. ASCHOFF, ZIGZAG QR 97049 j 

5113-622-4387, FAX 5«3-fi22-3252 
800-373-4)707, turbocarver.com 

$2l4Jbr htbafn* tKmdpttc&Jaol twt&vt, an- film vIAwg* 

2bnr*. ail pn&ur* gait&t bur catalog-tnctitda -.hift/'itr^ 

D&ttQvldeoavat[ab!tforsr<$md6&U$l4 ■ SSS&ti 

Hen & 




3-ltl»dt SlUL'ktlKIII 

Genuine Dirtr Siu£ Handles 

4" Closed 

Retail: illfUKt 

Intemationully famous cutlery friim Solingcn, 

Germany - Since 1845. Contact dealers nation 

» icle for more Information on these and other 

Hen & Rooster" patterns. Most patterns are 

available in a variety of handle materials. 


2-IUade I'nnKress 

fna-ked h'e rdluloid HanrlU-s 

3 l/K" dosed 

Retail: $*4.im 



P.O. Box 22636 
Chattanooga, TN 37422 
Call: 1-800-251-7768 
In TN: (423) 894-6079 
FAX: (423)894-9576 


2-Hlude Tnipper 

Red Bum- Siiiu Handles 

4 1/8" Closed 

Retail: S93J3 



Master Card - American Express - Discover 

m >■ 

Friedr. Dick Corp. 

The Professionals' Only Choice® 

World-Class German cutlery for 
Sport, Business and Kitchen 

Knives and Steels in all sizes and style 

Ergogrip stamped knives, fully Forged 

kitchen knives 

Custom kits and open stock available 

No Minimums, Discount Prices, Immediate 

Shipping MasterCard, Visa, and Discover 


Call for expert advice, flyer, and prices 

I & L Specialty Cutlery 
2230 Whitfield Park Drive 

Sarasota, FL 34243 
Phone/Fax 941-755-3588 



vht'n buvinn »r srffini; v»wi'ri thr \mtmn Utvttttittar ihmuxii 

.1. Bmxi-: V'(Ki>x Au-iKwms 

P.O. Km 22007, Chattanooga. TN 57422 

423-S94-S319 B mail: jbrueeTMl noU-orn 

W \i H : bap:l/\ rn.ru ibers .u* il .con i/| brace 7 7 

I >L'^- HlM ilVUlllHJhk- UqHlll ri'L|lk->l 


Ry Pot and Wes Crawford 
Handmade for 15 years 



nil in one package 

Made from Hard Rircraft Aluminum 

$224.95 - Ready for delivery 


205 N. Center Drive 
West Memphis, lIR 72301 

(870) 735-4632 

88 / BLADE 


Medieval Swords 

Discover Kris Cutlery's selection of 

Medieval Swords & Daggers — 

Barbarian word in the King Dagger! 


Send $1 for color catalog 

l\ri 5 CUTLERY 
P.O. Ht>x I ML Pinole, CA 94564 (510) 75S-9912 


f 6AL/4V and Commercially Pure 
Titanium, Sheet, Bar, Rod, Stainless 
Steel Fasteners; Carbon Fiber, G-10; 
Titanium Pocket Clip Blanks t 

Specializing in hard to find 
knifemaking materials 

- Offering a Full Line of Tactical 

Knife-making Supplies 

- 6 Lobe Stainless Steel Fasteners 

- Wholesale Prices on Carbon 


- G-10 Available in Colors 


Call: 888-283-8627 
Fax: 413-289-2372 

Web site: http://www.halpemtitanium.coin 
E-Mail Addr: Ie50halperntitanvum.com 


^^ m 14 Maxwell Road 
VISA Monson, MA 01057 


Choke of handles l 

Zytet Royal Blue y 
or Turquoise $99 

U.C Black 



Unique newly patented side opening locking mechanism. 

Fast one handed opening, can turn in either direction. 

1 3 inch High Carbon Sheffield Steel blade HRC <58 

V Custom Made in Sheffield, The United Kingdom. 

^\ Hi-tech , Carbon Fibre Composite Handle ! 

All precision steel parts specially heat treated. 

Lock has safety-catch for total security. 

l Use when half open for splitting bones, etc. 

Imagical Design 
P.O. Box 10783 
i. 1001 ET Amsterdam 
The Netherlands 

jy^, iMHMttM j — aL 

I.I) 2000 Drop Point One 

Imagical @ bigfoot.com 


Cass Harris 

Pari Time Maker 

P.O. Box 147 
Bluemont, VA 20135 


CQT-#303~*is back..! 


CQT-THUhlDER HAWKE #303 (Close Quarters Tactical) 

(Available til Tanto & Hunter's Points) 
Blade: CM-IS-I (U.S. Equiv. to ATS-34) Hand Ground: RC40 
Blade Length: 3.615" ■ Thickness .0140" - Cryo Treated 
OAL. B.SO" Length Closed: 4.B20" 
Handle: 404I-T4 - Heat Treated Aircralt Aluminum 
Handle: Machined - Thickness: .550" 
Liner Lock: Stainless Steel 174 Heat Treated 
One Hand Openers 

All Stainless Screws - Mylar Washers 
Finish: BTC© Black Traction Coating 
Reversible Clip 
Limited Lifetime Warranty 
Made in 


Taclical-OPS USA 

P. 0. Bon 2544 

Idaho Falls, ID 83403 

Fax/Phone: (208) 542-0113 

I ntern et :www.1o psknlves.com 

$149 ea. 

Partially Opened 

" THUNDER HAWKES "...when it's time to ptoyfor keeps... 


BLADE/ 89 

Knife Outlet 

Cool Blades! 
Hot Prlcesl 

The knives you want at 
internet prices! 

Knife Outlet 

Div. of Specialty Web Marketing, Inc. 

66400 Oak Road 

Lakeville. IN 46536 

(800) 607-9948 

Micro-Mill Milling Machine 

Eliarfci i h-lrilf ,i. loble onii rwlllll ml 
inpweme nl OvcJ&ned giK ground Heel 
ways massive lons&jc null sleel 
bed/veriicrj mill hend sopped fc. Spindle 
speeds tSIS'SJOO rfm nr/iran 7000 
rjrrj jV^eslable miuemeter diok m 
GO I irmcroenls Overall arcnrpry of 
MM I MO ttarJCtMnfarJ ..5 5»S.OOso 
MM1I04(VW , .S1W.00 ea 

Wilton Square Wheel 4103 

3jc7? bill \W unglt phase. Mm 
tenth model I IS/JSW I!K tow 
i' sonlatl wheel, platen & »mk («J. 
M speed if «SFPM 

W4I06 ;; i ■,.:■'. ■ n.'- 



For terhttkol oaVrre, 

The Fined in HrtHemakittg Equipment £ Supplies 

For Over 2S Yean! 
Viii! our Sbtmioem at. 5819 larky St., Hew Albany, Okie 
Oi Wii! irs online rt wmy.lrowtltmVcs.f em 

• Handle Material 

• Bdi & Sheel Slack 

• Rods £ Mosaic Pins 

• Arbors, Spindles, 

Belts. Wheels 8 

for lomphle Catalog ol inrrVmnttfng lupp'i'f 

v ivi' 54,011 to: 

Kotol Knives 
R0, lex m • Hew Albany, OH «<H4 

• Elude Steel 

• Blades I. 
Custom ItaidWe 

• tqriipmenl 

• ,'il(] .'7.W1J' ilmi lo 



Drive, Wappingers Falls NY 12590 


Custom Knives 
& Tomahawks 

Phone/Fax: (843)297-5397 

America's largest dealer in antique Edged Weapons & Armor 

Illustrated catalogs by subscription: 

$10 per year -North America 
$16 per year- Worldwide 

W. Fagan & Co. Inc. 
22952 Fifteen Mile Rd. 
Clinton Twp., MI 48035 

(810) 465-4637 



90/ BLADE 


Tru Hone 


I ' i I 'i- I I Kinfi 

Sharpen* t ■ 

I !■. rrs. i r Is ih up I 

kmic in .1 Iran i ill i1»t 

i iiik required In- 
cd mcthodi li iharpcnshoih bevel* ol ■> kmii bUdc 

HTmifUmntoUy, fnUlmiiii hi«]u .1 '■ i i ! > and pn u 

iharpncsf in less i h.m .i tnimiu flu. 1 ru I ItHit < mi cosily bt 

■djUMCtJ M'.liMiii nt ..Ki:li' nlTtlBPtnS J r.ulnr •, • 

Mr jiiy rvj'i- "" ■ uKiiil" UpCMI IfiltWV) JuiJ jtitinlcM mllI 

Eomcructimi und ' ■ l>p mow mean* you will pel vurim 
m&Infcn!UKi !i ■ Unitv fcliirpeninj: 

Tru Hone Corp. 

1721 NE 19t»Ave ■ Oeala. FL 344 70 USA 

1 -800-237-4B63 
(352)622-1213 - FAX (352) 622-9180 


Bun- Ridgi- Knives 

- : We I'lin hase l 'in:.' Knife t ollw lions 

S, Business Invenlorie; 
o Immediate Payment! 
« No Collection too Lanj 

or fooSmalll 
4 \ Fail and Reputable 

Dealer lb < >\ i i 

.'HI, li- 


_ Custom . 


ic>(. vi.w li, klI • Bepi ur * Marten. * \ Mil ■ 

I'liniK'iiidl "»H'IH ■ Kill Sill) *«.t- wm 

Muela Knives 

Handcrafted Excellence 

Style, Affotdabillly. 
Function. Quality 

Over 100 Models Available 
Exotic Bowies, t ititfiir 
Boar Daggers, Premium 
Fixed Hlmli- Hunters and 
Skinners, l)i*-wt> Knives, Folding Navahas, 
Sttrvivai, TtictiaiL Camp Kftives, Much More 


Deluxe 70 Page Full Color Catalog 
Available Direct for S5.1X) 

87111 Rosewood Hills 
Edwardsvffle, 1L 62025 
M (7 VISA 618-656-9868 


Customer statement: KLOTZLI Folders... the very best of production 

folders available in the world... 


440C 2-7/8 INCH BLADE 
With Clip & Partial Serration 



Call Boker USA Inc. 800-992-6537 
or AG Russell Knives 800-255-9034 



from SEK1 JAPAN, Capital of Japanese Sword 

SliKI, Capital of Japanese Sword lias aboul <SU() yc.'trs 
traditional history of forcing Japanese Swords. 

T'lnznese Sword! 
Get Genuine Mpdiu se 

GIFU-PREF, 501-3932 JAPAN 
^m r f~-m ~f-% TELB1-575-22-BB92 FAX 81-575-24-1895 

%AJWIrHJl»^™ I 0^0 Lh I ^^CTUiLeKT hup www. spice or p "selo sword hrml 

Cut your 

knife search 

time in haif 

and save to 40% 

when you visit: 


P.O. BOX 87 
RINGWOOD. NJ 07456-0087 


7 Days 
11 am - 9 pm EST 












Buy the best 
you can afford . 


BLADE >91 


http:llwww. ako4u, com 

Specializing in 
Automatic Knives 

Offering Automatics by 

Al Mar 





Masters of 

Smith & 

Custom Autos Available 


2600 US 1 S. 


St Augustine, FL 32086 

Phone - 904.797.8807 

Fax- 904.797.5311 

iftdwmuh wfta i<* m i»i» «jjimo »*ivkw. 1.1* •rriaicMittni as cam {Miiitafl m 
•numbwipv rwtl wkw fttramMl PurthtWMM f*w burn* *f* s*iffia«rtd br I*** 

JflBW.T FWUnnJurwif ■p.-^Hu.niJ'h iftJri^'i*'" Tr ™ Huyn-L #iwfini' !'i*l IJuV "v in 

1 flaipd.im;* w|Fi jn dmm « urn* juir hh,-^i I j*t •»■! |1>» ftWr ViMJJJ" 1 * N (w«mrral*a 
■ - i-k, ■.:,!«, -■' ■ ■ ' ■ ■ ■-. 

need a^> 
custom # 
knife • 

LMS Stamping & Water-Jet Cutting We 

Cut any material: 


No heat: 


understand knives. 

No problem: 


LMS - 1 209 W. Lehigh Street. Bethlehem, PA 1 801 8 
ph.61 0-867-5011 Fax 610-866-1433 
e-mail: ImsiSbrey-krause.com 


P.O. Box 80692 

Albuquerque, NM 87198-0692 

Jffl) / (505)873-4676 

Full-Time Maker 

ATS-34 S/S Oner-Lock® 
Folder with Ivory Scales, 
2%" Blade, 5VJ" Overall. 
Price $400 

Emailrjtdkni ves@uswest.net • www.kmg.org/jtdknives 

92 /BLADE 



Artistic Impressions in Culler) Steel 


Stainless Damascus 

Mokume, Mastodon Ivory, 

Filework $400.00 

Kfitb Ciiliiii i 

5(l«l Starfire PI. NW.AIbiaj* of 



$170 U\ 

2-1/2" Blade 




2-5/8" Blade 

Order from; 

Available now wi 
American Maplewood 

Dealer inquiry welcome 




ego, CA 
e & Fax: (8 
ail: erina@adnc.co 

Japan 292-2 Osugi, Seki-City 
Gifu-Pref. 501-3922 Japan 
Phone & Fax: 81 -575-24-7569 
E-mail: koiiharaSgj8.so-net.ne.jp 





Over f 5,000 Knives, Sharpeners, Ughts t Toots 
Kitchen Cutlery, Sporting Goods and Much Morel 


Lightfoot LCC 
Auto $219.99 
Manual $139 99 

W\ RIVER iim 


$41.99 -$44.99 



3" S1 29.99 
BASIC 5" S1 49. 99 
BASIC 7' $199.99 
BASICS' 1 $219.99 







QrdarS Only 





BLADE /93 

U?/ M<C+**tU A ^ 

WD £«**♦*/ 

m * • ^ 

oju^*, tx mii 

^^feb^ ^ 


#?; N^ 


\v J 


EKitc^^vt £*«*&•** \^^^ 

&*~ 11% N 

B^Ciw *^ ;, 

2 wua*. cot** 

^tSi V- 

Bfll Moran School of Bladesmithing 

Washington, Arkansas 
American Bi.adesmith Society 2000 Schedule 


Intra to Btedesmithing 


Inner Locking Folders 

Advanced Folders 

Primitive Knives 

Intro to Btadesmitriing 



Handles & Guards 

Intro to Bladesmithing 


Handles & Guards 

Intro to Bladesmithing 


Lab Class 

Leather Sheaths 

Intro to Bladesmithing 

Handles & Guards 


Intro to Bladesmithing 



Feb. 11 -Feb. 25 
Feb. 28 - Mar. 3 
Mar. 13- Mar. 17 
Mar. 20 - Mar. 24 
Apr. 10 -Apr. 14 
Apr. 1 / - Apr. 28 
April 29 -April 30 
May 1 - May 5 
May 8 - May 12 
June 12 - June 23 
June 26 - June 30 
July 3 - Jury 7 
July 10 -July 21 
July 24 -July 28 
July 31 -Aug. 4 
Aug, 7- Aug. 11 
Sept. 1 1 Sept. 22 
Sept. 25 -Sept. 29 
Oct. 2 - Oct. 6 
Oct. 1 6 - Oct. 27 
Oct. 28 & Oct. 29 
Oct. 30 - Nov. 5 


Jay Hendrickson 

Rick Dunkertey 

Mel Pardue 

Darrell Ralph 

James Rubley 

J. Walker & B. Gaston 

J, Fisk & G. Neely 

Bill Moran 

AJ Barton 

J, Keeslar & M, Connor 

Roger Massey 

James Ft. Cook 

James Batson 

Don Fogg 

James Crovwell 

Kenny Rows 

H. Dean & G, Neely 

Joe Flournoy 

Steve Dunn 

Kevin Cashen 

J. Fisk & G. Neely 

Charlie Ochs 

Far Further Information-. ABS School Director - Mr. Scotty Hayes - 903/633-4541 ext. 237 
ToxarkanaCollege • 2500 North Robinson Road -Texarkana.TX 75501 

W.F.'BILL" MORAN has been called the most famous Bladesmith in the world 

J^ and architect of contemporary Damascus Steel. He now has three videos 

— available for the serious kntfemaker and the enthusiastic collector. The newest, 

#1 "Handles, Guards & Sheaths" sells tor $65.00 VHS & $69.00 PAL or SECAM. 

#2 "The Making of a Knife" video is a step-by-step explanation of the entire 

process, beginning with forging the blade from a bar of steel, to fitting and 

finishing the handle. #3 "Damascus" explains in detail the process of making a 

damascus blade. #2 or #3 videos VHS Format $53.50 #2 or #3 RftL or SECAM 

. Format: S5S.00 (includes postage) MC/VTsa accepted. Please contact: ABS - 

Kay Cordova - 505/869-3912 - Fax: 506/069-2509 P. O. Box 977KI . Peralta, NM 

87042 - www.americanbladesmlth.com "Enhance & Preserve the 

Frank J. Dilluvio 


New knives on this site 

Ni) ( 'ill : i In;; 

1.161 1 Joyce Dr. 

Warren. Ml 4X119,1 

K I (1-775- 12 16 

-nuiihf jtlknives@home.com 


for knife 

Heat treat- 
ing and test- 
Ing are at the 
heart of the 
knife making 

The KM-series furnace comes in three inte- 
rior lengths: the 14 W" long KM-14D, 24" 
long KM-24D. and 36" long KM-360. Com- 
plete with an electronic controller. 

Paragon industries, Inc. 

2011 S. Town East Blvd.. Mesquite, TX 75149 

800-876-4328 / 972-288-7557 



SUL Night Hot prlatity 
£t Early Admission 

Funds with your tax deductible gifts." e-mail: abs@rt66.com 

Knife by 
Bay "" 

Vim with: Jot Khalsa 

Ray Beers W. D, Pease 

F ran k Centof a nte Al Po I ko ws ki 
John Etzler John W. Smith 

Wayne Hensley Masao Takahashi 

Sun., Dec. 10 

1 Oam - 6pm 

Timonium, M D 


Admission: $6 ($5 with this ad) 

*VIP Pass $25 |ln advance only) SaL 6-1 Opm 

2004 Greenspring Dr. Timonium Plaza 

Free Parking Reserv.: 410/252-7373 
More info: Ted Merchant 410/34JO3B0 
P. O. Box 126 White Hall, MD 21 161 

94 /BLADE 



Marble Qualih 
Made In the USA for 102 Years 

Affordable Price 

Coeobolo & Black Micarta Handles 

Available In Three Blade Styles 

Reldcrafi Sport 99 Trailcraft 
Retail $68.00 

Introductory Price $60.00 

All knives are dated. An 
Exclusive for Bowie Corporation 

Marble's Factory Authorized 

Distributor and Your Source for 

Marble Knives 

Bowie Corporation 

3518 Apple Valley Rd. 
Okemos. Ml 48864 


"Knife Making 
Sanding Beits" 


Top Quality Cloth Belts A/ O 
Any grit 


2" x 48" 

,700 ea. 

.700 ea. 
$1.15 ea. 
$1.70 ea. 
$2.90 ea. 

* Belts (any-sizel sheets, discs, rolls, etc. 

Available in A/O - sil-carbide, Zirconia, 
Cork, Scotch-brite material 

G.L. Pearee Abrasive Co. 

(Abrasive specialist) 

RD #5 Box 108 
Punxsutawney, PA 15767 

814-938-2379 for info 
800-938-0021 orders only 
VISA, MasterCard, CG.D. 
shipping & handling $6.95 

Craig S. Shelton 

Handmade Knives 

Website: uiuiiu.orbitiuorld.net/cshelton/ 

P.O. Box 1 24 Ph: 281 -930-1 005 

Deer Pork, TX 77536 Fox: 281-930-8053 


The Large Fang 

ATS-34 and Sambar Stag 
2.5" Blade/ 7" Total 
Kydex Sheath with Unique 

Belt Loop & Neck Carry System 

Standard ^^M ^"■^^ 

E.V. Chavar 

1830 Richmond Ave. 

Bethlehem, PA 18018 


Visa & Mastercard Accepted 

Call or Write for Brochure 

% et 14** 

"Handles With Care" 



India Stag, Pearl, Horn, Bone, 

Amber Beads, Exotic Woods, 

Micarta, Carbon Fiber, Celluloids, 

Imitation Pearl, Alternative Ivory, 

Re-con Stones and More 

Call to order our catalog 

P.O. Box 423 BL 

254 Amity St., Meriden, CT 06450 

Phone (203)238-3049 

E-mail: masecraft.supply@snet.net 

MasterCard, VISA & Discover Accepted 


BLADE/ 95 








Write for more information. 


Damascus Steel 

"A Touch of Class 

Full Time Maker 

Making Own Damascus 

6350 Tulip Dr. 

Zephyrhills, FL 33544 

8 13-973- 1682 

it takes more than just 
titanium & steel.. 


perfect knife! 


custom knives 

PMB 227 

171 94 Preston Rd. 

Suite 1 23 

Dallas, TX 75248- 1221 

www, e 


e w i 





S&W peRklNS. CDAkeR. 


To proudly mark your knives. Made 
to order from your logo, trademark 
or special design. Quality steci 
stamps at competitive prices. 

• Set Prices — no quotes necessary 
on most stamps 

• Personalized Service 

• Brochure SI 


Stamp ami Die 

3ft50 Westwood Dr.#B-5 

Las Vegas, NV HVHW 

(7(12) 7.15-K4fi7 • FAX (702) 735-6K'JS 


Wc iicccpi (S3 1 ^^ 

2001 KNIFE 


January 26, 27, 28, 2001 

250+ Tables, 50 Custom Knife 

Makers, Over 100 Factory Knife 

Dealers, Custom Knife Raffles. 

Knife Collection Displays, Awards 

For Best Displays and Best Custom 

Knives: Folder, Fixed, Art Knife 


E ^C^I> O 

£#w2*c- — 

I-96 and Novi Road 

Across from 12 Oaks Shopping Mall 

Many Restaurants and Hotels in area 


Room Reservations: 

Call Wyndham Garden Hotel 248-344-8800 


Friday 12 -8 p.m. 
Saturday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. 
Sunday 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. 

For Reservation and/or Information Contact: 


P.O. Box 1356. Sterling Hts., Ml 48311 

(810) 264-2031 


14543 Yale Ct.. Sterling Hts., Ml 48313 

(810) 247-5883 (Evenings) 

96/ BLADE 


Una WW 

lliiv 122 

Falkland, BC CANADA 


PHONE/FAX: |25(I| .W-»2fc5 

WW* .Lnyii]l.i«.L,-.<Jiiilknivc\ kiini 


Don 't miss the next 

OjLADE Magazine 


February 2001 
March 2001 
April 2001 

October 18, 2000 
November 15, 2000 
December 20, 2000 

For more information contact 
IjLADE Magazine 

700 E. State St, 
Ida. Wl 54990-0001 


The West's 
Finest Quality 
Cutlery Store 






And the finest 


knives from 


the world. 

See fine engraving 

and knifemaking 

live in the store! 

I702) 733-8335 

Fax 702/732-0333 
3507 South Maryland Parkway, Suite E 
Us VagsB, NV 89 109 
Across from the Boulevard Matt 

tactical police rescue collector's 
microtech specialists 


_^ (616)456-6569 

professional quality professional knives 


Knives • Multi-Tools ■ Sharpeners • Kitchen Cutlery • Swords 

tow ma GER^ER BU ' 



LLci:Na°.RVjaij» m aw.s 

m% RIVER: 




A Division o/E3%^ (K) 

customer sit vict' ft" knifcprn,ci»n 


**f More! 

• All Major It rands! 

• I'nhelievahle Discount Prices! 
■ On-line Catalog with Photos! 

• Easy. Sate & Secure Ordering! 

got damascus? 



,i i 

Fine quality automatic knives proudly featuring Damascus steel from Mike Norris & Devin 

Thomas. From $300 lo $2000. 9630 John St. #103 Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 

(562) 903-0670 Dealer Inquies Welcome 


BLADE / 97 

Bob Crowder 


Box 1374 

Thompson Falls, MT 59873 


E-mail: c r o wder (« bl a ckf oo t . net 



I -1/4" wick 

■ Un pa railed cutting performance 

• Prolonged edge holding on tough fibers like hemp or nylon 

• Easy sharpening on an ordinary whetstone ■ «.,i irj^ fifi 

• Ah.solntelv no rust in sail water, ever ■,,.,, . <tnn iu\ 

■ No magnetic signature 

• No heat treatment BOYE KNIVES • (800)853-1617 


Visit Our Web site 
www.plazacutlery. com 

Plaza Cutlery 

South Coast Plaza 

Costa Mesa, C A 92626 


Phone Orders Welcome! 

We accept MasterCard. VISA, & 

American Express. Shipping by UPS. 


Founding member 

iNillmisfll 1ri:Ji, j ["jn:1nil 

Featured this month is Eugene Shad ley. 

Pictured is the five-bladed Stockman. This is one of the hardest knives to make. This 

Stockman has five blades, made of ATS-34, with satin finish. The bolsters and liners are 

stainless steel. The main blade is 3" long and the handle is 3 5/8" with pearl handle. 

Price Each: S1.895.95 

Stellite6^> Cutting Power 



For more information 
•3 blade styles _. _. , 

•First 50 serial BlSOH Blades 
numbered A,N. Jones, Knifemaker 

• $265.00 U.S Fax: (403) 257-3447 
plus post blsonblades@3web.net 

Gary Biggers 


Catalog: $.1.00 





Ventura Knives 

VI Ts < Vi 1 ina Vista 
Ventura. CA 9S003 

(W3) IftcWWIO TOfeeTm 
Kmnil: gurybi^i'i^viyiltiru^tuvL^mri] 

1 -!l|" '.'■ WWV'fcUtlD rjJuUVCS ..mm 


Our l££&tt 

0igg est 



Large selection ni' Hunting Knives, 
sensible Sell- Do Cense items. Genuine 
Military Knives. Fantasy and Exotic 
Knives from around the world, plus fin- 
ished blades, handle materials and all the 
hardware yon need to make your own 
custom knives. 

Includes Tomahawks. Kukris, excellent 
Civil War Sword reproductions, LI.S. 
Military Dress & Drill Sabres, plus some 
unexpected surprises. 
Give Us A Try 






M, AtlAhtA 


Call TOLL l ; Ri;i. 1-800-883-03' 

Box 839EH 
Conyers. GA 30012 


98 /BLADE 


If you really love 
your knives... 


deserve a 




HC 31. Box 6484 

Fit, 200. Dept, 8 

Ellsworth. ME 04605 

(207) 584-3000 

www . I ree s l u m p lea ther.com 

or mail your name 
and address to: 


Call 1.800.25L9306 

or visit us on the web at 

www. eKn ife Works, com 

For I'REF, Culalofi use code HM 

Smokv Mountain Knife Works 

PO Box 4987 • SevierviUe, TN 37864 


Call Ray today lor qu i ipel i [ i u- j i r 1 1: i 1 1 ;j 

Kopromed USA 

P.O. Box 6 1 485. Vancouver, WA 98666 

PH/Fax: (360) 735-0570 

l:-m;iil: tiMikopro("'aol.com 

i\ w u . kopronK'd.co pi/ 

Horsehead Creek Knives 



• Folders^ 

• Fixed Blarl 

• Presentation Bieees 

Loyd Thumsen 

Award Winning Bladesmith 



HCR 46 Box 19 - Oelriehs, SD 5776.1 


1 Stop Knife Shop 

2 The Hilt 


A.G. Russell Knives, Inc. 



Arizona Custom Knives 



h *tp : // 

Blade Art Inc. 




BladeGallery.com Custom Knifes 



Busse Combat Knife Company 



Delta Z Knives, Inc. 




Discount Knives 



Dave Ellis -"Calif. 1st ABS 


Gary Levine Fine Knives 



Greco Knives 



Lynn Griffith - Tactical Knifemaker 




700 East Slate Street • lola, Wl 54390-0001 • Phone; 71 5-445-2214 

• Fax: 715 445-4087 • rrttp://www.madetnag.carn • e-mail: rnccawens@krause.com 

Knife Outlet 



KnifeArt.com Fine Custom Knives 






Sean Perkins, Knifemaker 



Valor Corporation 



Steven McCowen. Advertising Manager ext. 827 

Dave Beauchaine, Advertising Sales ext. 768 

Missy Beyer, Advertising Sales ext. 642 

Toll Free 800*272-5233 



BLADE/ 99 


Distributor to Makers and Manufacturer! 
6BH Cabolt Chromium Tungsten Alloy 
Bar Stock and Custom Knives for Sale 

Hs Shown Cetan 3" Blade 7" Overall $225 

Extreme LUear Resistance ■ No Heat Treating Required - No Corrosion 
Grinds Cosily • Comes in Popular Thicknesses • Custom Sizes Fk/oiloble 

Simonich Custom Knives 

^h PO Box 278, Clancy, MT 59634 

hh Phone 406-933-9151 Fox 406-933-8910 c-mailknives@rnt.net 


till' I'.lllili- StllHl 

h.l.l.-.! I.l.|. 

( t/fi)u @an Make the (Difference 

in Knife Laws, Public Awareness and Education 

Qein QJ^ur Oeaanizatlon 

ft) preterite and pr&fei4 knives . 







Memberships for individuals, retailers, distributors, importers, 
collectors and manufacturers. Be part of this important association 
Join Today! 


(877) 752-8770 (toll free) 


POBox68 Burlington, 1A 52601 


Subscribe Today 


6:30 a.m. - 8 p.m. CST. 
Credit Card Orders Only 


.DLADE Magazine 

700 E. State St. 
Iota, Wl 54990-0001 



201 W. Stillwell • DeQueen, AR 71832 

(870) 642-7643 • FAX (870) 642-4023 

E-MAIL: unclealfeiipa.net 

www .rlversidemachine.net 

Handmade Knives 

Don Maxwell 

3164 N. Marks 

Suite 122, Dept.BL 

Fresno, CA 93722 

(S59J 497-8441 

Edmund Davidson 

1 m .■!<•-- Ill^i^l. 
.-tr;>i-Jn llnril.-i 

.'£.'.' 1.1 l irtfinid !»-<■. 

r.'o.sfioi. \\ 21139 

Phone: .1 Uhiiffi -.ll.'.l I 

Catalog S2JW 

100/ BLADE 


^2-— ^ Announcing the 

New Location for 

Blade Show West 2001 

The Number 1 Knife Show in California is Changing Locations! 

September 21-23, 2001 

3^ new ^ Hyatt Regency, Irvine ^T new k *^ 


^i^ 17 900 Jamboree Road ^^ 

Irvine, CA 92614 

**Just one exit from the Orange Country Airport** 

Blade Show West features: 

O 6th Annual BLADEhandmade Awards 

O Over 14,000 sq. feet of exhibit space 

O Informational seminars 

O Live Demonstrations 

O An International Roster of Top 

Custom Knife Makers! 
O Exciting Collections 
O Major Manufacturers 
O Knifemaking Supplies 
O Best Retail Sales Event in Los Angeles Area 


Admission : 

$9 per day 

$14 two day pass 

$18 three day pass 

*FREE admission for IBCA 

members. Call number 

below for details. 





Show Hours : 

Friday September 21 
Saturday, September 22 
Sunday, September 23 


For additional information contact: 

700 E. State St • Iola.WI 54990-0001 • 877-746-9757, Mary Lutz - ext. 313 
Fax: 715/445-4087 • email: lutzm@krause.com 


BLADE /1 01 

Knives 2001 

21st Annual Edition 
edited by Joe Kertzman 

Like a trusty old pocket-knife, 
this 21st Edition brings you 
the most recent offerings 
from the best knifemakers in 
the world. More than 1 ,000 
photos trace the trends in 
knives, the artistry of the cut 
and the newest factory 
knives hot off the production 
line. Informed writers pen 
provocative stories, tracing 
knives back in history, 
pinpointing major develop- 
ments and determining how 
modern knives have been 
influenced by the master 
smiths of yesteryear. You 
also get the most up-to-date 
complete custom knifemaker 
directory, including knife- 
making supplies, mail order 
sales, sporting cutlers, 
importers and foreign 

Softcover -8-1/2x11 • 304 pages • 1 ,200 b&w photos 
ltem# KN2001 • $22.95 

I'm Sold! Send me the books I have listed below. 

J Payment enclosed (to Krause Publications) 
Charge My: J MasterCard □ VISA 
□ Discover/Novus J AMEX 
Card No. 








Knives 2001 





Shipping & Handling: S3. 25 1 si book, $2 ea. add'l. 
Fo reign orders $20.95 1st item. $5.95 each add' I. 

Sales tax:CA. IA, IL. PA. TN, VA. WA, Wl residents 
please add appropriate sales tax. 

Shipping & Handling 







Credit card orders call 


Offer KDHK 

M-F 7am-8 pm • Sat, 8am-2 pm, CT 

Return with payment to: 
Krause Publications, Offer KDHK 
700 E. State St.. lola, Wl 54990-0001 

102/ BLADE 



li.ruu.sc publications, the world's largest hobby & collectibles publisher, is proud to announce that every 
classified word ad placed in its periodicals will now appear on the Internet's largest collectible classified site at 
www.eoileeLeoni. Here's your opportunity to reach thousands of collectors on the World Wide Web! 




BLADE Magazine's Knife Marketplace 



The BLADE LIST section of BLADE Magazine accepts display advertising. Please 

refer to the current BLADE rate card for ad rates, specifications and advertising 

policies, all of which apply to BLADE LIST advertising. To order, call your BLADE 



(Consecul/ve Issues Only Of The Same Ad.) 

1-2 Issues..... No Discount 

3-6 Issues 15% 

7-12 Issues 20% 


Only 55fi per word 

Minimum charge is $8.25 per ad. 

Category Hole: Classified ads containing multiple knives tor sale will be broken up 
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Classification It 




















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City __ 



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Krause Publications 

700 East State Street • lola, Wl 54990-0001 

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lem tirearms has never been ea 






ROY FAZALARE- Immediate delivery; Reasonable 
Prices! Free List: FOB 1335, Agoura Hills, CA 
91376-1335; 818-879-6161 after 7pm. 



A KNIFE seller on Net! Please go to http:// 
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CASE FOR Sale. Tested, xx, USA, 70s, 80s. Also all 
new cases. We handle most German knives and older 
American knives. Since 1950. Robert Werner, 209 
4th SI. SW, Cullman, AL 35055. 255-734-5291. 

CASH BUYER! E-mail: dpielongfudigitex.net Randall, 
Case, Remington. Marbles, others. Recent factory 
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OLDER CASE pockelknives tor sale. XX. USA, 10 Dot 
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handles. Please call or write for my list. Charlie 
Mattox, PO Box 1555, Gallatin, TN 37066. 615- 
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WANTED: CASE pockelknives especially 10 Dot and 
older. Check with Charlie before you sell. Call or write. 
Charlie Mattox, PO Box 1555, Gallatin, TN 37066. 
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ROY FAZALARE- Immediate delivery; Reasonable 
Prices! Free List: POB 1335, Agoura Hills. CA 
91376-1335; 818-879-6161 after 7pm. 



ROY FAZALARE- Immediate delivery; Reasonable 
Prices! Free List: POB 1335, Agoura Hills, CA 
91376-1335; 818-879-6161 after 7pm. 



BOWIE CORPORATION, factory authorized distributor 
for Marbles knives. Dealer inquiries encouraged. 517- 
347-2547, Fax 517-347-8446. 

KNIFE TRADER we sell the full line of marble knives 
and axes. Send or call for a list. 3022 East Mich. Ave, 
Lansing, Ml 48912. 517-336-9010. 

MARBLE QUALITY knives made in the USA for 102 
years. Fieldcratt, Sport 99 and Trailcrafl m 
silverwood, tocobolo and micarta handles. 
Introductory price $60, Bowie 517-347-2547. 



"LOWEST PRICES on Puma knives on the internet 
and in the country" -web site: http;// 
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salesftipumaknives.com 1-800-818-7682 (PUMA) 
George and Susan Held. 

PUMA. KNIVES. The finest since 1769. We are 
exclusively Puma. Your number one Puma knife 
resource, specializing in new old stock. Brochure and 
discontinued list $2. Investment Cutlery. P.O. Box 

544B, Auburn, MA 01501. 



ATA COLLECTOR edition knives on!y sold on ATA 
grounds most editions available price on request. 
Prairie Clays, 5172787113. 

REMINGTON BULLET knives and posters, all years 
available. Knile and gun related memorabilia, product 
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AFFORDABLE QUALITY, tough, innovative knives. 
http://www.eknife.net PJ. Turner Knife Mfg.. Inc. 
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7090 MORAN (BILL) 



KNIFE CATALOG. Major brands. Midwest's largest 
selection. $3 (refundable with first order). Safe & 
Knife Company, 4721 42nd Ave. N., Robbinsdale. 
MM 55422. 

KNIFE SHARPENING, even serrated blades, secrets 
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BIG BOWIES and large fighters, My Personal 
Collection: top makers. LSASE for list. L.O. Drake, 
Cutler. "Tall Oaks" Ridge Ln., Mill Neck, NY 11765- 
0349. 51 6-922-2874. (drake® optonline.net 

lodrakew aol.com 



COOPER, NELSON, Togoo. Hibben, Draper, Rigney, 
Luckette, Friedly. Dawning, Hale, Randall, Chappei 
and others. Walt 800-527-8050 or 949-495-5844, 



SCHMIDT, SHADLEY, Hale, Osborne, Kious, Hoel, 
Centofante, Kaj Emoretsen, Martin, Busfield, Horn. 
Hodgson and others. Walt 800-527-8050 or 949- 
496-5844. eves. 



"LOWEST PRICES on Puma knives on the internet 
and in the country" -web site: http:// 
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salescjpumaknives.com 1-800-818-7682 (PUMA) 
George and Susan Held. 



ASIAN, PACIFIC antique arms and armor. 5 photo 
catalog, $9. Over seas J 16. Seven Stars Trading Co., 
POB 4666. Alexandria. VA 22303. 

HOLLYWOOD REPLICAS is your best source for 
Movie and TV collectible weapons. New items now 
available from Blade, Xena, Highlander, and 
Werewolf: The Apocalypse. Free locater service. Call 
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4072 or visit us on the web at http:// 

ORIGINAL ANTIQUE swords, knives. All countries 
periods. Many Damasucs! Japanese, Mid East, 
Philippine, etc. 20 years mail order, 42 years 
experience. Frederick's Antique Sword, 6919 
Westview, Oak Forest, IL S0452. Next 4 catalogs. 




LAGUIOLE FOLDERS, factory direct distributor, best 
prices. Also Laguiole hunting knives, and "Le Kooto" 
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ROY FAZALARE- Immediate delivery; Reasonable 
Prices! Free List: POB 1335. Agoura Hills, CA 
91376-1335; 818-879-6161 after 7pm. 


ROY FAZALARE- Immediate delivery; Reasonable 
Prices! Free List; POB 1335, Agoura Hills, CA 
91376-1335; 818-879-6161 after 7pm. 



BUYING LOVELESS knives. Top prices paid, Rnett 
Stidham, Box 570, Roseland, FL 32957. 561-589- 
0618. E-mail: rstidhamftigate.net 

60VELESS KNIVES wanted: Gordon White, PO Box 
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MORAN KNIVES wanted by collector. Bob 415-768- 

W.F. MORAN knives wanted. Cash buyer, collections 
desireable. We also consign. Steve Lewis, PO Box 
9056, Woodland Park. Co 80866. 719-686-1120. 

www .lewis-knives.com. 

W.F. MORAN knives for sale. ST-23 and others. 
Special camp knife, single guard. $3,900. Steve 719- 



I WILL pay top dollar lor old Randall knives wilh 
Heiser sheaths in good condition, McCotter 252-633- 



RUANAS wanted, especially Bowies, Customs and 
older stampings. Also brochures, lilerature. Sticker, 
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DAVID YELLOWHORSE custom knives. New limited 
editions. Made on Buck frames. Jack Jenkins, 9403 
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A(U - Custom Knives For Sale- W.F. Moran, Jr., Hom, 
S. Hoel, H.H. Frank, Loveless, Lake and many other 
top makers on hand. Full line of the Al Mar line. A&J 
Enterprises. Box 1343 SSS, Springfield. MO 65805. 
417-335-2171, Buy, sell, trade or consignment. 
$2.00 for list. 

A*J - Custom Knives Wanted- W.F. Moran, Jr., Hom, 
S. Hoel, H.H. Frank, Loveless, Lake and many other 
top makers. The Al Mar line. A&J Enterprises, Box 
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Buy, sell, trade or consignmenl. $2.00 for list 

ENGLAND, LOERCHNER, Carter, Viele. many others. 
Exceptional one-of-a-kind pieces from my personal 
collection. List/ photos: E-mail Frank at 
fpanicom aol.com or call/ fax at: 954-978-8614, 9am 

to 10pm EST. 

H.H. FRANK: His masterpiece, 1,000 hours, gold 
bolsters, acorns, ivory handle. Call lor price. Steve 

JACK CRAIN hollow handle knives wanted. Fred 773- 

SCOTTISH SGIAN dubhs, nowies. hunters, and other 
fixed blades by bladesniith Jarod Kearney. Call 336- 
656-4617. email: jarodkcrmindspring.com or visit: 
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WANTED: ANY condition handmade knives; Randall, 
Scagel, Ruana, F.S. Richtig, Morseth. Bone, Cooper, 
Loveless. Moran, Lile, etc. Also military knives and 
pockelknives, watches. Send description and price to: 
Angelo Solino. 201 Toronto Ave.. Massapequa, NY 
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WANTED: SCAGEL. R.H. Ruana, Randall. Loveless. 
Morseth, Remington, and Marbles knives and axes. 
Any Heiser knife or axe sheaths, 912-732-6982, 
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TARGES- SCOTTISH Battle Shields quality leather, 
brass headed tacks, historic patterns. I make my own. 
Send long stamped addressed envelope. George 
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BUY OR sell your guns, knives and accessories on our 
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BLADE/ 105 








Knives 2001 

21st Annual Edition 

edited by Joe Kertzman 
You'll find "cutting edge" 
information inside this 
comprehensive volume of 
factory and custom knives. 
Track the latest designs, 
including tactical, sporting 
and the new semi-auto- 
matic knives. Admire the 
engraved, inlaid and 
scrimshawed works of the 
nation's keenest custom 
knifemakers. The industry's 
most comprehensive direc- 
tory makes it easy to contact companies, custom makers 
and knifemaking supply firms. 

Softcover • 8-1/2 x 11 • 304 pages 

1 ,200 b&w photos 

ltem# KN2001 • $22.95 

AStHdvOiiiii : 


The Tactical Folding Knife 

A Study Of The Anatomy And 
Construction Of The Liner- 
Locked folder 
by Bob Terzuola 
Now you can build your 
own with the help of an 
expert as the author guides 
you through every step of 
the process with skillful 
directions and outstanding 
photos. If you've ever felt 
like you wanted to build 
your own masterpiece of a 
knife, this book is for you. 
Everything you need to craft 
your own knife is right here. 
Softcover • 8-1/2 x 11 • 160 pages 
200 b&w photos 
ltem#TACTF • $16.95 

How to Make Folding Knives 

A Step-By- Step How-To 
by Ron Lake, Frank 
Centofante and Wayne Clay 
Follow easy instructions by 
on how to make your own 
folding knife. Includes safety 
tips, suppliers lists and 
answers many questions 
from three top custom mak- 

Softcover • 8-1/2 x 11 

193 pages 

350 b&w photos 

ltem# KMF01 • $13.95 

The Wonder of 

by Wayne Goddard 
As a columnist for Blade 
magazine, Goddard has 
been answering real ques- 
tions from real knifemakers 
for the past eight years. 
With its question-and- 
answer format, this book 
gives you the answers to 
real-world problems like 
heat-treating, choosing the 
best steel and finding the 
right tools for your knife- 
making shop. 

Softcover • 8-1/2 x 1 1 • 160 pages 

1 50 b&w photos ■ 1 6-page color section 

ltem#WOKN • $19.95 

Knife Talk 

The Art & Science of 
by Ed Fowler 
Explore Ed Fowler's knife- 
making philosophies in this 
compilation of his best arti- 
cles, primarily from BLADE 
magazine. With how-to 
information and more than 
200 photos, anyone serious 
about the knifemaking field 
must have this book. 

Softcover • 8-1/2 x. 11 • 160 pages 

1 80 b&w photos • 20 color photos 

ltem# KNTA • $14.95 


I i 











-..Vjr-.. 1 



How to Make Knives 

by Richard W. Barney & 
Robert W, Loveless 
Learn how with "the bible of 
knife -ma king," Gives com- 
plete instructions on making 
high quality handmade 
knives. Forging and stock 
removal, mirror polishing, 
sheath making, safety tech- 
niques, required tools and 
supplies and more. 

Softcover • 8-1/2 x 11 

1 82 pages 

448 b&w photos 

Item* KHM01 • $13.95 

Holiday Special; 
FREE SHIPPING on orders of 060 or more 

ft # # # # # -:* -M- # # # * # # $-####### £ $ 

106/ BLADE 

-m- a& -m- 

J\ Pi fi 




1 01 Patented Knife Designs ltem# PNDS 
American Premium Guide to 

Poeketknives & Razors ltem# AGPG05 

Antlers & Iron II ltem# ANT02 

Art of Throwing Weapons Item* ATWP 

Australian Custom Knifemakers #2 ltem# ACKN 

Battle Blades ltem# BATB 

The Best of Knife World, Vol. Ill ltem# BOKW 

Book of the Sword ltem# BOSW 

The Bowie Knife ltem# BOWK 

Civil War Knives ltem# CIWA 

Collecting Indian Knives ltem# CIKN2 

Collins Machetes and Bowies 1845-1965 ltem# CBM01 

Complete Book of Pocketknife Repair ltem# KPR01 

Country Knives ltem# CTYKN 

Craft of the Japanese Sword ltem# CJSW 

Custom Knifemaking ltem# CK01 

Field Knife Evaluations ltem# FKEV 

First Commando Knives ltem# FCKN 

The Hand Forged Knife ltem# HFKN 

How to Scrimshaw & Carve Ivory !tem# HSCI 

IBCA Price Guide to Antique Knives ltem# KAK02 

James Bowie & The Sandbar Fight Item* KJB01 

Master Bladesmith ltem# MBLD 

Military Swords of Japan, 1868-1945 ltem# MLSJ 

Modern Combat Blades ltcm# MCBL 

Official Price Guide to Collector Knives ltem# PGCK12 

On Damascus Steel ltem# ODS01 

OSS Weapons ltem# OSSW 

Poeketknives ltem# POKN 

Randall Made Knives ltem# RMKN 

The Razor Anthology ltem# RAZ 

Razor Edge ltem# KRZ01 

Razor Edge Knife Sharpening Video ltem# KRZV 

The Standard Knife Collector's Guide ltem# SKCG3 

Switchblades-Ace of Blades ltem# SWAB 

Swords of Imperial Japan, 1 868-1 945 (tem# SW1J 

US Military Knives Collectors Guide ltem# USMG 






Ti> place ;t credit cord order or iW a IKKI. .-ill-pfuliic) c;iul<>!>, call 

800-258-0929 oifcrKxnx 




& ML ML ML ML M. ML ML ML ML & ML ML ML ML. -¥- # # # # -¥- -¥- # #> # # M ML 

• * ' •■ " Ft Ft Ft Ft PS m .Ft Ft Ft F< Ft Ft Ft Ft Ft Ft Fi Ft Ft Ft Ft Ft Ft Ft F\ 

M-F, l am - S pm • Sat, .S am - 2 pin, CST 
Kruuse Publications, Offer KXRK 
P.O. Box 5009, tola, Wl 5494S-5009 


Shipping ami llattdliit": .S.l 2:, l\i hunk; K2 l-:l. addl. l-nicitiii oi'tlta's 

820,95 Im Item, S5.95 each add I 

Salt* Urn ! :.\, l,V, il.. PA, TN, V.Y WA, W] residenca |iIl-:lsl- add appropri- 
ii' Bates tnx 

.Satisfaction tflim rjinlec: ll't'nr any reason you ore not completely satisfied 
with your purchase, simply return it within N days and ivl-ujvl' a tail 
ivkmd. less sllipplllj*. 



BLADE /107 

CRKT Teams With 
Crawford On Folder 

The Columbia River Point Guard is a Pal 
and Wcs Crawford design with an 
AUS-6M blade, a Zytel.K' handle, stain- 
less sled liners, and the LAWKS safety lock. 
For more information contact Columbia 
River Knife & Tool, atlti: R. Bremer, Dept. 
BL.l, 9720 S.W. Hillman Cl., #805, 
Wilsonville. OR 97070 (800) 891-3100. 

Walker Blends Pink 
Ivory And Damascus 

John Walker designs a 7 1/4-inch 
dagger with a damascus blade, a pink- 
ivory handle, five sterling silver rings 
and 14k-gold twisted wire. 

For more information contact John 
Walker, Dept. BL1, 10620 Moss Branch 
Rd„ Bon Aqua, TN 37025 (931 ) 670-4754. 

Deer Antler Defines 
Smith Fixed Blade 

Charlie Smith carved a buck head and a 
white buffalo in the deer antler handle 
Hi; i damascus fixed blade. 
For more information contact Charlie 
Smith. Dept. BL1, 9109 N. Council Rd., 
Oklahoma City, OK 73 132 (877) 435-4506. 

CUTCO Offers 32 
Piece Kitchen Set 

CUTCO's Ultimate Set is 32 pieces in 
all, including 12 table knives, paring 
knives, trimmers, a butcher knife, carv- 
ing knife, sheer, French chef knife and more. 

For more information contact CUTCO, 
attn: S, Grey. Dept. BLL 1 1 16 E. State St., 
Olean, NY 14760(716)372-3111. 

Spyderco Unleashes 
Police Neck Knife 

he Mini Police Model neck knife by 
Spyderco features a serrated, I 5/16- 
inch ATS-34 blade, a litanium handle 
and a sterling silver chain. 

For more information contacl Spyderco, 
attn: J. Laiturt, Dept. BL1. POB 800, 
Golden, CO K0402 (800) 525-7770. 

Hearn Incorporates 
Titanium Bolsters 

With blue-anodized titanium 
bolsters and titanium liners, Terry 
Hearn's locking-liner folder 
stretches 7 inches overall with an ivory handle. 
For more information contact Terry 
Hearn, Dept. BL1. R.R. 14, Box 7676, 
Lufkin. TX 75904 (936) 632-5045. 

108/ BLADE 


Carbon Fiber Stands 
Out On Anso Piece 

Jens Anso employs a "Damadrop" staiti- 
Icss-damascus blade and a carbon-fiber 
handle for his nlilily llxed blade. 
For more information contact Jens Anso, 
Dept. BLI, Spobjergvej 161. Dk 8220 
Urabrand, Denmark ( ■ 45 ) W44-9439. 

Fallkniven Offers 
VG-IO Neck Knife 

The Fallkniven WM neck knife show- 
cases a VG-10 blade, a Thermorun 1M 
handle and a Kydex'K; sheath. 
For more information contact Fallkniven. 
altn: P. Hjortberger. Dept. BLI, Box 204. S- 
961 23 Boden, Sweden < M6) 921-54422. 

Evans Hand Crafts 
Ebony-Handle Bowie 


iiil'l' F.vans delivers a bowie with a 
.8 1/4-inch 5 160 blade, an ebony handle 
and carved nickel-silver fittings. 
For more informal ion contact Bruce Evans. 

Depi. BLI. 40 <> Cr 1371. Boon evi lie, MS 




KNIFE AUCTION live on the Internet at http:// 
www.lighlingknives.coni lor buying and selling all 
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SOFTWARE FOR Collectors. Keep track of your 
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FINER POINTS Cullery LLC. Tactical knives are our 
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knives. Armed with our "To the point price policy", we 
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affordable prices, our new cataloged are ready, over 
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Check out our new website; http:// 
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25 Linfield Drive, Unit 58, St. Catharines, Ontario, 
Canada L2N 5T7. 1-905-935-1048 

BAJWA ENTERPRISES, P0 Box 1190, Sialkot, 
Pakistan. Manufacturers and exporters of hunting, 
pockel, folding, butterfly, dagger, skinner, swords. 
lishing keyehains, meat cleaver, cutlery and leather 
sheath/holsters. E-mail: bajwaci grt.space.net. pk Fax 



CANADIAN DEALER serving the collector for the past 
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Ontario. PH# 416-675-6464, FAX 416-675-6465. 
Email: info(«srknives.com Visa & AM EX and 
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COLLECTOR GRADE Knives- Queen, Schatt &. 
Morgan, Ka-Bar, Robeson, Remington and Case. We 
stock knifepaks and rolls. Send $2 for our catalog. 
S&S & Sons Cutlers, POB 501C, Lomrta, CA 90717 
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DISCOUNTS UP to 55% on Case, Columbia River, 
Suck, EDI, Puma, Hen and Rooster, Smith and 
Wesson, Gerber, Boker. Benchmade, Spyderco, 
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catalog. Sooner State Knives. 401 E. Main, Konawa. 
OK 74849. 580-925-3708 VISA/MC. http:// 
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FOR SALE Custom made knives. Call for free 
brochure. Scotl 310-377-B609, leave message 

GREEN RIVER Knives, stag, ivory micarta, buffalo 
horn, oak, with sheaths. Brochure $1 York Mountain 
Enterprises, RD2 Box 272B Dept. B, Pittsfield. PA 

HUGE INVENTORY of Benchmade, Buck. Case, 
Spyderco, Cold Steel, Boker, as well as cuslom folders 
and autos (if qualified). Our 525-page catalog only 
$9,95. Guns & Knives 954-186-9951. 
stetsyst" bellsouttt.net 

FALCON IMPEX. 8555 115tb St., Suite A4, 
Richmond Hills, NY 11418. Importer of pocket, 

hunting, bowie, sword, fishing knives, daggers. E-mail 
Faleonimpexfri msn.com, 888-839-2709. lax 718- 


KNIFE LIST: Usually 200+ old/ new/ discontinued 
items. $! (refundable) and large SASE to: Knives, 
1426 S. 167IH St., Omaha, NE 68130. 

KNIVES PLUS (TM), retail cutlery and cullery 
accessories since 1987, excellent mail-order prices on 
most major brands. Spyderco, Gerber, Cold Steel, Eye 
Brand, Case, Buck, KA-BAR, Columbia River. Smith 8. 
Wesson, Kershaw, SOG and many more. Same day 
shipping on most orders placed by 12:00 CST. Visa, 
MasterCard, American Express and Discover 
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list of ..■■•! ■■"' Antique Knives Including Ka-Bai 

Grizzly. Presto, Flylock, Case. Remington. Lalama. 
Italian pick locks and many more brands. Send $3.00 
refundable with firsl order. Skelton Enterprise, Jerry 
Skellnn. 3795 Hwy. 188, Alamo, TN 38001. 901- 
656-2443. Request list "S". 

SINCE 1943, Ivory, rough gems, metals, epoxies, 
abrasives, engraving tools and more. Mention Blade 
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SPYDERCO, BENCHMADE, Cold Steel + More. We 
sell 'em cheap. Largest selection, lowest prices, free 
catalog. Ruff's Knives Dept. BM, 20747 Wiygul Rd,, 
Umatilla, FL 32784. 352-669-5440, FAX 352-669- 
2119, 9am-6pm EDT. cutropeCu aol.com 

THE WORLD'S Best Antique and Collectible Knife 
Catalog. Fully illustrated. 4 catalogs per year. 
Subscription rales: $8 USA and Possessions, $16 
Foreign. Visa and Mastercard accepted. Jim and 

Cindy Taylor, Box 624, Mansfield, MA 02048 USA. 
508-225-5157. 24 hour fax line 508-222-7644. 

Visit us on the web at: http-//www, knife-princess.com 

THROWING KNIFE catalog and instruction sheet sent 
free for SASE to: Tru- Bala nee Knife Co., PO Box 
140555, Grand Rapids, Ml 49514. 



CUSTOM KNIVES by Hale. Towell, Fox, Hubbard, 
Crawford, M.H. Franklin. GJ, OGG. 11 pieces. Steal 
al $4,000. Lancaster, MA. 978-365-4610. 

BLADE/ 109 


Cold Steel Provides 
Half-Serrated Blade 

Tb.e Cold Sice I Large Voyager comes 
with a choice of a hal r-scrrated tanto or 
modi llcd-e lip- point. A US- 8 A blade 
For more information contact Cold Steel, 
attn: L. Thompson, Dept. BLI, 2I2K-D Knoll 
Dr.. Ventura. CA "3003 (800) 255-4716. 


BOKER, GERBER, Buck and Swiss Army, bought 
appro*. 1980, many models of each, new condition. 
For free list call 613-332-5864 or E-mail to 
egailkdi northcom.net. For picture catalog send $5 
(per brand) to: G. Kettles, P0 Box 1301, Bancroft, 
Ontario. Canada KOL 1C0. 



SALES REPRESENTATIVE wanted. Importers for 
hunting/ sporting knives seeks established & 
aggressive sales representatives for all territories. 
Call/ mail or fax resume to: Sigma Impex Inc., 140 
Ethel Rd., Suite #A, Piscataway, NJ 08854. Ph. 
732-248-9696, fax 732-248-9666. Contact Roger 



ARIZONA IRQNWO0D: Supplying extraordinary, 
defect-free Ironwood burl scales, folders, blocks. 
Exclusively offered online at httpt// 

www.arizonaironwood.com 520-747-4142. 



HEAT TREATING & deep sub-zero (minus 300 F) 

cryogenic quench. Rockwell testing & certificates 
available. Air quenchables steels only. Call toll-free 
888-461-8632 Texas Knilemakers Supply, 

HEAT TREATING/ oil hardening/ zone and clay 
tempering - all steels. Baa re I aw Knives, PO Box 
1391. La Porte, TX 77572-1391. Call for prices. 
New # 281-587-6080. Email: bearoatesMaol.com. 


RANDALL COLLECTORS: The Randall Knife Club 
now has over 2,000 members and was formed with 
the approval of Randall Made Knives. Orlando. Your 
dues buys quarterly newsletter, classified ads. current 
news about Randails and more. Send $15 yearly dues 
to: The Randall Knife Society Inc.. PO Box 539. 
Roseland, FL 32957. 

CLIPs-IT Pocket Clip 
Attaches To Sheaths 

The Clips-It powder-coated stainless 
steel clip attaches to knife sheaths for 
pocket, clothing or gear carry. 
For more information contact Innovative 
Product Design, attn: D. Eberjer, Dept. 
BLI, 4708 Calle Rcina. Santa Barbara, CA 
WHO (805) 967-2401. 

Cameron Debuts 
Twist Damascus 

.on Cameron's locking-liner folder 
'sports a 1084 and I5N20 twist- 
kdamaseus blade, a white-bone handle. 

heat-colored liners and nickel-silver bolsters. 
For more information contact Ron 

Cameron, Dept. BLI, POB 183. Logandale, 

NV 89021 (702)398-3356. 



KNtFEMAKERS NOVICES to experts, no need to 
spend hundreds of dollars on expensive belt grinders 
and belts when you can get an 8"x3" exact span 
rubber drum, change belts in minutes. Works on just 
about any bench grinder. These work as well as any 
belt grinder I've used. Start-up kit with 7 belts only 
$64.95. For more information call: RDR Knives 207- 

POWER HAMMER for sale: fifty pound Little Giant, 
new babbits, good dies, $2,000. J. Kennedy, 1010 
Barley Ln., Buckner, MO 64016. 816-650-3922, 

SHARKEY TIPPS. Tipp's Custom Knife Toolings, Hwy 
45 West, PO Box 218, Fairfield, IL 62387. Ph 618- 
847-3901. Fax: 618-847-7986. Check our new 
websi te h ttp ://www. sharkey t ipps.com 



ANCIENT IVORY For Sale: Both fossil walrus and 
mammoth. Exceptional colors including blues and 
greens. Fantastic for knife handles, scrimshaw and 
carving. Rick B. Fields, 26401 Sandwich Place. Ml. 
Plymouth. FL 32776. Phone/ Fax 352-383-6270. 

ATTENTION KNIFE Makers! Find Out why so many of 
today's top knife makers supply their knives in our 
quality, American made pouches. We have fleece 
lined, vinyl, zippered pouches for folders, for $1.50 
each. Also available are pouches in leather, cordura, 
exotic skins, and contract sewing of cutlery related 
products. Call for tree information: Wilkinson 
Manufacturing, 1-800-587-2276. 

FOLDER SUPPLIES: Threaded pivot pins, screws, 
taps, inlays, reamers. R.B. Johnson, IBS Intl., PO Box 
11. Clearwater MN 55320. 320-558-6128. 

FOLDER SUPPLIES pivot pins, stainless and gold 
plated screws, titanium sheet. IBS Intl., R.B. 
Johnson, Box 11, Clearwater, MN 55320. 320-558- 

FOSSIL IVORY, Oosik, lossil bone. Send $2 for price 
list. April through October: Box 350, Ester, Alaska 
99725. November through March: Roland Quimby, 
Box 3175-RB, Casa Grande. Arizona 85222. Roland 

FREE LIST: Fossil walrus ivory, mammoth ivory, 
hippo ivory, oosiks, stellar seacow, mother of pearl, 
ancient bison, musk ox, dinosaur bone, mammoth 
bone, tortoise shell, fossil whale bone, baleen, moose 
antlers, caribou antlers, reindeer antlers, sheep horn, 
jade and gemstones Anchorage Cutlery, 801 Airport 
Heights. Suite 351. Anchorage, AK 99508. 907-277- 
5843. http://www.anchoragecutlery.com 

HAND FORGED Damascus blades and tomahawks by 
a full-time bladesmith. 166 layers of L6 and 1095- 
-triple quenched and triple tempered. Four inch stick 
tang, (trap point or skinners, $75. Eight inch Bowie, 
$185. Daggers and other patterns available. 
Tomahawks 3-3/4"x6-l/2" $300. Contact: Jerry 
Kennedy, 1010 Barley Ln.. Buckner. MO 64016. 

IVORY LEGAL African elephanl sold in full lusks or 
sections. Alan Zanotti, 20 Braunecker Rd.. Plymouth, 
MA 02360. 508-746-8552. 

IVORY PRE-BAN African elephant sold in slabs, tusk 
sections, and whole tusks. Warther Museum, 
Sugarcreek, OH 330-852-3455. 

MANKEL'S 130# shop anvils. Natural gas or propane 
tired shop forges. Tongs and hammers. Good used trip 
hammers. Call for prices. Mankel 616-874-6955. 

SPECIAL- TITANIUM 6AL4V..050, .063 perfect 4 
liner locks. .100 great for bolsters and scales, $21 
per pound other thicknesses available. Jim 619-448- 

STEEL TANG Stamps: Mark your knives with your 
name, logo or design. Quality hand-cut hardened steel 
stamps made to your specifications. "If it's worth 
making, it's worth marking." Established 1898, Henry 
A. Evers, Corp. 72 Oxford St., Providence. Rl 02905. 

TEXAS KNIFEMAKERS Supply, large mail order 
catalog available, Call toll-free 888-461-8632. 

TITANIUM 6AL4V, 063 perfect 4 large liner locks, 
.100 great for bolsters and scales, $21 pound other 
thicknesses Jim 619-448-2799. 

110 /BLADE 



CASE FOR sale: Tested, XX, USA, 70s, 80s, also old 
sets. We handle most German knives, new knives in 
case, Puma, Schrade, Baker, Bulldog, etc. Business 
since 1950. Robert Werner Co., 209 4 in St. SW, 
Cullman, AL 35055. 256-734-5291. 

SHARP STUFF. Be sure to visit Arizona's largest retail 
shop tor antique and custom knives, if you ever get to 
Tucson. Sharp Stuff is a lull cutlery shop. We buy, 
sell, and trade in the shop or at shows only. 3655 
North Camnbell Ave. at Prince. 520-881-0327. 

#1 KNIFE rlQ visit us online and save! Automatics, 
butterflies, tactical folders, throwers, multi-tools, all 
major brands, 100% online Catalog. Http:// 




CUSTOM LEATHER knife sheaths in your design or 
mine. Write or call: Robert Schrap. 7024 W. Wells 
St., Wauwatosa, Wl 53213. 414-771-6472 


FINE FOLDERS deserve protection. Ron Lake and 
Mike Walker send their folders with one of these soft 
goatskin, ultrasuede lined slips. Five sizes for pocket 
or bell. Arne Mason, 125 Wlmer. Ashland, OR 
97520. 541-482-2260. fax 541-482-7785. 
ww w . a r nemason.com 

Specialty Whips and Plaiting, Find us at: 

www.whipcrackers.com, Free brochure, 877-973- 
9447, e-mail whips*" wavecom.net. 

EXTREMELV-SHARP.com. Swords, knives, armor, 
blowguns. crossbows, martial arts equipment, and 
such. Checkout our web site! hltp-//extretnely- 
sharp.com. Mention "Blade" for 5% off! 



CUSTOM SCRIMSHAW by Juanita Rae Conover. 
Single or full color. Wildlife a specialty. Exceptional 

quality. Call for display pictures and turn around 
information. PO Box 70442, Eugene, Oregon 97401. 
541-747-1726 Or 541-543-4851. 


CANADIAN TRAPPER has bear, limber wolf, 
wolverine, linx, & other pelts for sale. Most can be 
mounted into rugs & live mounts. Professionally 
skinned, can be shipped, salted, tanned, or mounted. 
Will get all CITES & export permits. Also have trapline 
trips on about 200 miles of wilderness trails with 
snow machine. Dennis Wohlgemuth, Box 2 Sile 6 RR 
1, Crooked Creek, Alberta, Canada TOH OYO. 780- 

CUSTOM STABILIZATION: full acrylic impregnation 
of wood, bone, ivory, antler, doing Clear, dyeing of 8 
colors and now new double-dye processing. We sell 
stabilized wood handle material. Wood Stabilizing 
Specialists International. 800-301-9774. 

FRANCINE ETCHINGS. Custom etching service for 
knifemakers. Featuring a library of original and 
reproducible designs- many wildlife- also logos, 
signatures, your own concepts. Call for free brochure. 
800-557-1 525. http://www.francineetcriings.coni 

KNIFE DULL? Consider serration for long lasling 
sharpness. Custom cut. Prices start $18.95. Into,. $2 
to Mimna Designs, 36 Woods ide Drive, York, PA 



KNIFE CASES. Wood or glass, walnul, oak, cherry, 
Custom and standard sizes. Request 32 page catalog. 
Woodland Cases, 57890 CR29, Goshen, IN: 46528. 



FORGED 52100. Billets of 52100 forged from large 
diameter bars on our 20-ton pneumatic hammer. 
This tremendous reduction results in a dramatic 
improvement in grain size and structure. Fantastic 
reforming stock. Ideal for stock removal! Guaranteed 
analysis. No mystery metal! Surface grinding 
available. Satisfaction guaranteed! For prices, call 


FOR SALE: Antlers (deer, elk, moose}, buckskins, 
tanned furs, etc. Over 10,000 items, Complete 
internet catalog (pictures), http:rywww.hideandfur.com 

IVORY, SCRIMSHAW, skulls! Legal: Scrimshaw, 

carvings, elephant, walrus, hippo, warthog, mammoth 
ivory, oosik, stellar sea cow rib tone, pearl shell, 
horn, netsuke, Eskimo artifacts, pistol grips. 
scnmshaw supplies, raw ivory for knifemakers & 
artists, old trade heads, etc. Informative, Illustrated 
catalog mail- $1 . http://www.boonetrading.com or call 
800-423-1945! Boone Trading Company, Box 669 
(BD), Brinnon. WA 98320. 


A & J Enterprises 93 

AG. Russell Knives. Inc 128 

Adams International Knileworks 


Al Mar Knives 18 

American Bladesmith Society. ...94 
American Knife & Tool Inst ....100 

Americana Ltd 83 

Arizona Custom Knives ....127 

Arkansas Cuslom Knife Show. ..47 

Atlanta Cttllery 98 

Automatic Knife Outlel 92 




Beck's Cutlery & Specialties 

Best Knives 

Blggers. Gary 

Bison Blades SB 

Blade Art 17 

Blade Cover Knife Giveaway 9 

Black Show 2001 65 

Blade Sfiow West 101 

Blade-Tech Ind 51 

Bladegallery.com (3 

Blair. Jim 90 

Blanchard's Fine Cutlery 97 

Blue Ridge Knives 44,91 

Bob Dozier Knives 86 

BokerUSA 5 

Bowie Corporation 95 

Boye Knives _ „,.,96 

Burt K. Worldwide 28. 120 

Burke. Dan 83 

CAS. Iberia 140 

Camilfus Cutlery Co 63. 73 

CFI .37 

Chavar Custom Knives 95 

Chesapeake Knife Show 94 

Chris Reeve Knives 31 

Clem SCO 35 

Cliff Parker Knives .96 

Coleman, Keiih 93 


Collectibles Isurance Agency... 120 
Columbia River ...11. 51. 135, 137 
Craig Shellon Custom Knives.. ..95 

Crawford. Pat 88 

Criswell.Rob 53 

Crowder. Robert 98 

Cuslom Knife Company .47 

Davidson. Edmund 100 

Delta Z Knives 25 

Denton, J 83 

Dilluvio, Frank 94 

Discount Knives 29 

Edgecrafl Corporation 31 

Edges 2 Inc 86 

Elishewilz Custom Knives 96 

Emerson Knives 17 

Excalibur Cutlery & Gifts 86 

Fallkmven 55 

Finer Points 97 

Foxwood Forge 96 

FriedrDiek Corp 88 

Frost Cutlery 88 

G.L. Pearce Abrasive Co 95 

Gary Levine Fine Knives 55 

Gaston, Ron 129 

Gatco 14.131 

Ge rbe i Leg endaiy Blades 29 

Gigand Company Ltd 5 

GlendoCorp 67 

Good. D 94 

GRAD 19 

Grohmann Knives Ltd 36 

Gutmann Cutlery, Inc 3 


HagenOoc 86 

Halpern Tilanium 89 

Hamilton Hardware 36 

Hanna. Jack 88 

Harpei Manufacturing 96 

Horsetiead Creek Knives 99 


I magical Design 89 

Jantz Supply 48 

Johnson Ruflin 84 

joy Enterprises 6B, 69 

JTD Knives 92 

Jusl Knives 43 

Kantas Products Co. Ltd 68, 69 

Kellam Knives Co 8 

Kencrest/Hara ..93 

Kershaw Knives 7, 57, 71 

KlOIZli Burgdorf 35. 91 

Knife & Gun Finishing Sup plies .60 

KnileArt.com 92 

Knlle Center of ifie Internet 84 

Knife Gullet 90 

Knife Professional 97 

Knives of Alaska 32 

Knives ot Europe 115 

Knives Plus 137 

Kopromed USA ,39 

Koval Knives & Supplies 90 

Kris Cutlery .89 

La usky Sharpeners 63 

Las Vegas Classic Knife Show ..53 

Lay's Custom Knives 97 

LMS Stamping Co 92 

Lotiman Company 84 

Lone Star Wholesale 86 


Magnum USA 88 

Mantis Inc 61 

Marble Arms Corp 133 

Masecratt Supply , 95 

Maxwell, Don 100 

McConnell. Loyd 94 

Midwest Gun Exchange.34. 45, 56 

Mission Knives & Tools 87 

Moteng International Inc. 

.74, 75, 76. 77. 78, 79. 30, 81, 82 

Mother ot Pearl Company 67 

Mun & McDonald 116 


N.I.C.A. 16 

NC Tool Company 86 

New York Custom Knife Show ..57 

Newsletter 85 

Nordic Knives 73 

Northwest Knives 21 

0S0 Grande Knife 4 Tool 43 

Outdoor Edge Cutlery Corp 60. 61 

Paragon Industries 94 

Paragon Sporting Goods Co. Inc. 

„ 116 

Perkins. Sean 96 

Plaza Cutlery 98 

Pro Cut 20 

Puller. Martin 89 

Sawby, Scott ..85 

Sentry Solutions Ltd 41 

Selofculleiy 91 

Sharn Eagle 127, 129 

Sheffield Knile makers Supply Inc. 


Shepherd Hills Walnut 2 

Simonich Custom Knives 100 

Skylands Cutlery 91 

Smith Abrasives, Inc 117 

Smoky Mountain Knile Works Inc 

SOG Specially Knives Ini. i ' 1 

South Summit 30 

Southern California Blades 44 

Spyderco 32 

Szilaski. Joseph 90 

Texas Knileirtakers Supply .135 

Thotindog Forge 89 

Tim O'Brien Digital Photograph .86 

Timves 41 

Titanium Distribution Service.. 128 

To The Hilt.com 97 

Tops 85,89 

Treeslump Leather 99 

Tru-Gril 84 

Tru- Hone Corporation 91 


Ultra Speed Products 88 

Uniled Cutlery 15 

Vagnino, Michael 91 

Voyles. J. Bruce 88 


W. Fagan & Co 90 

WOW. Distribution 93 

W.R.. Case & Sons Cutlery Co. 139 

Where To Net/Em 99 

White Lighlning 24 

William Henry Knives 25, 71 

Wolverine Knile Collectors CI ...96 

Santa Fe Stoneworks 129 1 Stop Knife Shop 93 

Randall Mafle Knives 83 

Reba's Enterprises 85 

Red Hill Corporation 85 

Reddick Enterprises 85 

RFG Dislribulii'q -13 

Riverside Machine 100 

Rufl's Saddle Shop Knife Sales,B4 

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The publisher assumes no liability for omissions or errors. 


BLADE/ 111 

■ By Wayne Goddard 
BLADE® field editor 

The Last Column 

The author signs off in his final "All About Grinders" 
segment of "BLADE Workshop" 

y homemade grinder series wraps 
iup with this installment of "All 
L About Grinders." 1 have gotten 
some good reports from HI t/)E» readers 
who have made machines after reading the 
series. Two readers have built a basic 
machine using the principal features of my 
"Big Red" grinder (see page 122. September 
BLADE: page 66. October BLADE; and 
page 81. November BLADE). Finding 
contact and drive wheels at a reasonable 
price seems to be the No. I problem in 
building the homemade machines: finding 
motors and scrap steel is the easy part. 

I have done a survey of all the machines 
available and compared the features and 
prices. Of all the basic two-wheel machines, 
the Coote is the best for the money. Before 
going any further, let's gel die name right. 
Coote rhymes with toot — the "e" is silent. 
The Coote grinder has been made for quite a 
few years and a number of my friends have 
one, The Coote machine is more common in 
the Pacific Northwest than the rest of the 
country because it is made here. My knife- 
maker friend, Chris Lindsay, was a dealer 
for Coote when he owned North West Knife 
Supply, The first Coote grinder I saw was in 
his shop and, i I" 1 remember right, that was 
before he was in the supply business. There 
are a few grinders that sell for less but they 
are not of the same high quality. You get to 
furnish your own motor with the Coote and 
thai can save you quite a bit of money. Also, 
the Coote is belt driven, which means it can 
be set up to run any speed within the safety 
range of the contact wheel. 

Coote offers a 2X48 model with a 6- 
inch contact wheel for $285 (all prices 
herein are manufacturer's suggested retail). 

112/ BLADE 

The 2X72 model with a 6-inch contact 
wheel is 53 It). $385 with an 8-inch contact 
wheel and S395 for the l()-ineh model. 
Some good news is thai Coote will sell ihe 
contact wheels by themselves. The 2X6 is 
S67, the 2X8 is S86 and the 2XK) is S105. 
For a brochure or to order contact N.E. 
Coote. Dept. BLI, 23 I Mats View Road. 
Port Ludlow, WA 98365 (360) 437-0366. 

"I plan on being back 
with "BLADE Work- 
shop" features from 
time to time." — the 


If you want plans for a true professional - 
use machine, plans for [he META- 
GRINDER are available for $34.90 
(postpaid) from Franco Guerri. c/o MF.TA- 
GRINDER. P.O. Box 2037, Dept. BLI. 
Whitefish, MT 59937 (406) 862-4868. It is 
a versatile and heavy-duty grinder that has 
features of three machines in one. Wiih a 
double-ended motor it can drive both the 
contaci wheel and the small-wheel unit ai 
the same time (one on each side of the 
machine). Franco also has plans for a heat- 
ireating furnace. ($24.95) and will sell you a 
UJ-siep, programmable controller for it for 

My current grinder project is an ultra- 
slow machine that will save time hand 
rubbing blades. The hasis is an 1 8-rpm gear 
molur with an 8-meh drive wheel on it. The 
bell moves over a platen that sits parallel lo 

the bench lop. The platen is set up litis way 
in order to make i he contact between blade 
and platen visible. There is no contact wheel 
as such, only a tungsten carbide "nose" that 
ihe belt runs over. A cork-impregnated- 
wtih-graphite-on-eanvas material covers ihe 

I have a similar setup lhal hooks onto 
my slow-speed deiail machine, bui it runs 
too last and dial causes the belts to overheat 
It can be opera led for only a couple of 
minutes without a rest period to let it cool 
down. The slower speed of my new machine 
should allow a longer running time without 
ihe overheating problem. There is no reason 
thai spray coolant could noi be used with 
waterproof micron bells, and 1 will defi- 
nitely be experimenting with lhal. 

A future project is a foot-powered belt 
grinder-hard wheel grinder-buffer-drilling 
maehine-and-laihe all in one. t hope lo write 
up these two machines once they are 
finished and running. 

I his installment nl the "All \htuil 
Grinders" segment of "BLADE Workshop" 
is the last one I will do as a regular feature. 
The writing has cut into my knifemaking 
time a lot more than I intended at ihe begin- 
ning. Nine years of the monthly deadlines 
have worn me out. A good way for me to 
put it is thai I enjoy the writing but not the 
deadlines 'Mm'tine neM month I will he 
doing only the "Question & Answer" 
BLADE feature on a regular basis. If i can 
get ahead on my knife work, 1 plan on being 
back with "BLADE Workshop" features 
from time to time. 



\i>ic: Slum i event* market! with an asterisk (*) haw knives as the main item. BLADE'S® 
"Show Calendar" also can be seen on BLADE's web site at www.blademag.com. 


Oct. 28-29 McKinney. IX North Texas Knife 
Show on Third Monday Trade Days grounds. 
Contact Darrell Lewis (972) 562-5466 

www.lm.td, coin.* 


\nv, 4-5 Mt. Vernon, IL Mt. Vernon Knife 

Show Lit Roland lewis Comnuuii!; Dldg. Contact 
Nancv m I any Hancock. Dept. 131.1. 12193 E. 
Iiimei. Mt. Vernon, IL 62864 (618) 242-4514.* 

Nov. 4-5 Frankfurt, GERMANY German Knife 
Show. Contact Harvey Silk. Dept. BLI, Poslfaeh 
1166, 64343 Griesheim, Germany 49 6155-2231 
fex 49 6 1 55-2433.* 

15931 (814) 472-5520 e-mail 


Jan. 26-28 Novi, Ml Wolverine Knife Collectors 
Club Show at Novi Expo Center. Contact Frank 
Meek [810) 264-2031 or Pal Donovan (810) 247- 
sxs; or the show c/o 14543 Yale, Dept. BLI. 
Sterling I Its.. Ml 48313.* 


Feb. 2-4 Las Vegas, NV Las Vegas Classic KniTe 
Show at the Riviera Hotel. Contact Laurence 

( iiuy 1 775 J 553-2233 web site: www.lvcks.com.* 

Fel>. 10-11 Little Rock, AR Arkansas ( ustom 
Knife Show at the Hilton Inn. Contact David 
F.tchieson (501) 513-1019.* 

April 21-22 Eugene, OR Oregon Knife Collec- 
tors 26th Annual Show at Performance I tall. Lane 
County Convention Center. Contact Dennis 
Ftlingsen (541) 484-5564.* 

MAY 2001 

.May 4-6 Vlonkton, MD Appalachian Knifemak- 
crs Rendezvous. Contact Ted Merchant (410) 
343-0380 web site: www.knifcshows.com.* 

May 26-27 Melbourne, Australia Australian 
Knifentakcrs Guild Show. Contact Tasmati 
Kerley, POB 659, Dept. BLI, Belgrave. 3160, 
Victoria. Australia phone fox 03 9754 6740 web 
siie: www.akg.org.au.* 

JUNE 2001 

Nov. 111-12 New York, NY 23rd Annual New 
York Custom Knife Show at The Sheraton New 
York Hotel. Contact Paul Tausig (516) 781-5515 
or (516) 549-5191 .* 

Nov. II Franklin. TN 5th Annual Williamson 

Countv Knife Show at The Factory. Call Gary 
t apaldi (615) 791-8601.* 

\o\. 11-12 Tacoma, WA Northwest Knife 
Collectors Knife Show at Freighthouse Square. 
For more information call (253) 927-3909.* 

Nov. 18-19 Clavvson. Ml Wolverine Knife 
Collectors Club Fall show at Knights of Colum- 
bus I kill. Contact frank Meek (8J0) 264-2031 or 
Pat Donovan (8101 247-5883.* 

Nov. 25-26 Temecula. CA California Knifemak- 
ers Association Show at Lmhassy Suites Hotel. 

Contact Jim Ferguson (909) S02-0267 or Barry 
Posner (818) 752-8005.* 


Nov, 30-Dec, 2 Pigeon Forge, TN Greatest Knife 
Show On Earth #20, Contact Parkers" Knife 
Collector Service, aim: E. Henley. Dept. Hi. I. 

I'ttB 2.1522. Chattanooga, TN .17422 (423) 892- 

Dec. 9- HI St Charles, MO Heart of America 
Show #1 1 ai the American Legion Contact Mike 
Helms, Dept. BLI. 310 Andrews Trail, St. Peters. 
MO 63376 (636) 928-5775.* 

Dee. Ill Timoniiini. Mil Chesapeake Knife Show 
ai ihe Holiday Inn. Contacl led Merchant i4Hn 
;,4 3-03S0 web site: www Jotifeshows.com.* 


.Liu. 19-21 Chattanooga. TN NKCA Chat- 
tanooga Show at Hamilton County Convention Ai 

Trade Center. Contact the NKCA Business Office 

Jan. 20-21 Roanoke. VA Roanoke Valley Gun 

Show ill Roanoke Civic Center. Contact Show- 

roasters, Dept. BLI. POB 416, Ebensburg, PA 

Feb. I6-l« Lakeland. FL Gator Cutlery Club 

23rd Annual Knife Show al the Lakeland Center. 
Contacl Dan Piergallini (813) 754-3908.* 

Feb. 24 Springfield, MO Knife Club of the 
Ozarks Spring Fever Show at Chestnut Hill. 
Contact Randy Long (417) 581-2835 fax (417) 

MARCH 2001 

March 17-IK Godfrey. IL Bunker Hill Knife 
Club Show at River Bend Arena. Lew-is & Clark 
Community College. Contact Dale Rice, Dept. 
HI I. 108 Picked, Uethalro. IL 62010 (618) 377- 

March 18-19 Tacoma, WA Northwest Knife 

Collectors Club Show al Freighthouse Square. 
Call (253) 927-3909 Tor info.* 

March 23-25 .lantsvilk-, Wl IXth Annual Badger 
Knife Show al the Holiday Inn Express and 
Jancsvillc Conference Center. Contact Bob 
Schrap. Dept. BLI. POB 511. Elm Grove. Wl 
53122 (414) 479-9765 e-mail rschrapwaol.com.* 

March 23-25 Covington, KY NKCA Cincinnati 
Show at the Northern Kentucky I oiivenliou 
Center. Contact the NKCA Business Office (423) 

March 24-25 Palo Verdcs, CA ABS West 2001 
Hammer-In. Frnply Saddle Club. Limited to 30 
attendees. Contact Bill Herndoii. Dept. BLI, 
32520 Michigan St.. Aeton, Ca. 93510 (661) 269- 
5860 e-mail hhemdoii waol.com.* 

APRIL 2001 

April 7-8 Mississauga. Ontario. Canada ( ana- 
dian Knifemakcrs Guild Knife Show. Contact 
Wally Hayes (613) 824-9520* 

April 20-22 Louisville, KY NKCA Louisville 
Show at the Holiday Inn South Convention 

( enter. Contacl the NKCA Business Office (4231 

June tt-ll) Marietta. GA 20lh Annual BLADE 
Show & International Cutlery Pair, Cobh (iallena 
Centre. 1-285 & US 41. one exit off 1-75 across 
from the Cumberland Mall & adjacent lo the 
Renaissance Waverly Hotel. The world's largesl 
combined show of handmade, antique & factory 
knives. Over 520 tables and 100 factory booths. 
Join Bill Moran, Spydcrco, Ernie Emerson. Buck 
Knives. Wayne Goddard. Bcnchmade USA. 
Frank Centofatnc and many other grcal national 
and international makers, collectors and knife 
lovers. Site of the annual ABS meeting & special 
Knifemakcrs* Guild section. Seminars include 
ABS forging and culling demos, the siaie-of-lhe- 
arl in knives and steels, & many others. Sile of 
the Blade Magazine 2001 Knife-Of-The-Year 
Awards" for factory knives, points for Ihe 2001 
BLADFhandinadc" 1 ' Awards. Blade Magazine 
' ullery Ha! I -Of- Fame* iuduction(s) & much 
more. Contact BLADE Magazine®, c'o Krausc 
Publications, Dept. BLI, 700 E. State, lota. Wl 
54945 (715) 445-2214 bladcfgk rause.com.* 

JULY 2001 

July 6-8 Springfield, MO NKCA Springfield 
Show at O/ark Lin pi re fairgrounds |--plc\ 
Contact ihe NKCA Business Office (423) 892- 

July 27-29 Orlando, FL 32nd Annual Knifemak- 
crs' Guild Show at Ihe Orlando Marriolt. Coin.ici 
Al Pendray. Depl. BLI, 13950 NE 20th. Willis- 
ton, FL 32696 (352) 528-6124.* 

To ensure timely publication of your 

knife show in the "Show Calendar. 
BLADE k reauests that van send all 
pertinent information concerning your 
show in written form -dates, locutions-, 
etc. at least three months he/are the 
show lakes place lo Krause Publications, 
uttn: ./. Kertzman, ' '00 E. State, lola. Wl 
$4945 (715) 445-2214 fax (715) 445- 
40 H7, BLADE depends on the shows 
themselves for prompt and accurate 

information. Blade 


BLADE/ 113 

Knife Gems 

"All my knives 

are hand finished 

like jewelry." 

— George Dailey 


precious metals, 
inlay, carving 





high-end cutlers 
craft pieces that 
sparkle plenty 




Jewelers Turned 
Knifemakei . ! 

By Mike Haskew 

The gems tones in John Lewis Jensen's "Invoca- 
tion" (top) Include green, blue/green and chrome 
green tourmalines, sapphire and green sapphire, 
citrine, garnet, and peridot, all set in 18k yellow 
gold with additional details in 18k yellow gold. 
The blade Is 1095/A203E low-layer, loose-twist 
damascus by Daryl Meier. (Jensen photo) 

With years of experience in making jewelry, a number of artisans are 
demonstrating a natural progression — their "bridge" to knifemaking. 
Dazzling works of an combine the elements of design, craftsman- 
ship and elegance thai make a knife, ring, pendant or brooch come alive. 

The focus for j ewe lers- tu rued -knife makers is cutlery, but the training and 
experience of these artisans shows through every lime. "My jewelry back- 
ground has helped to sharpen my design ability in knives, particularly with 
embellishments and handwork," explained George Dailey. who turned 
completely to making knives four years ago. "'As a jeweler I was a prototype 
maker. I would lake a design and carry it through to the actual finished proto- 
type piece, so l had to have knowledge of all the aspects of jewelry making." 

Dailey considers the building of each oThis knives an exercise similar to 
making a jewelry prototype. "There are always challenges in knifemaking. 


BLADE Magazine Presents 

TOO E. State St., lolci. Wi 54990-(X>01 

The rich history of knifemaking 
in Europe has seldom seen 
in-depth coverage in the United 
States. But now that has 
changed, knives of 
EUROPE tells this intriguing 

From Thiers, France to 
Switzerland, Poland, Sweden. 
Germany, Italy and Spain, 
readers on an in-depth tour of 
small forges and 
state-of-the-art production 
companies alike. Join this 

detailed tour now, 

by ordering your copy today. 

credit Card Orders 
Dial Toll-Free 


Offer Code KKHK 

7 am - 8 pm, M-F., 

8 am - 2 pm. Sat, CT 

Send me 

copy(ies) of KNIVES OF EUROPE 

Credit Card No. 
Expires: Mo. _ 


□ Check or money order (payable to Blade 
□ MasterCard □ VISA □ Discover/Novus □ AM EX 


Phone no. 




e-mail address 


Knife ftj WJ3 Pease 

Priced a Sit 

Nnhi*-ri to prior sale 


New York's 
Largest Se leer ion 

i l| 1 luniimndV Knives 
Since 1961 

S7I Broadway At 18th St., N'.Y.C. 10003 

(212) 2 S vHP 16 


Mon-Fri 10-8, Sat 10-7. Sun 12-6 

www. partgonsports,ci >m 



Picking the tight kind ol leather is vital 
to longterm knife preservation.' 
Cat yKelley BLADE Magazine. June 1992 

• Natural Russet • Bark Tanned 

* Great Memory 

• Natural Honey Color 

■ No Chromic Acid 

The best vegetable tanned 
leather for over 130 years. 
Call for a free brochure and 
ask about our split leather. 

Muir & McDonald-Co. 
N Tanners ■-' 

P.O. Box 136 • Dallas, Oregon 97338 

FAX: (503) 623-9091 
Toll Free: f -800-547- 1299 

"Exotica" by George Daitey is inlaid with diamonds in gold. The handle is fluted mother- 
of-pearl and the blade is a Turkish/random/Turkish-clad damascus by Daryi Meier. Over- 
all length: 10 1/2 inches. (Burak photo) 

"Knives take a lot 

longer to make than 


— Dellana 

and the skill of making knives is neat 
because ol" the directions you might lake."' 
he said. "All my knives are hand finished 
tike jewelry. 1 must have 50 files within 
aim's reach on m\ bench because I use so 
many of them in finishing." With lisi prices 
for his pieces ranging from £2,500 to 
55,000, Dailey is currently collaborating on 
a dagger with bladesmith Rick Dunkerley. 

George prides himself on deiail work. 
"I'm very comfortable with gold work, and 1 
know right where ii is going." he 
commented. "For people doing an knives, 
using gold and jewels is a way of" standing 
apart from the crowd." 

Dailey has had little trouble getting 
noticed, winning the Best Folder Award at 
the Florida Art Knife Invitational in 1998 
with an 11-inch folding dagger called 
"Charisma." Inside the folder's ease, a si rip 
of gold can be seen holding precious stones 

all the way across. 

A summer course on mela Ism i thing at 
Skidmore College in New York got Dellana 
started in her jewelry career. Subsequently. 
she saw the work of the late Jim Schmidt 
and found new avenues of expression with 
knives. "I really like using the same materi- 
als, but I love to forge damascus." she 
commented. "The creation of that materia! 
was something 1 didn't know 1 was missing 
until I got into knives." 

Dellana' s talent wits recognized with 
BLADFhaudmade™ Hess of Show and Best 
Folder awards in 1 998. and Best of Show 
and Best Folder honors at the 1999 Bl.ADF 
Show. She also won Best of Show at the 
East Coast Custom Knife Show in 1997 and 
1998, What's more, she is one of only 25 
knii'emakers in the prestigious Art Knife 
Invitational a group that includes or has 
included such makers as Schmidt, Bill 
Moran, Bob Loveless, (ii! llibben. H.H. 
Frank and others held every other year in 
October at the San Diego Yacht Club in San 
Diego. California. 

"I've always had a fascination with fold- 
ing knives," Dellana staled. "They're like 
toys because they move and click. I was 
used to working with fine tolerances and 
knew how to finish a piece because of my 

116/ BLADE 


jewelry background, hut the toughest thing 
for mc about making knives has been that 
they take a lot longer 10 make than jewelry. 
You have to get all the elements together 
and make them work correctly. After the 
damascus is made, it takes an average of 
about a hundred hours for me to make a 
knife. I have made one fixed blade and have 
some plans for art daggers in the future, but 
I love the folders." 

Dellana credits husband and fellow 
award-winning knifemaker. Van Barnetl. 
with expanding her creative horizons by 
showing her how to do gold inlay. These 
days, her devotion to knives limits the lime 

"Working with jewelry 

is on such a small 
scale, knives provide a 
much larger palette." 

— John Lewis Jensen 

available to make jewelry, except for family 
and friends. Her list prices for her knives 
generally run from S2.500 to S 1 0,000. 

A Larger Palette 

John Lewis Jensen says that the fit and 
finish work are greatly enhanced on his 
knives because of his experience in jewelry 
technique and mclalsnnthiny learned at the 
Rhode island School of Design. "It's part of 
being comfortable working with high-end 
materials and not being afraid to screw 
things up," he laughed. '"It's the real kind of 
perfectionist dedication to fine tune things 
and gel them perfect. Working with jewelry 
is on such a small scale that knives provide 
a much larger palette for the artist. 1 still 
have the eye to do the small work, and to do 
that in knives is very satisfying. A customer 
may buy a knife from me and call two 
weeks later to tell mc he jus! noticed some- 
thing else that I had done on the piece. That 
makes both (he collector and me feel good." 
While he has not made jewelry in years, 
crafting a damascus. gold and sapphire ring 
is on Jensen's back burner. Both his knives 
and his jewelry contain only the very best 
materials. "1 like gold, precious gems, tita- 

More Jewelers- 

Other knifemakers who were arc 
jewelers and/or goldsmiths include 
David Goldberg, Zaza Revtshvili. 
Arthur Soppera and Scott Taylor. There 
ace no doubt others, If you know of" any. 
please tell us. (For more on Revtshvili, 

sec his profile 111 is issue. I 


Innovative New Products 
From Smith Abrasiv 



BLADE/ 117 

Beautiful Cutlery 

Wr liave the knife you arc looking fur!! 

J.A. Henckels 

Sol in gen 

Messermeister Elite Kyocera 
Giesser Messer Friedr. Dick 


McGregor Village Shipping Center #109 

107 Edinburgh South, 

Cary, NO 27511 


Fax: 919-460-7772 

K - mail : l urkseuL leryf" m i ndspri rig.com 
Weh site: www.beekscutlery.com 

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nium and fossil ivories. The materials arc 
what excite me the most," lie related. 
"Ninety percent of the damascus steel I use 
is custom made bj Daryl Meier or < onnj 
Persson. I'll work with them before the steel 
is made by sending them a drawing of the 

In many ways Jensen considers his 
knives to be sculpture. He incorporates a lot 
of color into his work and averages about 20 
stones per piece. Techniques such as a 
"cutaway" view from the side also help to 
set his knives apart. His list prices stan at 

For 20 years Bill Mcllenry owned a 
family goldsmith ing business but when he 
saw the custom knife collection of Tom 
Haydu. owner of Tomway Boxes, his direc- 
tion changed, "i was stunned by that collec- 
tion." M die n ry re called. "Th esc were 
Walker, Lake and Busficld models, and 
more. One of" the things lhat really got me 
was the prices they were getting for these 
knives — without gold and silver in sight. 
That intrigued me. People were paying a lot 
of money for the outstanding craftsman - 

With jewelry experience in die making, 
Robert Weinstock's requirement for 
perfection is second nature. His intri- 
cately handcarved and chased folder is 
A-2 tool steel throughout. Closed length: 
-4 1/4 inches. (Point Seven photo) 


Haydu encouraged Me Henry to read 
BLADE k and two years later Bill was a 
full-time knifemaker. In addition to high- 
end art knives, he is fascinated with 
mechanics and has collaborated on such 
innovative mechanisms as ihe Axis lock 
with Jason Williams for Beiichmadc. 

"The mechanics were addictive," 
Mcllenry said. "Making a knife walk-and- 
talk is an an form in itself. In the beginning 
the toughest part was finding a niche, 
getting my name known and having the 
stamina to do the shows and develop a 
following. We were in it up to our eyeballs" 

Mcllenry used mainstream jewelry tech- 
niques on his initial work, but has begun to 
blend traditional materials with titanium, 
gold, silver and cameo-style has relief carv- 
ing. After a decade of knifemaking, he is not 
currently accepting custom orders, "We've 
built up a really solid business in high-end 
mechanical art knives," he said, "We pretty 
much took the style of Jimmy Schmidt and 
the hi-tech work of Michael Walker and 
speeded vhem up a bit, so we're combining 

118 /BLADE 


ar 2000 IBCA Club Knife 

• The highest standard of quality only from imperial Schrade 
• Shipping to be completed by the end of November 
• Orders must be in by November 15, 2000 



W lassie sculpted 
burgundy Micarta® handle 
with beautifully polished fittings 
and brass guard 

Uecorative Imperial Schrade shield! 

Year 2000 Millennium IBCA Club logo — Laser-cut hardwood presentation box! 

Only 250 will ever be made 


greater than 100 units pre-sold! 

: □ YES. I want to order the 2000 IBCA Club Knife. 

* J Check or money order enclosed 

I ( made uur to Krnuse Pubhcahons) 

: Charge my: 

• Q Mastercard Q Visa LI Discover/Novus □ American Express 

Card # 

_Exp. Oate_ 






IBCA member price 


Other knife lovers pay 


IBCfl Membership lor 12 months 814.00 

Shipping/Handling ( rates below) 

p ublicati ons 


Total Amount 

The Wnrlilx Largett lltibliy mi it ColleettbUl Publisher 

700 East State St. • lola. Wl 54990-0001 * http://www.krause.com 





Phone ( ) 

Q I want the lowest- possible number. 

J l want my knife numbered with my IBCA life 
member number. 4 

Naturally, I may return the knives within 30 
days for a lull returns It I am net 100% satisfied, 
I understand the 2000 IBCA Club Knives will not 
be shipped until November 30. 2000. 

1-2 Knives $6.50 
3-4 Knives S 11 50 
Additional Knives $4,50/each 

Knife & Gun ( ullrclor rales S.1.000 fur St2. 
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David Goldberg is a former jeweler who underwent a kind of double transition — first to a 
maker of high-end folders and then to his current specialty, Japanese swords. His cane 
sword features a damascus blade and fluted handle and scabbard. (PointSeven photo) 

things like filcwork on damascus steel with 
titanium technology." 

A familiarity u ith the machinery used to 
produce twill knives and jewelry helped Hub 
Wetnstoek bridge lo kiiifctnakiug. Most of 
his jewelry experience is in die making, and 
the requirement for perfection is second 
nature. "'I used lathes and grinders in my 
jewelry work, and was also careful with 
layout and execution," he explained. "It had 
to be just right in making the dies for things 
like rings to be stamped out correctly, and 
that kind of care has carried over into 
making knives." 

In 1 997, Wetnstoek captured a BLADF- 
handma.de Award for Best Folder, liis tin ce- 

ll lade whiltler represented a triumph. '"The 
mechanisms for folders are challenging." he 
noted. "Although they seem like they should 
be really simple, they are a lot more diffieull 
than you might think. It's not that easy to 
make it work right. The scale of a knife is 
another challenge. As a jeweler I worked on 
a small scale, and a knife is much larger." 

Weinstock is currently working on a 
pendant, his first piece of jewelry since 
1 994. "With knives. I'm doing a lot with 
Devin Thomas's high-carbon damascus," he 
said. "I like the damascus with a low nickel 
content so that I can make an etch which is 
very subtle," 

A student of ornament and design. 

120/ BLADE 


"We're combining 
things like filework on 

damascus steel with 

titanium technology." 

-Bill McHenry 

Weinsloek funis inspiration lor his work in 
nature and architecture. 1 1 is list prices range 
from $2,000 to $5,000. 

While jewelers-turned-cutlers share an 
artistic link, the making of jewelry and 
knives is a distinctive 1'orm of expression. 
One complements the other, and these prac- 
ticed experts see their work through a fresh 

For the contact information for the knives 
in the story, see "Where To Gel 'Em" on 
page 123. 


An ardent disciple of the late Jim 
Schmidt, Deliana handled her 
folder with pyrite crystals in jet. 
The bolsters are 14k green gold 
and the lockbar is inlaid with 
diamonds. Closed length: ~3 1/4 
inches. (PointSeven photo) 




Bench made Knife Company, attn: L. 
de Asis, Depl. BLl, 30(1 Beavercreek. 
Oregon City, OR, 97045 (503) 655- 
6004 web site: www.benehmade.com 
e-mail: in I o (w b e n c h m a d e . c o m : 
Harold "Kit" Carson. Dept. BLl, 
1076 Brizendine, Vine Grove, KY, 
40175 (270) 877-6300 web site: 
www.carsonknives.com e-mail: 
carsonknives@kvnet.org; Columbia 
River Knife & Tool, attn: P. Gillespie. 
Dept. BLl, 9720 SW Hillman. Ste. 
805, Wilsonville, OR 97070 (800) 
891-3100 web site: www.crkt.com e- 
mail: info@crkt.com; Emerson 
Knives, Inc., attn: E. Emerson, Dept. 
BLl, POB 4180. Torrance, CA 90510- 
4180 (310) 542-3050 web site: 
www.emersonknives.com e-mail: 
eknives@ aol.com; Darrel Ralph, 
Dept. BLl, 4185 S State Rt. 605, 
Galena, OH 43021 (740) 965-9970 
web site: www.darrelralpli.com e-mail: 
browzer@ infinet.com: Spvderco, 
attn: J. Laituri, Dept. BLl, POB 800, 
Golden, CO 80403 (800) 525-7770 
web site: www.spyderco.com e-mail: 


Chas Clements, Dept. BLl, 1741 
Dallas, Aurora, CO 80010 (303) 364- 
0403: Blackie Collins Design, attn; B. 
Collins, POB 100, Dept. BLl. North, 
SC 29112 (803) 568-2444; Blade- 
Tech, attn: T. Wegner, Dept. BLl. 
3060 S. 96th. Tacoma. WA 98499 
(253) 581-4347; John Dennehv, Dept. 
BLl, POB 431, Wellington, CO 
80549-0431 (phone n/a); Eagle Indus- 
tries, attn: John and Gretchen Carver, 
Dept. BLl. 400 Biltmore Dr., Ste. 530, 
Fenton. MO 63026 (314) 343-7547); 
Edge-Works, attn: S. Evans, Dept. 
BLl, 1171 Halltown, Jacksonville, NC 
28546 (910) 455-9834; John Greco, 
Dept. BLl, 100 M attic Jones, Greens- 
burg, KY 42743 (502) 932-3335; GC 
Custom Leather, attn: G. Cubic, 
Dept. BLl, 10561 E. Deerfield, 
Tucson, AZ 85749 (520) 760-5988; 

George Lawrence Leather Co., attn: 
C. Ide, Dept. BLl, 709 E. McNeil, 
Lillington, NC 27546 (919) 893-2627; 
Liz McGowan, Dept, BLl, 12629 
Howard Lodge, Sykcsvillc. MD 21784 
(410) 489-4323; Kenny Rowc, Dept. 
BLl, 1406 W. Ave. C, Hope, AR 
71801 (870) 777-8216; S&S Enter- 
prises, attn; F, Sigman, Dept. BLl, 
POB 589, Granite Falls. NC 28630 
(828) 396-1266; Bob Schrap. Dept. 
BLl, 7024 W. Wells, Wauwatosa, Wl 
53213 tax (414) 784-2946; Sherman's 
Custom Leather, Dept. BLl, Landon 
Hill, Cheslertown, NY 12817 (518) 
494-2057; Tandy Leather Co., Dept. 
BLl, POB 791. Fort Worth. TX 76101 
(817) 551-9770; Treestump Leather, 
attn: C. Kravitt, Dept. BLl, HC 31, 
Box 6484, Ellsworth, ME 04605 (207) 

George Dailey. Dept. BLl. 577 
Lincoln, Seekonk, MA 02771 (508) 
336-5088; Deliana, Dept. BLl, 168 
Riverbend. St. Albans, WV 25177 
(304) 727-5512: David Goldberg. 
Dept. Bl.l. I 120 Blvth. Blue Bell, PA 
19422 (215) 654-71 17; John Lewis 
Jensen, Depl. BLl, 138 Medway St., 
2nd Floor, Providence, RI 02906 (401) 
351-5838; Bill McHenry, Dept. BLl, 
Box 67. Wyoming. Rl 02898 (401) 
539-8353; Arthur Soppera, Morgen- 
talstr. 37. POB 708. Dept. BLl. CH- 
8038 Zurich, Switzerland, / 1-482 86 
12; Robert Weinstock, Dept. BLl, 
Box 39, 520 Frederick. San Francisco, 
CA 941 17 (415) 731-5968 

A.T. Barr. POB 828, Dept. BLl. 
Nicholasville, KY 40340 (606)885- 
1042; Gary Levine. POB 382, Dept. 
BLl, Chappaqua, NY 10514 (914) 
238-5748; John Perry, 9 S. H artel 1 
Rd., Dept. BLl, Mayflower, AR 72106 
(501) 470-3043: Jerry Schroeder, 
5862 Weston Ct.. Dept. BLl. Cincin- 
nati. OH 45248 (513) 574-3154; 
Shane Taylor, 18 Broken Bow Ln., 
Dept. BLl, Miles City, MT 59301 
(406)232-7175 Blade 


BLADE/ 121 

Photos by Jim Weyer 

C n Sweet 

Small fixed blades offer an 
economy of cut and style. 
Often outfitted with a single 
guard or a bolster or 
handle swell that 
serves as same, 
such pieces are 
equal parts short 
and sweet. 

(Left) Short is the 440C 
blade of the Lothar Berg 
integral, and sweet is the 
stag handle. His 
address: 37 Hillcrest 
Ln., Dept. 8L1, 
Kitchener, Ontario, 
Canada N2K IS9 
(519) 745-3260. 

(Above) Larry 
Page offers his drop- 
point hunter with a 3 1 /9-inch blade 
and an ivory handle scrimshawed by Sandra Brady. 
Page's address: 165 Rolling Rock Rd., Dept. BL1, 
Aiken, SC 29603 (803) 646-0001. 

122 /BLADE 


(Right) George Roberts built this one with an East 

em arctic flavor, including a 3 3/4-Inch ATS-34 

blade, a mastodon ivory handle and a 

nickel silver bolster. His address: POB 

31228, Dept. BL1, Whitehorse. 

Yukon Territories, Canada 



(Right) John Conn's Model 3 fixed blade relies 

on a 2 7/8-inch ATS-34 blade and a 

desert-ironwood handle. His 

address: POB 28, Dept. 8L1, 

Gaston. SC 29503 (803) 

796-3515. rO*** 1 

(Below) From butt to tip, John Young's piece 
measures 7 inches overall with a 440C blade, 
an ironwood handle and a 416 stainless steel 
bolster. His address: 483 E. 400 S, Dept. 
BU, Ephraim, UT 84627 (435) 283-4555. 


(Below) One of a set of six knives, Larry Downing's 
steak knife is tastefully beset with a 3 3/4-inch blade 
and a mammoth-ivory handle. Each handle features 
a different African wildlife scene scrimmed by 
Sandra Brady — in this case, an elephant in its 
natural habitat. Downing's address: 12268 Hwy. 181 
N. Dept. BU, Bremen, KY 42325 (270) 525-3523. 


BLADE/ 123 


zaza Revishvili 




By Butch Winter 

"For Georgians, until the 

Soviet era, daggers and 

sabers were a part of the 

traditional clothing.' 

— Zaza Revishvili 



One of Revishvili $ many collaborations is this elegant piece done in concert with Gil 
Hibben. Gil ground the blade from Devin Thomas stainless damascus. The silver filigreed 
handle and sheath, inlaid with garnets, are by Zaza. Overall length: 1 1.S inches. (Point- 
Seven photo) 

124/ BLADE 

f"7aza Revishvili was bom in the Georgia on 
/ ilic other side ul' the world, the Georgia in 
Z— (the Caucasus Mountains, the one that lies 
between Russia, the Black Sea, Turkey and 
Azerbaijan, onee a member of the now-defunct 
Soviet Union. It is a land that has been fought 
over — and fought for— since lime immemorial. 
Georgia has been invaded by (/recks, 
Romans, Persians, Turks, Arabs, ( iermans 
and Mongols, to name a lew. And, if one 
wants to go back far enough, the llittites 
might have been the first of all the 
invaders. With that much strife and 
turmoil in its history, there is no 
wonder thai Georgia has developed 
such an attachment to the daggers 
and swords of warfare rather than 
the cutting edge of the workman. Jn 
fact, as Revishvili says, "For Georgians, 
until die Soviet era, daggers and sabers were a 
part of the traditional clothing." 

As miglit be expected. Zaza's homeland has 
a strong influence on the style of his work. He 
makes swords and daggers, for instance, dial 
relied the traditional blades of the Caucasus. 
The kamu (also qumu) or kimijat, the famous 
dagger of" the region, is a particular Revishvili 

But — and this is a big but — Zaza's creations 
arc not the lypes of blades one mighl expect to 
find on the ordinary warrior. No, anyone carry- 


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440A stainless steel blade, specially treated 
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| 35 issues . . - $58,98 

| Kershaw Black Oui includes shipping $40.00 

| Subtotal .$98.98 

| Wl residents add 5.5% sales tax $ 

| IL residents add 6.25% sales tax $ 

I (sales t»» applies amy to knile shipp«>fl and Handling) 

| Total enclosed .Si 

| Name , , 

■ Address 

| City Slate Zip 

■ Credit Card No. . 

■ Expires: Month 

■ Signature __ 

■ Phone E-mail 



j New ssHjscnhei 

□ Renewal/extension (attacti mailing label) 
-I ChEck di money ofder 
(to BLADE Magazine) 
Please charge 10 my. a MC J Novua'Disc. 

Credit card orders dial toll-lree 


Dent, ABAV5J 
Send payment to: 

Blade Magazine, 

Circulation Dept ABAV5J 

700 East State St., lola, Wl 54990-0001 

(write tor Foreign Rates) 

Allow 6-8 weeks For Delivery 


edge blades that at one time 
were carried universally in the 
Caucasus. The blades of the 
larger pieces are J 6 Inches 
long. The handles and scab- 
bards aw covered In the 
maker's trademark sliver fili- 
gree. (Weyer photo) 


r/-m\ irjiTil 


- / 

v4 is soldered in place 
\/^dl using a torch and 
silver solder." 

— Zazct Revishvili 

Zaza Revishvili 

Dept. BL1. 2012 Linden Ave. 
Madison. Wl 53704 

Specialties High-end an knives, includ- 
ing daggers, sabers and kindjals; also 
collaborations with other lop makers, 
including locking liner folders 
Blade Steels Damascus made and; or 
ground by assorted makers 
Handles Silver filigree w garners and 
other gemstones. fossil ivories, woods, 
gold and other natural materials; also 
does sheaths and scabbards in same 
Embellishment Does own engraving 

ing a Revislivili dagger would be at leasi a high- 
ranking officer, if not a general or a prince of the 

"For Georgia and Russia, custom blademak- 
ing has very ancient traditions. 1 am working to 
preserve the traditions of Georgian art, and to 
further develop and enrich it with new designs 
and ideas," Zaza says. "I wish to expand the 
knowledge and presence of this work in the 
world." Since l l Wl he has participated in the 
design and handcrafting of artifacts, sculpture 
and jewelry in silver, gold, non-ferrous and 
ferrous metals, wood, fossil ivory and other 
natural materials. 

Fascinated from youth with the beauty of 
swords and daggers, Zaza has specialized in 
knife and sword design, sheath, scabbard and 
handle making, ornamentation and custom 
engraving. From 1987-1991 he worked in inte- 
rior design at the Factory of Designers Associa- 
tion of Georgia. Before that, between 1 985 and 
WN7. lie was with S.K.B. T.S.A.A. Architec- 
tural Co. specializing in architectural interior 
and exterior project design, and lias an Interna- 
tional Bachelors Degree of Art from the Tbilisi 
Stale Academy of Art. Tbilisi, where Zaza was 
bom. is the capital of the Georgian Republic. It 
is. Zaza says, the most beautiful city in Russia. 

It was while studying at the Tbilisi Slate 
Academy, at the tender age of 19. that Zaza 
started making custom knives and daggers. 
After graduation, and working as an interior 
designer, he made knives pan time as a hobby. 
Me was awarded the highest scholarship honor 
in the former U.S.S.R., the Lenin Scholarship. 


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1 7/8" inch Blade Knife 

B!ade 1 7/8" 

440A stainless steel blade 

Zinc alloy handle with rubber & clip 

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"Knives have func- 
tional and aesthetic 

—Zaza Revishvili 

Since arriving in the United States, Zaza has 
won many awards for excellence at various 
knife shows. 

Consider a dagger with a damascus blade 
made by one of the modem masters but ground 
by Zaza. boasting a silver handle decorated in 
fine filigree, and inlaid with gold and or 
precious gems, [lien there is the intricately 
gorgeous sheath, which provides a much larger 
canvas to give Zaza's filigree wizardry full 
reign. While remaining true to the folk art of his 
homeland. Revishvili's skill in ornamentation 
and custom engraving results in breathtaking 
works of art. 

Zaza has done collaborations with W.D. 
Pease, Don Fogg. Bertie Rietveld. Sieve 
Sehwarzer. Gil Hibben. Conny Persson. Al 
Dippold, Jacques jobin. Al Pendray. Reese 
Wetland and others, "Most of the work I have 
done with /a/a has been on daggers." I libben 
says. "We have dune a couple of really far-out 
fantasy pieces and ) challenged him to go 
beyond the traditiniwl styles. I wan led him to be 
more Iree and put out more fantasy-type things," 

For those unfamiliar with filigree, /aza 

C ustom 

Ptiota Cotafoo. SS.OO, 
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Zaza s silver filigree and garnets and 
Hank Knickmeyer's damascus lend an air 
of art and tradition to the modem profile 
of a locking liner. Reese Wetland did the 
honors on the locking mechanism and 
the blade grind. Closed length: -5 inches. 
(PointSeven photo) 

In addition to silver filigree, 
Zaza also embellishes a mean 
wood handle. He and Reese 
Weiland teamed up on these 
two talon-shaped-blade 
models. (PointSeven photo) 

128 /BLADE 

Conny Persson supplied the 
mosaic damascus blade on Zaza's 
Russian Prince Dagger. Again, 
silver filigree and inlaid garnets 
predominate on the handle and , ., .-'■' 
sheath. (PointSeven photo) 


"With my colleagues 

from all over Russia, 

we started the Russian 

Knifemakers Guild." 

— Zaza Revishvili 

explains il thus; 'It is fine ornamentation with 
wires and beads. Kadi wire and bead is hand- 
made from silver. Each little piece is then 
soldered in place using a torch and silver 
solder." Revishvili is believed to be the only 
knifemaker in the USA or Europe who uses the 
traditional technique of filigree on both sheaths 
and handles. "Even in my home country," he 
says, "very few silversmiths are using this tech- 
nique, and all of them are from my home 
region. " 

As noted, Zaza specializes in high-end 
collectible art pieces. Few of his designs are 
traditional; most arc his own. "Knives have 
t'uiK'tional mill aesthetic components." he 
explains, "like architecture and some decorative 
arts. High quality of performance is the result of 
high-level craftsmanship. The aesthetic part, 
design, is die result of talent. Today, it is hard to 
surprise anyone with high-quality function in 
knives because there is a high level of crafts- 
manship in knifemaking. What's left is talent 
with which one may surprise collectors," 

When the break-up of the Soviet Union 
came about in 1901, Zaza was living in 
Moscow. "A market for collectors started 
appearing and I started making custom knives 
for a living," he relates. "With my colleagues 
from all over Russia, we started the Russian 
Knifemakers Guild. Most Russian knifemakers 
are working in traditional designs and tech- 
niques, but the tendency of westernization in 
Russia is hitting this field loo." 

Knife shows such as those in the USA are 

not possible in Russia because of old restrictions 

and legislation left over from the Soviel era 

concerning knife production by individuals. 

Zaza hopes to change this and, with the help of 

his friends in Russia, put on the first westem- 

style knife show in Moscow. _ 




Trophy-Case Cutlery 

Zaza Revishvili attended his first 
knife show in Paris. France, in l<W 
In [996, he won the best fixed-blade 
knife award at the Paris Show, In 1997, 
at (he last Coast Custom Knife Show, 
he won the best collaboration award 
with Al Pendray and, in 1999, at the 
BLADE Show, he garnered the best 
collaboration award with Tim Hancock. 
The same year, he won best in show at 
the Bay Area Knife Collectors Show. 
c also won the award for the best 
andle design at the 1995 and 2000 
BLADE Shows. And, at the 2000 East 
Coast Custom Knife Show, lie won the 
judges award with Bertie Rietveld. 



S-001 "Lover' 

•Blade 2 7/8" M.S.H.f. $24.99 

•Overall length: 6 5/8" 
•Zinc alloy handle with titanium coating 
•440A stainless steel blade with 
titanium coating 

S-002 "Star 1 

•Blade 3 1/8" M.S.R.l'. $24.99 

•(. h erall length: 7 1/8" 

•Aluminum alloy handle with 3 pieces 

crystals inserted and lead moonlight 

at (he bottom 
•44(IA stainless steel blade with 

titanium coating 

S-003 "Cool" 

•Blade27/R" M.S.R.l'. $21.99 

•Overall length: 6 7/8" 

•< hit hand open & close 

•Nylon fiber handle with jungle surface 

•440A stainless steel blade w rtfa 

titanium coating 


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BLADE/ 129 

Knives Afield 

"No way was I going 

to get near so many 

people swinging sharp 

instruments in 

close quarters.' 

—the author 

By Tom Murphy 


The Benchmade Nimravus begins work on a Tsessebe an African 
plains antelope. According to the author, the knife held an edge 
throughout all the work in Africa. 

Benchmade and Cold Steel 
pieces get gang-tested 
in Africa 

by pros who hunt 
for a living 

I recently returned from a big safari in 
Botswana, Africa, where I hail the 
chance to put some knives to work dress- 
ing out Mi ick-ski nued game. You might find 
the results interesting. 

Chuck Fretwetl of Cold Steel sent me a 
selection of blades to use during my African 
sojourn. Meanwhile. Benchmade's Joe 
Verbanac provided me with some Allen 
1 lishew it/.-designed pre-production 

Nimravus I40BT skinners and an AFCK 
Model SOOS Folder to see how [hey would 
hold up under all-out work conditions. 

Spydercn sent along a folding hunter 
that, unfortunately, I was not able to test. 
My PH (Professional Hunter), Terry, 
borrowed it one morning and, every lime I 
went to get it back, he told me he "still 
needed if for a bit, sport." Seems as though 
he had heard ui the brand and. as u was I lie 

first Spyderco he had ever seen, lie was 
going to make sure it stayed with him. Actu- 
ally. 1 was pleased to give it to him and was 
assured il would have a place nl honot 
alongside his ,470 Nitro Express double 
rifle. I am going to test the Spyderco folder 
for a future article, 

In Africa 

Well, the short version is I was not able to 

130/ BLADE 






UOBT, an 

Allen Elishewitz 

design, features a 

plain-edge ATS-34 

blade coated with the 

company's BT-2 

Teflon ™-based polymer, 

baked on and impregnated 

into the steel. Blade length; 

4.5 inches. MSRP: $140. 

"They wet the blade, 

rub it in sand and 

strop it against the 

back of another knife." 

— the author 

bend, fold or break any of die kmws. so I 
thought it was time to let ilie pros ha\c a 
shot at them. Considering the high quality of 
i lie knives, I would have been highlj 
surprised il any of iliem did anything but 

We h;id been on an elephant control 
hunt for eight of 15 days when 
we took an old large male. 
Control hunts help keep the 
animal population from 
overwhelming us 
resources. There 
j re too many 
elephants in 
this partic- 
ular area 
of Botswana 
and. withou 
some sort of eontro 
they would quickly cat 
all available food and then 
suffer from starvation. In 
control hunting, the older 
males way past the breeding age 
are hunted, freeing up the younger 
males to breed and thus strengthen 
the entire herd. 

Now that we had an animal came the 
hard pan All the meat was given to the 
local villagers and ihey were more than 
happy to assist in harvesting it. The morning 
after the hunt, about 30 people appeared to 

cut up the meat, all packing long-blade 
knives of various types, from cheap kitchen 
utensils to medium-dollar hunters. 

I watched from a distance — no way was 
1 going to gel near so many people swinging 
sharp instruments in close quarters — and 
then talked one of the skinners into trading 
blades for a while. I swapped htm a Cold 
Steel Bushman and back to work he went. It 
worked so well for him that I quickly passed 
out the other blades and sat back and 
watched some serious butchering. 

After the operation was over 
and the meat was hung to dry, [ 
collected the knives, checked 
them over and asked about 
their usefulness. One morn- 
ing spent cutting up 
African game easily puts 
a lifetime of wear on a 
knife thai you or 1 
carry into the Held. 
In no particular 
order, follow- 
ing is how 

the knives 

Bushman & 
Master Hunter 

The Bushman is listed 
in the Cold Steel catalog 
as "an economical 

"The Bushman 
certainly provides a lot 

of value." 

— the author 

survival knife" and retails for S21.W — defi- 
nitely not a high-dollar knife, and not some- 
hing I would necessarily choose as a 
primary skinner/butcher knife. I also carried 
a stainless Master Hunter from the same 
company but my brother, Sean, grabbed it 
and used it later on a 200-pound Tsessehe 
(plains antelope). 

1 lost track of the Bushman for 
about 15 minutes until I saw the 
skinner carrying the knife and 
a large chunk of fillet. He 
was trailed by two other 
men who. through 
the help of my 
PH, were able 
to commu- 
nicate a 

The author said the Cold Steel Bushman performed like it did not 
know it is a $22 knife. He added that he wanted to bring it home, but 
the trackers in Botswana were not about to let it go. The entire piece — 
including blade (54 RC) and hollow handle— is cold forged from Cold Steel's 
SK-5 high-carbon steel. Overall length: 12 1/4 inches. (Murphy photo) 


G4TCO'" Sharpeners/TIMBEftUNE" Knives, 

P.O. Box 500, Getzvllle, NY UO8S-0600 716-877-2200 



• Durable 

• Satisfaction 

• Includes 
Belt Pouch 

• Perfect lor 

• Lightweight 


Actual Size: 175'Wk 4. 125'H 


for the dealer nearest you. 

BLADE/ 131 

Knives Afield 

The author said the one-hand opening 
and performance qualifies of the Bench- 
made AFCK 800S came in particularly 
handy. The blade is ATS-34, the handle is 
G-10 and the liners are 6AL-4V titanium. 
Closed length: 5.3 inches. MSRP: $135. 

request. They wanted to know if I hail any 
more ul" the "black knives" for I hem. (The 
Bushman is nil black. * thc\ had watched 
the knife M work and. all of a sodden, their 
equipmenl just would not "till it" anymore. 
Seems as though when il eame to butcher 
work, i he $22 Bushman did the job. I had 
another Bushman anil it was appropriated 

The Bushman blade is SK-5. a high- 
carbon steel Thai lakes a good edge and, 
when the blade dulls — as it does cutting 
through 2-inch- thick hide -a quick strop 
across a steel bungs the edge right back. 
The natives do not have a steel or stone to 
use in re-sharpeniug, m> they make do w ilh 
what is at hand. They wet the blade, rub it in 
sand — Botswana is almost all sand — and 
strop it against I he back of another knife. It 
is unpleasant to watch bui it sure gels the 
job done. 

"None did anything 

but cut — and my 

finger is healing well, 

thank you." 

— the author 

The Bushman is billed as a 
survival/outdoor knife with a hollow handle 
where ilems such as matches, hundred dollar 
bills (useful in the urban wilds), fish line 

and othci hi is ami pieces can be siored. 
Unlike some hollow handles, this knife has 
no joint or seam bciween the blade and 
handle, Il is all steel ami has withstood 4000 
pounds of pressure on the transition point 

without shearing in Cold SleeTs testing 
regimen. The company also asserts lhat the 
Bushman blade can be bent past a 70-degree 
angle without snapping. Needless to say, I 
will leave the heavy-duty bending to ihe 
guys at Cold Steel. 

I left both of ihe knives in Botswana 
with the skinners, and I plan on doing a 
follow-up when I reiurn. Eight months in 
the hands of a professional skinner ought to 
show if the Bushman is worth the princely 
sum of $21. 99! 

I wanted lo keep the Cold Steel Master 
Hurler for myself but, as noted, my brother 
had other ideas. When the knife was 
returned to mc. it was evident lhat it had 
been used quite hard. The AUS-XA stainless 
blade showed numerous strappings but noi 
;in> serious sharpening Mere again, ihe 
skinners were reluctant to turn loose of the 
knife, and had actually laid aside their own 
blades in preference for (his one. My brother 
has since used it on a couple of California 
wild boars with excellent results. He 
complained, though, that he finally had to sit 
down and give it a serious sharpening — this 
"only" after one elephant and two hogs! 

Nimravus & AFCK 

The Bencbmade Nimravus deserves some 
speeial comments. Benchmade officials 
indicated that the plain-edge ATS-34 blade 
should work well for dressing and skinning. 
They coated it with their BT-2 Teflon™- 
based polymer, baked on and actually 
impregnated into the steel. The finish can be 
marked with use but not removed. As this 
blade had taken my fancy, it went to 
Richard, ihe head tracker, so i could keep 
close watch on it. 

When it was returned, a liitle after high 
noon, I was halfway into a siesta and really 
did not look at it until later. The following 
morning, while starting ibis article, I took a 
closer look at the cutting edge to see how 
much material had been removed during 
stropping. Ilmmm. Other than a few slight 
small scratches on the coating, the blade 
i. '■! >ked iiL-v. . I asked Richard llmi much lie 

had actually used it. Through the interpreter 
and by watching hand movements, it was 
conveyed to me that he had a house full of 
meal courtesy of the Nimravus. and would I 
consider parting with the knife? My reply 
was in the negative because I wanted to put 
it iti rough the wringer upon my return to 
America and sec what il would really do. 

Right now the Nimravus is on my son- 
in-law's belt somewhere in the Sierra 
Nevada Mountains. He has hunting like 
some people have religion and is gone at 
least every other weekend. 1 have no idea 
how many animals have seen the knife, but 
il is in constant use. I have now been 
politely informed by him that 1 no longer 
own a Nimravus! 

This just left the Benchmade AFCK 
S00S for me lo play with — or so 1 thought. 
It is a great one-hand knife. The thumb hole 
in ihe blade makes opening a cinch. Work- 
ing with slippery game in one hand and 

trying lo open a knife with Ihe other can 
easily lead lo cut fingers. Not so when a 
quick Hick of a thumb pops the 3,9 inch, 
half-serrated blade out and locked. At 4 
ounces, il carries easily in a pockel using ihe 
stainless steel clip mounted on the compos- 
ite, bead-blasted handle. 

The skinners had a bit of a problem 
trying to figure out how to edge a half- 
serralcd blade but. judging h\ I he strop 
marks, managed to make it work. The hlade 
is stainless bui has such a high carbon 
content to help hold an edge lhai it can 
rust — as can any stainless blade unless 
kept clean and oiled. Il only gol a casual 
wipe down before returning home. Thai was 
enough, however, as the blade remained 
spotless. The only problem was the blade 
did not remain mine. 

At the Safari Club convention in Reno. 
Nevada. I ran into Donnie. Ihe other PH on 
the safari. He mentioned lhal Terry had been 
making a bit of noise about his "new folding 
knife." and did I know anything aboul it? I 
had ihe Benchmade with me and you can 
probably guess the resi. Looks like my next 
hunl will rely on my Swiss Army knife, as 
thai is all I have left from my big African 

"The Nimravus will be 

around long after my 

hunting career is over." 

— the author 

Report Card 

All the knives performed exeellenily. as 
should be expected given iheir high quality. 
None did anything bui cut —and my finger 
is healing welt, thank you. 1 only wish 1 
could have played with the Spydereo a bit 
longer. Cold Steel's blades do exactly what 
they are built lo do. and the Bushman 
certainly provides a lot of value. Benchmade 
ktiives are not cheap in price or quality. The 
Nimravus will he around long af'ier my 
hunting career is over. 

My choice? That is difficult to say. 
Based entirely on personal preferences, 
stainless knives work well for me because I 
am loo lazy to oil my blades after every use, 
and usually ihe stainless is lough enough to 
survive the idiot goings-on lo which I find 
myself subjecting them. I will take a blade 
in ihe 3 I /2-to-4-inch range over any others 
lor all m\ general hunting work. If I reed 
more culling power, I will get an axe or a 

For information on the knives in the story, 
contact Cold Steel, atm: C Fretwell, Dept. 
BLI. 3036-A Seaborg, Ventura, Of 93603 
(H05) 650-8481 and/or Benchmade, am: J. 
Verbanac, Dept. BLI, 300 Beavercreek, 
Oregon City. OR 9 7 t>45 (503) 655-6004. 


132 /BLADE 




Make a little 

th^e sweet, 
into your 

8/ Joe Kertzmon 


Gentlemen s knives should be 
small and slim, according to John 
Perry, who built the all-damascus 
folder (left) to stretch /usf 3 3/8 
inches closed with a 2 5/8-inch 
Fred Durio hvist-damascus blade 
and a titanium leaf lock. Don 
Hanson Ill's pearl and damascus 
locking-liner folder is the defini- 
tion of a fancy gent's knife with 
subtle embellishments like gold- 
lip-pearl inlays on the handle 

emlemen. gentlemen. Ma) I have 
V^J your attention, please? We have your 
knives, but there seems to be a problem. 
These are not all-black, bead-blasted, stealth. 
Rambo-looking folders with beery handles 
and pocket clips. Something is amiss, and 
when we get to the bottom of if. we will 
contact you. Any questions'? 

No questions. Just answers, il seems 
collectors have gone classy and are asking for 
more than bulletproof knives. They're seek- 
ing knives with a little "panache," and what's 
more astounding is the cash they are willing 
to dish out for these little gems. 

"When customers come to me, they want 
a gent's folder, which is my mainstay," says 
knifemaker John Perry. "To me, that means a 
small, super-slim, elegant piece under 3 1/2 
inches. It can be a simple stainless folder with 
a pearl or ivory handle, an interframc. or even 
a small and slim damascus piece in the S475- 
S 1,500 range. 

"As far as price, I guess S750 is the most 
popular," Perry continues. "My customers are 
bankers, lawyers and doctors, and I guess diat 
is a price they can justifiably pay and still 
cany the knife in iheir pocket widiout having 
to "put them up," 1 sold a little, 3 l/8-inch. all- 
damascus folder to a local doctor who dressed 
a turkey with it." 

Most of Perry's customers aren't dressing 
turkeys with his folders, but they are carrying 
thetn, which is why gent's knives have to be 


What's Hot 

Shane Taylor's "bat-wing-style" folder 
appeals to the gent's knife senses 
with a 2 1 /2-inch starburst- 
damascus blade, a mammoth 
ivory handle, a citrine 
thumb stud and fancy 

Guild Times and Prosperity 

"Gem's knives are nice conversation pieces, 
They put them in ilieir packets here in the 
Northeast and go about their business." Levine 
uilils. "Times are good. 1 1 1 e> show i hem o IT as 
symbols of prosperity." 

Not convinced? Knife purveyor Jerry 
Schroeder says he sells high-end gentle- 
man's pieces in the 53.000- 
Sl 5.000 price 

category. "I have 
an advanced clien- 
tele," he admits. "I've 
been dealing for 30 years. 
The S400-S600 range is a 
dead area for me. The utility 
knife market got real hot for a 
couple years, but now guys are 
aihancing into the SKfKi-S 1.500 range." 
n the $800-$ 1,500 price point. Schroeder 
includes single- and double-bolster folders 
with damascus blades and bolsters, filework, 
pearl or ivory handles, minimal embellish- 
ing, and perhaps gold screws and gold 
^ opening studs. He indicates that 95 

^^ percent of his customers 

buying in that price 

slim. "Just big enough Co 

feel it and know il"s there," as Perry 

puts it. "Years ago. I was making clunkers, 

and then I saw a little Fred Carter interlrame 

and I went to work making gent's folders." 

Making gent's knives is nol a move Perry 
regrets. He has a couple of customers who will 
trade oil' one or two other knives to be able to 
afford one of his offerings, but most have the 
disposable income to afford them outright 

Does S750 sound like an awful lot of 
money for a folder'.' Not sure you can swing 
it? You're not alone, bui many might be 
surprised to find out what gent's knives arc 
fetching these days. Knife purveyor Gary 
Levine estimates his sales in them to average 
S 1, 000-S2.000 apiece. 

"These are people from all over the coun- 
try, people who are collectors, enthusiasts, 
collectors who must have things, so they find 
llie iiinncv" lie notes , Ten|ile who | 1;iw done 
nicely in business and have some income to 
spend will put a thousand-dollar knife in their 
pocket -well, they'll put it in a nice case and 
ilien in their pocket so ii won't jingle against 
the keys and coins " 

"These are little pieces 
of pocket art." 

— Gaty Levine 

the knives, not using them. 

"Once you gel past SI, 500, you get into a 
much more intricate knife with more embell- 
ishment, like carved-gold screws, pearl inlays 
in the spine of the handle and gold inlays in 
the blade with engraving," he explains. 

"] would think anybody who is in the 
mainstream working environment could afford 
an $800-51.500 collectible depending on what 
they collect, whether guns, coins, knives, 
whatever." Schroeder continues. "Most collec- 
tors are self-employed businessmen, doctors, 
lawyers, stockbrokers or guys who have done 
well in the stock market." 

AT. Barr's gent's knives tend to be more 
inexpensive, with his best-selling examples 
carrying maker's list prices of $400-5450. An 
example of a knife fitting into that genre 
would be a 3-incli clip point with a inolher-of- 
pearl. jigged-bone orG-10 handle with a bit of 

"I want my knives to be used, obviously," 

Banr declares, "even if it is to open envelopes 
and clean fingernails, not locked in a safe." 

Levine adds. "Good criteria for a gent's 
pocketknife is a folder with a 3 -inch blade or 
shorter that you can stick comfortably in your 
pocket, ll would include a mastodon ivory, 
pearl or exotic wood handle with a stainless or 
damascus blade, a little flashy, a little elegant. 

"I hat's not to saj it has to be a single 
bladed knife," he emphasizes. "I've been sell- 
ing several multi-blades made by Tony Bosc, 
Eugene Shad ley and Terry Davis in classic 

Name recognition, Levine stresses, is 
important in buying gent's knives. Potential 
buyers should buy the best quality at a price 
that is affordable. "Buy from makers who 
have reputations and have been selling knives 
for years." he suggests. 

"Track what their knives sold for in 1990 
and what they are selling for now." Levine 
instructs. ''Look for a design, size and shape 
that appeals to you. The quality, lit and finish 
must be perfect. The lines of the knife have to 
be appealing to you. These are little pieces of 
pocket art." 

"The knife should go together," Schroeder 
agrees. "You shouldn't see any problems 
where the bolsters meet the handle material. 
You shouldn't sec any gaps, and the blade 
should open and close with ease. It should 
function like a piece of machinery." 

My Good Gents 

Gent's knives. Schroeder suggests, are one of 
the hotter commodities in the knife industry 
depending on name recognition — depending 
on who's hot and who's not. In Schroeder's 
list of hot makers, he includes John W. Smith, 
Don Hanson 111, Tony Bosc, frank Poller. 
Rick Dunkerley, Shane Taylor, Barry 
Gallagher, Rex Robinson. Steve Schwarzer 
and Ray Cover, among others. 

"The quintessential gent's knife makers 
are guys like Joe Kious, Warren Osborne. Jack 
Buslield, Frank C'entofante, Don Hanson HE 
and Bill Pease," Levine determines. "There are 
still wonderful gent's folders available for 
under 51,000 from such makers as Kious and 
Bob Conley. Coniey offers S30D-S400 folders 
with mother-of-pearl handles, filework and 

"Wharncliffcs are hot blade shapes," 
Levine expounds, "or blades widi a soil drop 
point, or a simple clip point. There are a vari- 
ety of popular blade shapes, including inter- 
pretations of the classic Persians and 
symmetrical daggers." 

"Any lighter blades are hot items, though 
tantos have died off." Schroeder adds. "That 
was a black knife stigma. Everyone liked the 
armor-piercing blades, but a lanto is not a 
good fit in a gentleman's knife." 

It is important to know what is hot and 
who is hot in gent's knives to ensure a fair, if 
not a profitable, resale value. "If a guy wants 
to retain the value of his knife, he has to keep 
it in the same condition as when he purchased 
the piece," Schroeder imparts. "Even stainless 
steel knives have to be contained in an envi- 
ronment with no humidity and no drastic 

134 /BLADE 


change of temperature, Otherwise, you'il 
crack or swell the ivory, or rust the blade. 

"Resale value absolutely depends on who 
you are selling to" he continues. "If you're 
sdlini! to me. \i>ii uill lose irionev because I 
li;i> e lo make mone\ Instead, you have to 
attend shows to try ii> find a collector inter- 
ested in a knife style, particularly if it has 
remained or gotten hot and was purchased 
from a hot maker. Then, you may be able to 
lind a dealer willing to pay more than what 
you paid. I've done it at shows before." 

"When I buy a gent's 

folder, I am buying 

part of the maker." 

— John Fraps 

A few other opt i tins, Levi tie notes, are lo 
buy a table tit a knife show, put the knives up 
for auction, or go back lo the maker and osk 
him or her lo put the knife on his/her table at a 
show. Makers will often, for a small lee or no 
fee at all. clean up small scratches or polish up 
laded ivory and resell gent's knives for collec- 
tors and customers. 

Gent's knife collectors seem to be a curi- 
ous breed who aren't hung up on making 
money on [heir collections. John Fraps owns 
several of Barr's folders. "When I buy a 
gent's knife, I am buying part of the maker." 
he says. 

"I sit down and talk to the maker and get 
to know him." Fraps explains. "If he is as 
friendly as Frank Ccntofante: if it is a maker 
whose work I respect, like Mike Sakmar: or if 
he i> 11 good friend and mentor like IT Alton 
Holder, then I'll pay a thousand dollars for a 
folder even if 1 don't think paying a thousand 
dollars for a folder is a real smart business 

Enjoyed But Not tarried 

"1 think that is why a lot of collectors collect. 
They have respect lor the maker, the creator," 
Fraps expounds. "These are artists in many 
cases. You don't carry art." 

A few years ago, at the age of 50, Fraps 
retired from corporate America. Someday, he 
hopes to display the knives in his collection, 
explaining thai it is difficult to put a knife 
purchased for around $675 in his pocket. Mis 
price range for gent's knives hovers in the 
$300-SI. 000 range. 

"1 gel and look at knife books and say, 'I 
have CO own one of these knives."" he details. 
"If money were no object, I would carry the 
Barr folder [ own with file worked and 
anodized titanium liners, titanium bolsters, 
fileworked screws, u hand-rubbed ATS-34 
blade and matching presen tat ion -grade pieces 
of pearl on each side of the handle. 

"Everywhere artwork could be done, it is 
done in a tasteful ma n iter," he adds. "!f 1 was 
going to present .i knife lo the president ol the 
United Stales with absolute honor lo that 


It all started when Knrtemakers' Guild Member Ed Halligan 
said "Keep It Super Simple." Now the designer/engineer 
of CRKTs patented Original K.IS.S5' knife has added the 
Classic K.I.S.S.. with a modified clip point blade and high 
satin finish. Whether clipped to your pocket, used as a 
money clip or key chain knife, this one hand opening and 
closing Frame Lock'" folder is a honey Available with 2V 
Razor-Sharp or Combination cutting edge, precision fine 
blanked, with custom knife fee!, lifetime limited warranty. 

Stainless flUS &M blade, 1.75" artling edge 
Pnhiirtwi design, one-hand open and (idle 
Frame twk ' gives templete senility 
Custom knife quality at «" ly $39.95 MSM 


For the name of a dealer near you 

Phone 1 -800-891-3100 Fax: (503) 632-3630 

E-mail: info@crkt.com Web: www.ctkt.com 




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* Air Quenckabie Steel only for Heat treating 



BLADE/ 135 



■3jpuEq au} fo apis t/oea uo \jesd 

to saoaid apejB-uoimuas&jd 6t//«ajeui 

pue ape/q p£-s±v paqqnj-pueii e 'smsjds 

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pue iseisniiiua afiuij sjuao 


puc satwouoSja joj s)(oo| aij sXbs ippM 
'jxau punoje spiiBi] sjq dn.iA\ [|im si] ajiu^ 

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|ubm ] 'Suiqi 

so[qR) iwoqs jo iguana aiuus aqi sa>|euj ai| pus 
■ajuuj duo joj ifflpod s;q ui Xauoui 3AK( jjiav 
XnS v 'aiuu ^li UK s,\\oi|s in ii aas [„ sisaSiJns 
aq ,/sjasjEiu jo uoiiEiuasajdaj pooS c si aisqi 
aiaqA\ s.uoqs ajnq puane pue ino 5p3S„ 

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is spaxa sy\ suni 5uo| e joj ioi| aq oi SoioS 

S.-3l| pUE 'SjapjOJ 3|ll![ )B3U 3U10S SlIlljEUJ S| 

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Xjjad ,;sniE|Mjddn yms su| ■aoieS .up 
u| sXeis ja>puj aqi SB Suo| sy„ 

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pun sj&jmuajjwf Mp jb sassajppo sip joj 


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asaundcf 'X3jn|[E)aui ui isajaiui siq panb|d 
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;u AJJC3 pue ii idaaaB pjnOA\ 
aq adoq aqi ui ttiiq oi a.iaid inqi 3aiS pj "KHJO 

#OH *,*»HM 

• Blades The 
Special Farces Way 

• How The Internet 
Is Changing The 

Knife Business 

•Revealed! Knife 


Driving Force 

• Working Blades 
Of The American 


• How To Mix & 

Match Knife 


•Bill Moron's 



Anniversary Party 

•What Is -And 

Isn't- A Miniature 



6752 and 6772 $.75" Blade. $44.95 mshp 

nifemakers' Guild member Pat Crawford and his < 
Wes are leaders in hand-made tactical folders. The 
Point Guard is their best seller, and it's now available 
in four CRKT production models. The drop point blade, in 
tough AUS 6M stainless, is available witri Razor Sharp, or 
Combination Triple-Point™ Serrated cutting edges. The slim, 
slotted handle features our overbuilt InterFrame construction 
with Zytel® scales. Teflon® bearings and a thumb disk give 
smooth, one-hand opening. Like it? It's a slam dunk. 

5t<nnl«s H»d«, Ifd-tlm Unit* 
tiitifframt tomlnwlioi, Irftt"' halt* 

PaHaM UWHJ' Softty Iwk 

Ttflan' tearing*, Wfen-ptatid fodttl Clip 

For itic name of a dealer near you 
Phonn 1-600-891-3100 Fax (503) 682-9680 
inlo@ctfd.com Web: www.crM.com 

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BLADE/ 137 

Tech locks 

By BLADE® staff 

No More 

Al first glance. Bob Dozier' s Tah Slop 
mechanism appears to be a "double 
locking liner."' It is in a way but the 
real key to the mechanism is that it elimi- 
nates the need Tor the slop pin in locking- 
liner folders. 

The stop pin is the pin that goes through 
the handle on most locking-liner folders just 
below the pivot. A cut-out must be made at 
the base of the blade that hooks on or wraps 
around the pin to stop the hlade once the 
knife has been opened. If it were not for the 
stop pin. the blade would not "stop" in the 
fully open position. 

According to Dozier, since the blades of 
most locking liners require the cut-out to 
hook onto the slop pin, the blade shape is 
restricted to one that will accommodate the 
shape of the cut-out. With the Tab Stop, he 
stressed, there is no need for a stop pin and 
thus no need for the cut-out. Hence, the 
blade can be just aboul whatever shape the 
maker wants it to be. 

"I can use any blade configuration I 
want without having lo fight the slop pin." 
Dozier noted. "For instance, you can't put 
(an integral) guard on a standard locking 
liner because when you swing the blade 

138/ BLADE 

The spring a 

Dozier 's knife 

(right) works like that 

tl .«S of any other lockin 

liner. However, flip the 

folder over and you see 

the genius of the Tab Stop 

, (left). It appears to be a 

secondary lock spring but, in 

reality, replaces the stop pin to 

"stop" the blade in the fully 

open position. 

Dozier's Tab Stop offers a common-sense 
alternative to locking-liner construction 

closed, the guard would hit the stop pin." 

The Tab Stop looks like the spring of a 
locking liner, except it is atop the handle 
instead of on the underside. Consequently, 
you have what appears to be a double lock- 
ing liner. "It's not really a double lock 
because there is only one lock (the standard 
spring) and one stop (the Tab Stop)," Dozier 

However, the Tab Stop does differ from 
the spring in the way it abuts against the 
blade. The spring clicks in behind the blade 
at an angle to lock it open, as on most lock- 
ing liners. Conversely, the spot al which the 
Tab Slop moves in behind the blade is 
beveled for the Tab Slop to wedge into it. 

The knife itself has a lightweight — it is 
just over 4 ounces — and slim feel, and the 
blade locks open with a solid click. The 
high-hol low-ground blade is D-2 and there 
is a hole for a lanyard. The only thing miss- 
ing is a pocket clip — if that is something 
you would miss — which is no reason to 
bypass this slick little folder. 

For more information contact Boh Dozier, 
Dept. BLi, FOB J 941. Springdale, AR 
72765 (SO!) 756-0023. BLADE 

Since the 
blades of 

most locking 
liners require a 
cut-out to 
the stop pin 
(arrow, above), the 
blade shape is 
restricted to one 
that will accommo- 
date the shape of 
the cut-out With 
the Tab Stop 
(above, left), 
Dozier stressed, 
there is no need 
for a stop pin and I 
thus no need for 
the cut-out. 
Hence, the blade 
can be just about 
whatever shape the 
maker wants it to 

Dozier's knives with the 
Tab Stop look pretty 
much like standard lock 
ing-liner folders— but 
looks can be deceiving! 


Named for our bunder, J. Russell "Russ" Case, Lhc RussLock is a knife he'd be 

proud lo call his own. Shaped by hand, the RussLock is as beautiful as 
il is useful. A specially gimped lever, reminiscent of a Case straight 
razor, allows you to open the Tru-Sharp surgical steel blade with just 
one hand. A stainless steel liner locks the blade in place for added safety. 

The bolsters, pins and liners are made of pure nickel silver. Even the pattern number, 

1«53L. is a tribute to 

the year Russ Case 

passed away. 

The very last knife 

designed by legendary 

Case Master Knifemaker, Tommy Hart, the RussLock is made with the 
old-fashioned Case quality knife enthusiasts have come to expect. 

Pirluml above in Old Red 

Poiket Winn,* tifoti tivttihiMe 

Rosewood and Vwui^e Sttlg. 


Hand Cratlcd Knives Since 1889. 

In locale the < ase knife dealer nearest you, please call 1-800-523-6350 ov visit our web site at www.wrcase.com 


When you are in the thick of it, bargain brand 
knock-offs won't hack it — the Aitor 
Cuchillo De Monte, as issued to the 
Spanish Military, & the Muela's 
Tactical Tornado are built to 
perform - why depend on 
anything else? Contact 
C.A.S. for the name of 
your nearest dealer. 


C.A.S. Iberia, Inc. 

650 Industrial Blvd. 

Sale Creek, TN 37373